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Scars will fade but the pain remains (__fadedscars) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 21:38:00
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    Current mood:contemplative
    Current music:"Standard Lines" - Dashboard Confessionals

    Gifts from Heaven.
    Thank the Lord for....

    - Paul Orion, for being the greatest friend I could ever have,especially when I needed someone the most. For helping me through anything and everything, and telling me that I'm breathtaking. For being my shining star in the dark, and for being my smile when I was tfaded and tired. For making me laugh when I was so depressed. For showing me hope and helping me through everything.For being the only person I can make soo many nicknames for. Johnnycake, you mean a lot to me! Stay sweet, eye'll luff yew forever and ever.

    - Ithar El-Yasmine, For being my Twinkie, and telling me the truth, even when it hurt the most. For being patient with me, even when I was an immature stupid head, and ofcourse, for giving me time to get better, and calling me all the time, just so I'm reminded that I have someone that cares for me like she does. She ish my soul sister, my twinkie, my twin, my luffle!

    - Salma El- Masry, For being the one that I can be abusive towards. For trying to give me hugs when I don't let her. For being the person I can punch in the ahems without feeling sorry :-p And especially, for taking my fake-mean shit so well! Eye luff her, and her big dawgs!

    - Chris Carrabba, For being such a hottie. For always letting me listen to him sing so sweetly, and play his accoustic in my cd player every free moment I have. His songs helped me through life so much. They keep me going. Mad Luff to Dashboard Confessionals. Marry me, Chris!

    - Tyson Jay Ritter, For being such a hottie too, and singing so cutely. I could die, drowning in his eyes. o.0 His songs have helped me through hell too.

    - Last but not least, Good Charlotte. For everything and anything, they've been there for me. Their songs keep me going, more than anything else. When everyones ignoring me, when I feel so alone, I put on their cd, and get lost into their songs. Mad luff to Benji, Joel, Chris, Paul, and Billy!

    - Robert Maynard, for showing me how fucked up love is, and how great it can be while it lasts.Mad luff to you, I never meant to break you....I'm sorry...I bet you'll find some hot surfer chic in Cali or something.

    - Noora Museitif, for being my "lezzy" friend, and giving me kisses and huggles, specially when I needed them most. I can always go to you when I need you to beat someone up for me. Thanks girl, you mean a hell of a fuckin lot to me! EYE LUFF YEW!

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