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♥ Megan Lane ♥ (_0ne_five_) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 19:12:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:♥Sherrly Crow-The First Cut Is The Deepest

    .............♥Hey ya'll watch's
    ♥I am daten the sweetest guy on this planet I swaer the sweetest ever...We strted daten on the 18 of this month I would have updated sooned but I really didnt feel all that good..I love you ♥Justin♥ w/ all my heart and soul and nuttin and noonw can change that babe*I really wished you could have came over today but it is otay that you had company.My day was so borin and I am sick Brooke might spend the night but doono b/c her parents arent home so she coulsnt ask them..hehehe//*

    Well me and Kacey had our fight...well I wouldnt call it a fight but a little argument over her callin Justin when she likes Ben...she knows I get jealous easy...I mean I dont call Ben and talk to him and tell her to try to get her mad over b/c I wouldn't do that to her b/c I know that she likes him.She says that I called ♥Justin♥ and talked to him when she liked him but I started to him when she dated Chad and she broke up w/ him after that....UHHHHh*Cant believe her...but neways I hope we both are over that b/c I am.....,... and she should be to b/c she usually gets over thing first....

    Candy got mad at me to over some stupied Shit w/ Trevor she said that she didnt wont me to call him ne more when in the first place I dont ever call him he called me and se knew that b/c I told her and the last time I acctually had a comvo. w/ the little guy was when she was was here at my house and I rea;;y didnt even say a sentence to him I spoke in little parts...She should be glad I got them togther in the frist place over the summer so if it wasnt for me she would still be w/ the fat ass Mryon that I abslouty she should really think me for her daten him*And she wrote me and emial and she was sorry and didnt mean for it to be mean......Me and Brooke thinks its BE MEAN TO MEGAN DAY...haha j/k

    Well I am gonna go and think bout ♥Justin♥ and none of this bull shit that has happen today*

    ♥mL -n- jB........12-18-o3//♥

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