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Mystro (93mystro11) wrote,
@ 2010-09-05 11:52:00
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    Current mood:Burnt-out
    Current music:Show me forgiveness - Bjork *Medulla

    Bio @

    My real name is Emmanuel, (Charlene a.k.a Charly) my girlfriend and I have both been (and still are) Caregivers for an elderly man who is a quadriplegic and his name is Bob. She has worked with him for many years (paid) and I have worked with Bob for about two years. In the past Charly had become so “burnt-out” that she had to admit herself to a hospital and they admitted her to a mental/rehab institution for two weeks (not an enjoyable vacation). After her admittance I took over her job “full time” working and drained to the point that I would sleep between double and triple shifts just to wake up after nightmares of Bob deceased and still talking to me while mourning at his wake.

    I on the other hand found myself drinking way too much and not recalling the fact that I was becoming burnt out myself, as this continued, our relationship (as rocky as it was already) had become dangerously volatile and infidelity struck a blow that would devastate our too fragile friendship. I became lost and living right next door the Bob, I needed release but couldn’t leave the city he lived in just to compensate for the fact that the other employee’s would call out randomly because they knew that if they did not want to come in that I am there anyway.

    Some time after all this, an old ‘friend/fling’ of mine (whose name won’t be mentioned) was visiting ‘her’ daughter living the next street over with her grand parents, seen me on the way back to Bob’s ‘my room I was renting’ and asked if everything was “ok” and wondered if ‘we could hang out like old times’ and I sure all who read this could understand what happened next. I cheated and became an alcoholic with no regard for my own life.

    The main point that I am getting at now is that as I am typing this, Charly is still sleeping at 11am after falling asleep at 11pm last night. She has been working over time, and not taking any time for herself. Just a while ago she woke crying from a horrible dream that all of my family (including me) had turned on her and wanted nothing to do with her. I am not sure what to do, I do go to Bob’s with her at least three out of her six shifts a week, just to keep her from having another mental break down and now I am worried that she won’t snap out of it this time around.

    Seeking help for Me, my dearest Charly and Bob. Please help!

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