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Dark Star (6dark6star6) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 01:24:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Rancid - Stand Your Ground

    blah kill all ferbies!!!!
    well, lets see I got a kitten his full name is Onyx "Coal" Reznor. he eats anything! started
    talking to my cosin again.......... he wants to "stalk me" *banjo's playen* he looks like my mom
    Justin might not come up for spring break :-( we all offered to buy his ticket but noooo plus he could work
    it off by bounceing but noooooooooooooooooooooo im not even close to finishing his x-mas present :-(
    I got my addaptor as so many have u know by now........ then his pc exploded. what a month next month its gona be worse
    im gona be 21 and im trying to squel out of it. I dont wana!!!!! its old to me. I can do it now if i wanted to. whats the point
    oh and BAM IS HOT!!!!! WANT TO TOUCH THE HINEY!!!!! hehe a couple of days ago 2 wolves came up to me. it was cool. we found a home for
    lucy. I miss her every time I yell at demon (our new dog) I accedently say lucy. were moveing in our new place soon and we have
    decided were not geting rid of her chair were gona put it in our room. our place is huge. out closet is the whole wall and our bathroom
    has 2 doors and a big fucken shower. we also have a bar jessica would like to mention. also we have a small fenced area
    so when demon is bad im sticking him in there!!!!!!!!!!! coal's potty trained for the most part. but when demon shits
    jackie tries to blame coal. that cat cant make shits that fucken big! he's 8 weeks old people!

    question of the week
    Why did god give us butt cheeks?

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