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Dark Star (6dark6star6) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 18:27:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Ill nino - Liar

    ummmm in the prosess of geting my hair braided. ahhh waiting for my sis to come home from the hospitol and finish it........ might watch under world again and drull over the clothes........

    I spoke to god on my way home,
    I told him my answrs i told him my dreams,
    all i got was his answering machine

    First best friend: Rush
    First real memory of something: ummmmmmmmmmmm not gona tell you
    First car: 1974 blue ford ltd
    First date: don't ask it ended up being with my cosin
    First real kiss: @jessica's house with ahhhh I can't remember his name this skater guy who I always wanted to kick his ass
    First job: for my mom at the 7-11
    First screen name: dj_jinx_1983
    First self purchased album: hehehehehe soul asylum - grave digers dance
    First pets: honey really my moms but when he dies i got pritty kittie
    First piercing/tattoo: ears
    First enemy: Matt Banbuerry ohhhhhhhhh I hate that mother fucker roar
    First big trip: ummm arizona
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: I remember alot of oldies like the ronnettes and the temptaions and stuff like that

    Last big car ride: visited my grandam a few years ago
    Last good cry: Last good cry? *shrugs*
    Last library book checked out: ged for dummies
    Last beverage drank: Apple juice
    Last food consumed: rits
    Last crush: hahahahahahahaha if i told i would have to kill you
    Last phone call: jessica
    Last time showered: last night
    Last shoes worn: my fake converse
    Last cd played: Johnny Cash
    Last annoyance: This quiz
    Last disappointment: waiting for my sis to finish my fair
    Last time scolded: rush!!!!! :-|
    Last shirt worn: black fish net with red tank over
    Last website visited:

    wallet: its black and purple cheakerd with badz maroo on it. some duck tape cause its falling apart. hot topics card, library card. pic of rush with dreds, one of salena and sianna. and its got the ticket stub to green day's show on lets see aug. 5th 2001
    underwear: my black & purple thong that matched my bra
    hair: right now ha! its half done with black red and bergendy brades shoved into a beanie with some of the hair out the side.

    a. How old were you?: 13
    b. Where did it happen?: Jessica's bedroom.
    c. When did it happen?: after I threw waterballoons at his ass haha
    d. Who initiated the kiss?: He did
    e. Was there a second kiss with that same person later?: fuck no

    *this or that*
    [boxers or briefs?] I got boxers but ware them rarely
    [plaid or striped?] Plaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [scream or scream2 or scream3?] never saw them and I could probibly tell u who did it
    [ska or punk?] both
    [salt or pepper?] pepper
    [okay, ok, or o.k.?] mmmm sure
    [bright colors or dark colors?] dark,
    [tic-tacs or certs?] gum
    [rain or snow?] I like both
    [sun or moon?] moon! sun sucks
    [silver or gold?] Silver
    [silk, cotton, or flannel sheets?] Flannel
    [preps or freaks?] I am a freak
    [popcorn-with or w/out butter?] mmmmmmmmm butter
    [ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish?] all
    [shampoo+conditioner in one or separate?] Separate (leave in condisionsor If i dont I look like something from a crotch rock band from the 80's

    *if you were _______, what would you be?*
    [an animal] a leperd
    [a fruit] strawberry
    [a vegetable] coma
    [a color] Red
    [a bug] ahhhh firefly

    *short answer*
    [are you smart?] no
    [do you like onions?] Yes.
    [what instruments can you play?] learning guitar
    [what words do you overuse?] "that basterd" and You sexxy beatch"
    [do you like to finger-paint?] only if i fling it everywhere
    [do you sleep with socks on?] they always fall off wile sleeping and thatshow i lose them my bed eats socks
    [are you ticklish?] no *looks around and whissles*
    [are you shy?] sometimes
    [do you talk to yourself?] yup
    [is your house 1, 2, or 3 stories] 1
    [do you have a basement or an attic?] i think so
    [did you go to preschool?] no
    [are you a morning person?] no

    ENDING TIME: 6:55 pm

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