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Keith (420messiah) wrote,
@ 2004-09-30 15:11:00
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    the big 1 7
    So last weekend I did what I do best which was drink. Got stoned Saturday night as well.

    Monday was boring nothing extraordinary happened.

    Tuesday was my birthday and school was cancelled because of the rain, so I picked up Lindsey and we went to Jesskas. Then Brewer came over and me and him took shots of aristocrat. Went to Eddies and by the time I left there I was getting pretty drunk, and I had to drive. So it sucked I almost hit someone. Anyway so I chilled at Jesskas til about 9 then took Lindsey home and went home. My mom thought I was smoking so she smelled my breath, I'm a dumbass and forgot she would be able to smell the alcohol.

    woke up Wednesday and we had a 2 hour delay. As I was leaving for school I asked my mom for some antacids and she asked me if I had been drinking last night so I tod her I had a shot or 2. She didnt' really blow up on me like normal. After school I went to band practice and we went out to IHOP while we were gone my mom called Tylers mom and told her she had found some of the pictures of me at Mollies b day party. Every pic of me I have a cig and a beer and the god damn bong with me. Surprisingly she still hasn't said anything about any of it.

    But what is she really gunna do? She can't take my car. I need it and she needs me to drive. Other than that there really isn't much else to do to me. But I'm probably just jinxing myself which is gunna be a bitch if I am.

    So all in all it was a pretty good birthday for me. It sucked too but what can ya do. It probably the most interesting birthday yet.

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