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Keith (420messiah) wrote,
@ 2004-05-08 02:59:00
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    Current music:Not so Kool-aid-Dane Cook

    I drive a P.O.S.
    I had to take my moms car today because mine had to go in the shop to get fixed. I don't get it back until Monday after school. Didn't do shit at school, went to Lindseys until like 5 and did stuff. After that I went home and slept until dinner then after that me and Eric went to the mall and I bought a new belt buckle. Its badass. Then I went and bought the Dane Cook cd/dvd. God damn he is like the funniest mother fucker ever. Went back to Erics and we watched the dvd and I came home at 11.
    I started watching Master and Commander but passed out like 20 minutes into it. Man at fuckin 1am somebody was tapping me telling me to wake up and I looked at him and thought it was my friend Tony from Ohio and I started freakin out man. I was like holy shit dude what are you doing here. Then when I was actually conscience I realized it was David Meilky. Joe and austin and him came over and I left the door unlocked because I was outside earlier. Man I about had a god damn heart attack. So I went out with them until about 2:30 came home and probably gunna finish that movie.

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