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jane (25yrsana12) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 13:24:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:modest mouse

    little about me
    to start off been ana and mia for 12 yrs. having strange day, not quite sure what to do. been kinda off ana for about 6 mths, been doing mia once in a while though. not a big fan of mia but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. fasted for two days about 55 hours. had slim fast shake this morning, thats it for past three days. except coffee, flavored water, gum, diet coke. boobs already getting smaller, and thats the first to go with me. excited and scared about it cause all people in my life know about my ana. so now that i'm loosing weight again they are going to be on my ass about it. don't really care what ma says, but do care about sis, and especially my bf(we will be together a year in sept.). he met me when i was at one of my lowest weights, but he fell in love with me, now he says he likes me with some weight on. he says he will leave if i get emaciated again. soooo scared. have to loose weight but don't wanna loose them. i'm thinking that since winter is coming i can hide it with clothes. but when my bf and i make love he will see me naked and he knows i don't mind if the lights are on. need help to loose and hide.

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