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Red (1simplycrazy1) wrote,
@ 2004-07-23 19:23:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Counter Spark - Sondre Lerche

    M89R (A.K.A. Long Time Long)
    Name?: N
    Age/bday?: 16, January 11
    hair color?: black
    eye color?: brown
    height?: short
    school?: I hate it
    best friends?: don't believe in that
    sibs?: 1
    parents names?: vijay and jyothi
    pets?: no
    color:: green
    animal:: cat
    tv show:: lots
    song(s): lots
    band/singer:: lots
    place:: REM sleep
    mythical creature:: unicorn
    WHAT IS YOUR....
    element?: sodium
    town?: apex
    symbol?: wtf
    phone number?: not telling
    wall color in your room?: white
    ceiling color in your room?: white
    fave saying?: you dice?
    screen name?: my first one
    whos ur crush?: ernie
    do they know u like them?: no
    do they like u?: no
    do u have a bf/gf?: no
    had sex?: no
    done drugs?: no
    gotten drunk?: no
    spoken random gibberish?: yes
    gone to disney?: yes
    eaten sushi?: no
    used chopsticks?: yes
    made out w/ someone u just met?: no
    made out w/ someone that ur not dating?: no
    cheated on someone?: no
    been cheated on?: no
    had a bf/gf?: no
    slept over a friends house?: no
    had a sleepover at ur house?: yes
    lost touch w/ a good friend?: yes
    made a big deal out of a little thing?: yes
    bought those little relaxation balls that u roll around in ur hands?: yes
    gone paintballing?: no
    gone minigolfing?: no
    been to europe?: yes
    been to asia?: yes
    been to africa?: no
    been to antarctica?: no
    been anywhere even mildly interesting?: yes
    totally spilled ur guts to a friend?: no
    kept everything inside till u want to kill urself?: yes
    lit candles?: yes
    lit incense?: no
    tried to be friends with an ex?: no
    owned a big model of a dragon?: no
    told ppl what they will get when u die?: yeah. nothing.
    taken random pictures of people?: yes
    Owned a starcastle?: no
    slept with a stuffed animal?: yeah.
    made out for more than 30 minutes?: no
    watched monty python and the holy grail?: no
    been glad that a movie had no plot cuz u had sum serious add goin?: no
    piss off a teacher with an inside joke that he/she said and u laughed at?: not pissed off. but laughed at
    had an inside joke that even u dont understand?: yes
    DO U.....
    have a lot of friends?: enough
    have a lot of inside jokes?: yes
    have any obsessions?: yeah
    have a credit/debit card?: no
    have more than one decorative fan?: no
    how about decorative masks?: no
    have any chopsticks that arent from a chinese restaurant?: no
    have more than 1 calender?: yeah
    Beth:: birthday bus
    Bob:: what up
    Billy:: boy
    Caitlin:: some show
    Olivia:: i hate Grease too
    Catherine:: Zeta-Jones
    William:: Prince
    Elijah:: wood
    Orlando:: bloom
    Jon/Jonathan:: jon jackson
    Alanna:: smith
    Ronan:: warriors
    Maria:: West Side Story
    Larry:: Curly
    Victoria:: secrets
    Christina:: applegate
    Rebecca:: romane stamos
    Joshua:: stalker
    Wilson:: egg
    Jeff/Jeffrey:: yuck
    Jerry:: tom
    Tony:: west side story
    Annie:: get your gun
    Meg/Megan:: ryan
    Cecelia:: death
    Eunice:: hey arnold! (for whatever reason)
    Alex:: friendly
    Lexi:: con
    Caroline:: carolina
    Maura:: poor kid
    Zoe:: comics
    Natalie:: i'm stuck next to her for graduation
    James:: harry potter
    Ben/Benjamin:: whitter
    Joy:: joyce
    Rachel:: friendly
    Liliana:: country
    Elaine:: Seinfeld
    Elizabeth:: middle name
    Nancy:: drew
    rock?: fine
    rap?: fine
    emo?: fine
    punk?: fine
    ska?: fine
    alternative?: fine
    metal?: fine
    jpop?: what is it?
    kpop?: what is it?
    country?: men=ew...woman are fine
    reading?: fine
    writing?: killing me
    sex?: fine
    virginity?: fine
    coffee?: no
    cereal?: no
    couscous?: ignorant
    sushi?: no
    tempura?: no
    teriyaki?: fine
    anime?: fine
    other cartoons?: fine
    sitcoms?: fine
    soap operas?: fine
    lotion?: fine
    scented stuff?: fine
    school?: no
    college?: yes
    men?: no
    women?: no
    electricity?: yes
    indoor plumbing?: good
    drugs?: no
    alcohol?: fine if you are 21 and not driving
    cigarettes?: fine if you lock yourself up in a room where the fumes won't get to anyone else and you don't mind dying thirty years early and subjecting the rest of us to countless commercials/ads/songs telling you to quit you idiot!
    bears?: pink
    fur coats?: no
    dolls?: kind of creepy
    christmas?: off from school and good songs
    thanksgiving?: holiday
    valentines day?: ugh
    piggy banks?: stupid
    hello kitty?: like
    kerropi?: froggie
    badtz maru?: what?
    chococat?: what?
    search enigines?: google
    fuzzy creatures?: nice
    hedgehogs?: sonic!
    haggis?: no
    god?: Questioning
    satan?: no
    fairies?: no
    unicorns?: no
    leprachauns?: Yes
    irish luck?: Yes
    polish luck?: no
    scottish luck?: no
    luck?: yes
    the afterlife?: no
    the afterdeath?: no
    religion?: questioning
    nature?: yes
    evolution?: yes
    survival of the fittest?: yes
    adam and eve?: no
    the big bang?: it's a possibility
    dragons?: no
    alarm clocks?: no
    inuyasha?: no
    flowers?: i hate them
    starfish?: i drew one
    bigfoot?: no
    me?: no
    yourself?: no
    ur friends?: yes
    ur enemies?: yes
    ur teachers?: some
    angels?: no
    angles?: i hate them
    wings?: yes
    birds?: yes
    the matrix?: no
    mister monday?: no
    that dreams come true?: no
    cinderella?: no
    terrence and phillip?: no
    shutting up?: yes
    this or that?: this
    rock or rap?: rock
    sugar or spice?: sugar
    sweet or sour?: sweet
    bitter or salty?: salty
    fruits or veggies?: fruits
    vegitarian or vegan?: vegitarian
    pigs or cows?: cows
    paintings or photos?: photos
    mythical beasts or real beasts?: neither
    harry potter or lord of the rings?: hp to read lotr to watch
    astrology or astronomy?: i like both
    curtains or drapes?: curtains
    frogs or toads?: frogs
    bats or birds?: birds
    bored or scared?: scared
    hotmail or AOL?: hotmail
    yahoo or MSN?: yahoo
    candles or incense?: i don't really like either
    lotion or spray?: lotion
    perfume or body mist?: perfume
    men or women?: men
    love or lust?: love.
    kiss on the cheek or on the mouth?: depends
    making out or pecking?: depends
    hugging or kissing?: depends
    fantasy or reality?: fantasy
    cheap whores or expensive call girls?: cheap whores of course
    elizabeth taylor or audrey hepburn?: audrey hepburn
    kiera knightly or natalie portman?: kiera knightly
    hillary duff or lalaine?: lalaine
    rain or shine?: rain
    snow or sleet?: snow
    pine or oak?: pine
    fire or water?: fire
    earth or air?: air
    ducks or geese?: geese
    llamas or alpacas?: llamas
    computers or typewriters?: computers
    redneck jokes or blonde jokes?: redneck jokes
    blonde or brunette?:
    tall or short?:
    dark or fair?:
    skinny or fat?:
    trendy or different?:
    unique or crowd-following?:
    nail polish or no?:
    long or short hair?:
    light or dark eyes?:
    pretty or smart?:
    funny and ugly or pretty and unable to carry on a conversation?:
    tall or short?: either
    dark or fair?: either
    blonde or brunette?: either
    dark or light eyes?: either
    long or short hair?: either
    piercings?: none
    tatoos?: don't care
    funny?: of course
    trendy?: doesn't matter
    unique or crowd-following?: unique
    piercings?: you already asked me, dweeb
    fun to be with and ugly or hott and annoying?: fun to be with and ugly
    smart and ugly or dumb and hott?: dumb and hot
    scruffy or cleanshaven?: i don't care
    how many kids do u want?: at least 1
    names?: to be chosen upon delivery
    where do u want to live?: on the coast
    where do u live?: on the coast
    how many languages do u want to speak?: 3
    do u want to get married?: yes
    what do u want ur career to be?: not this
    what kind of house do u want to live in?: a house
    what kind of neighborhood?: a neighborhood
    did u like this survey?: no
    was it too long?: yes
    how bored do u think i was?: pretty bored
    do u think i can make it to 300 questions?: sure
    i think i can:: i guess so
    lalala:: tinky winky
    u must really hate me now!: i don't care
    only one more....: fine
    WE MADE IT!!!!: thank goodness

    BethHyewon's 300 questions brought to you by BZOINK!

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