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a thousand dreams (1000dreams) wrote,
@ 2002-12-24 12:40:00
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    Current mood:relaxed
    Current music:Celine Dion - Christmas Eve

    ahhh, I love being out of school. so nice.

    yesterday was an odd day at work. a little background info for you. the head of our department is O. there are 6 other people that work back there. full time people = M., Y., & S. J and I work there part time, as do K., and O's daughter V. yesterday morning, O must have been having a really bad day. she was on my and J's asses telling us 1000 things to do. the part time people have their jobs and they do that. then when they're done, they help out in the department. she must have forgotten that. but, then she went to lunch with V. and picked up her younger daughter ( everyone at work must bring their kids! pfff! ) and I don't know what happened, but all was well after lunch. J and I decided to leave early at 4 because there was NOTHING TO DO and we had to go the gardens mall ( ie - the far away mall ) to get A. a gift certificate because he's leaving tomorrow to go home for a while. before we leave, we hear S. talking on the phone with her ( soon-to-be ex ) husband, saying she needs money to buy diapers for her kid. I feel really bad for S., she's 25, has 2 young kids & has been married & divorced twice. and makes not much more than we do ( well, a little more, she's fulltime ). but she was out a lot last week because her kid was sick, so she made like no $. she's had a pretty crappy holiday. J and I felt bad, so when we left at 4, we went to hallmark, got her a card, and went to the bank and each got $50- to give her. we put the money in the card and were contemplating what to do. give it annonymously or sign our names? we eventually signed our names, because with the people we work with ... someone else would probably say it was theirs. wait & give it to her when she leaves or leave it on her car? well, I guess she left a little early, because when we were deciding what to do, she came out. so, we gave her the card and said don't open it now. she asked if it was a joke and we said no. so she says merry christmas and drives off. J and I leave to go home and I guess she opened the card, because she's following us down the street. she pulled up beside us and told us she couldn't take the money and we pulled over. she said it was very sweet and made her cry but gave us the money back. she hugged us and said merry christmas. we just felt bad because she needed the money more then we do. :o( also, for some reason, O. thought yesterday was my last day, she was hugging me and saying good luck even though I told her I would be in on Friday. how she became in charge ..... she's not the brightest woman.

    I've been online for 2.5 hours doing NOTHING! :p well, a little less. dad came home about 2 hours ago with some presents for mom he wants me to wrap. it kinda sucks. I know basically everything I'm getting. I hate when Christmases are like this. I know everything my parents are getting me, I *think* I know everything J is getting me. I don't know what R. is getting me. I had the funniest conversation with her yesterday about that. she was telling me how she got me two things, one for me, and one for me and J. it wasn't really for me and J., but it was something he'd like. and then she's like "WAIT! that sounds bad. it's nothing bad! it's just something that you'll use when you're with him." *pause* "WAIT! that sounds even worse! haha.

    today, I must go to target and fight that crowd. sigh. and then dinner tonight at 7 with J &mom&dad. fun. I'm going to get dressed&take a shower so I can leave before 2.

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