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♥ d-gav (0nly_0ne) wrote,
@ 2004-07-14 23:55:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:randy and the rainbows»denise

    e r r .,
    heyy! yea today was a bad day. i was very angry! so much. ok got to work everything was ok. then as the night progressed, it went bad. a residents son was yelling at me for something his mother did wrong. saying to me its my job to make sure their checks get to the desk,,,. umm no its not. my job is to make sure your mother can get to the dinning room safely. geez. then like people all around were being rude. jackie was being lazy! i took 8 people home. jackie took what a whopping 3 people home. and jaime took 5. me and jaime were like jacky your getting mr.carl. shes like no im not and if i do you 2 are taking more people home then me. um yea we took more people home then she did and i STILL took him home! god she was such a wench tonight. then mr.carl yelled at me. but thats like everyday for him cause hes a grumpy old man. ha and craig knew i was gonna burst or something cause he came up to me and asked if i was ok. then i was in the back and krystal was being sweet and was calming me down.err. i sware i hate that job. soo much. but there so layed back on taking days off. and its like 4 hrs a night.(unless you work all day). not bad but old people are soo mean.ok whoo my rantings over with. i made jaycee an icon, then i redid her blurty colors and such.whoo i got exactly 2 weeks from now until im leaving. hopefully they will fly by. only gonna miss a certain few. *(sam-clinton-laura-jaycee)*. but ya thats all. cause thats all the people ive been seeing all summer. ok i think thats all lately. ohyea. i got a new webpage, well making a new one. still not done but i have one!! lol the link is above called "completely me". ok now thats all ttyl! bye bye.

    <3 d a n a

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