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xxx (000) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 21:42:00
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    Current music:the warmth-incubus

    The first thing Charlie says to me this morning is that he got Incubus' "make yourself" cd this weekend. Now this was strange, because so did i. I was like, wow. And then he said that his favorite song on the album was "the warmth." This was also strange, because it was my favorite, too. I was like, wow. So anyway, i miss Kyle, but i figure Andrew was right and i am better off without him. I mean, he does this to me every time. And it's true, he basically does only think about himself. He told me that he had changed, and i trusted him. I thought he had. but i guess i was wrong. All i know is i'm not eating anymore of the shit he's been feeding to me.

    x. my father thinks i am: he forgets. he told me that he forgets what i look like. he probably forgets who i am, too.
    x. my mother thinks i am: raised wrong
    x. my sister thinks i am:
    x. my brother thinks i am: white trash
    x. my grandma thinks i am : wrong
    x. my best friends think i am: suicidal? obviously? stupid?
    x. your three best qualities: i just showered?
    x. three worst qualities: smelly, boring, unmotivated
    x. three things you are often complimented for: sometimes someone will like compliment my shirt or something. or maybe once in a while my hair.
    x. a compliment you got that made you blush: "fuck them, you're perfect in my eyes"
    x. you get embarrassed when: i cry in public
    x. makes you happy: music
    x. upsets you: kyle

    Y e s O r N o. . .
    x. you keep a diary: i'd prefer to call it a journal
    x. you like to cook: occasionally, depends on my mood. normally if i'm upset.
    x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: ...not sure, i don't think there's anything i really haven't told Sheilah
    x. you fold your underwear: no
    x. you talk in your sleep: no
    x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead: no, but i set my clock like twelve minutes late so i don't miss the bus
    x. you believe in love: yes

    L a s t . . .
    x. movie you rented: Empire Records (wow that was a while ago)
    x. movie you bought: me personally? I have no idea, probably Loser. That was a real while ago.
    x. song you listened to: stairway to heaven by led zeppelin
    x. song that was stuck in your head: i don't remember
    x. song you've downloaded: clue a haven't i. wait, yeah, i downloaded i wish you were here& stellar by incubus, but they were the music videos.
    x. CD you bought: make yourself&science by incubus (bought at the same time)
    x. CD you listened to: make yourself
    x. person you've called: kyle...
    x. person that's called you: i think amanda.
    x. TV show you've watched: ....i watched a few movies today, but i haven't watched tv shows since... days ago
    x. person you were thinking of: unfortunately kyle.

    D o . . .
    x. you wish you could live somewhere else: yes, most of the time
    x. you think about suicide: i think about a lot of things
    x. others find you attractive: no
    x. you want more piercings: yes
    x. you want more tattoos: yes
    x. you drink: occasionally.
    x. you do drugs: no
    x. you smoke: no
    x. you like cleaning: hardly
    x. you like roller coasters: no
    x. you write in cursive or print: print
    x. you carry a donor card: no
    x. you have a crush on somebody: no


    [my name is]: jess
    [in the morning i am]: stupid, stumbly, shitty and unmotivated.
    [all i need is]: love
    [love is]: all i need.
    [im afraid of]: getting hurt again
    [i dream about]: a better place

    - H A V E .Y O U. E V E R -
    [pictured your crush naked?]:no
    [actually seen your crush naked]: no
    [fucked]: no
    [had sex]: no
    [made love]: no
    [been in love]: i guess i couldn't have been.
    [cried when someone died]: yes
    [lied]: yes

    -H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
    [fallen for your best friend]: unfortunately, yes, hard.
    [been rejected]: yes.
    [rejected someone]: i guess?
    [used someone]: no
    [been cheated on]: probably
    [done something you regret]: yes, now i have regrets.

    -N U M B E R-
    [of times i have had my heart broken?]: twice but by one person.
    [of hearts i have broken?]: none probably.
    [of boys i have kissed?]:2
    [of girls i have kissed?]: 1, hahaha, if you mean like not with tounge or anything.
    [of continents i have lived in?]: one
    [of drugs taken illegally?]:0
    [of tight friends?]:
    [of cd's that i own?]: i don't fucking know
    [of scars on my body?]: 5 that i can think of. i think.
    [of things in my past that i regret?] 1

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