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How To Use Blurty

This class is called Blurty 101. It's an introduction, not a detailed study. If you really want to know about the guts of Blurty, you should read the FAQ, the support pages, and some of the communities related to the Blurty experience. If you're just getting started at Blurty, this is the page for you!

Getting Started

If you want to get started quick, without bothering to learn the minutiae of the entire Blurty experience, just click here and create a new account. After that, you can download the Windows client and start adding to your journal right away. The Windows client allows you to work on your journal offline, spellcheck it, and publish it online with a push of a button. Of course you can always update from the web if you prefer. You can edit entries from the web or from the Windows client if you find a typo, want to add something you missed, or if you just change your mind!

When you're done, you can even save a backup of your journal to your computer. If you lose your username or password, you can recover it here.

Digging In

Once you get familiar with the Blurty system, you'll find you can customize nearly everything about your journal. To start, you can customize the look of your journal. You can choose from many different pre-selected color combinations, or you can choose your own custom text & page colors. You can also customize the look of your Friends page, choose which Mood Icons set you want to use, and - in the Style Overrides section - do some really crazy stuff once you learn the system. You can even create or edit your own journal styles by visiting the styles page.

You an also keep track of your friends with journals on Blurty. You can add friends' names to your Friends list, and give each friend a unique color combination.

Blurty Communities

A community is a Blurty journal that you, as an existing Blurty member, can create to bring people together who share common interests. Starting a community is easy and fun! Click here for more information, or click here to start a community right now.

You can also search Blurty communities to find people with similar interests.

I Need More Help!

If you have unanswered questions, first check out the Blurty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQ is constantly being updated with the questions that Blurty users ask most. You should also check out the main Blurty support page. If you still can't find an answer to your question, you can ask a question. Your question will be sent out, and a wise member of the Blurty community will answer it. Your question will stay open until it is answered.

If you have extra time, some knowledge, and want to earn Blurty points, take a moment to help out a Blurty member by answering a support question. If you're really super nice (and would like lots of points), you can set up Blurty to notify you when support requests come in.

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