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I have a suggestion to improve Blurty. How do I submit it?

Have a cool idea for Blurty? Here is the official procedure to get your idea implemented. We're trying to make this as easy as possible while still keeping it manageable.

** General guidelines to take into consideration:

- Duplications do not help us find new projects to work on, so please make sure your suggestion hasn't been discussed before making a new one.

- If you really want to see improvements and changes, it is best to remain diplomatic and keep in mind that not everyone will feel the same about an idea as you will.

- Be as thorough as possible. The clearer a suggestion is, the easier it is for everyone to interpret and work with.

- Once a month, the suggestions are filtered and added as memories.

- If you are only wanting to ask a question about Blurty, any of it's functions or having a problem, please go here:

** To Submit your suggestion:

- Check prior suggestions

- First, make sure that your idea hasn't already been suggested. If so, you can see its status... we've either rejected it, delayed it, or perhaps we're already working on it.

Couldn't find your idea? Share it with us! Join the Suggestions community ( post your suggestion in the journal.

You can watch the suggestions community by reading the community or adding it to your Friends list. After everybody reviews it and talks about it for awhile, the suggestion will be added to the memories. From there we'll either start working on it, or explain why we can't/won't at this time. Don't let this deter you --- most ideas are good, and most are implemented very soon (often within a day or even an hour), but sometimes there are conditions which prevent certain features from being added immediately.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-12-15


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