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Why does an X appear when I try to post images? Why does my image not show?

In order for your images to show properly, they need to be hosted on a webserver that allows images to be referenced and displayed by other websites. This is a process called "remote loading", which many popular free webspace providers no longer allow.

Images posted from webhosts that do not allow remote loading will show a broken image, or a box with an X in it, instead of the picture you meant to show.

Normally, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will offer you some free web space as part of your monthly account. You should check with them and find out if they have allowed you space with remote loading.

If your ISP doesn't offer web space, or does not allow remote loading, you will need to search for other sites and review their policies to determine if they allow remote loading. In some cases, you may need to pay a small fee for the service.

Blurty cannot suggest image hosting services, as their policies change with little to no notice.

Make sure that you either control the web space you are using, or have permission from the owner of the web space to use their images. Just because an image is on the Internet doesn't mean that it's available for use in your journal. If you take an image from a place you do not control you run the risk of having the image changed or removed without your knowledge, and could be committing copyright infringment and bandwidth theft.

Once you have found a suitable image host, see for information on how to add a picture to your journal entries, or for information on how to add a background image to your journal.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-12-18


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