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How do I post in a community?

Before you can add an entry to a community's journal, you must first join the community to gain posting access. See for information on joining a community.

There are a few ways to post the entry; one option is to download the latest client for your platform that supports the community posting feature. If you have not yet downloaded a client, you may do so at .

Inside the client you should see a menu named [Blurty], and under this should be the option of [Select Active Journal...] If you're allowed to post to a community, you should see the name of that community in the scroll box provided. You may need to quit your client and open it again, in order for it to list a community that you have just joined.

If you don't have access to a Blurty client, you can visit the Full Update page ( ) while you're logged in. In the drop-down list titled: "Journal to Post in", you can select the community to which you want to post.

Note that communities cannot post entries, e.g. If you receive a "Can't post as non-user" error, then you are likely trying to post with a community or shared journal account. You will need to login to a personal account, such as the maintainer account, in order to post entries to your community.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-07-20


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