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How do I join a community?

You need to be a member of first before you join any community. Some communities will allow you to comment on posts without being a member, others will not, but in order to post on any community you must have your own Blurty account. Check out the following FAQ to learn how to sign up for a Blurty account. Once you have a Blurty account, joining a community costs nothing, and you can join as many communities as you want.

Next, visit the Community Info page of the community you wish to join. This can be found from the front page of most communities, or by visiting (where "community_name" is the username of the community you wish to join). If in doubt, type the community name into the search window at the top right of any page that carries the Blurty banner, and you will be taken to the profile page for that community.

An open community will have the option "To join, click here" on the Community Info page, where "click here" is the link to join. A closed community will state "To become a member you must contact its maintainer", where "its maintainer" is a link to the profile page for the owner of the community. Eligibility for membership in a community is determined by the owner. There is no other way to join a community, and there are no Blurty rules to define what an owner may or may not set as their requirements for membership.

Joining a community will usually give you both membership and posting access. Membership is the ability to see members-only posts, if there are any, and also means that your journal entries appear on the community's Friends page.


When you join an open community, you are asked whether you also want to add it to your Friends list. Participating fully in the community is a single-step process when you accept this option.

To read the journal of a closed community, or of one you don't want to join, you can add it to your Friends page as a separate step. Provided that you're logged in, all you have to do is click the "Monitor Community" button, located on the toolbar on the Community Info page. Alternately, you can edit your list of Friends.

Adding a community to your Friends list does NOT allow its members to see your Friends-only posts.

Last Updated:
miaow, 2002-10-04


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