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Can anyone create a community?

Yes, community journals are as free a product as personal journals. Anyone with an existing Blurty account can create an additional journal for use as a community.

To create a community, you begin by creating a new journal account in the usual manner:

The new account is separate from your existing personal account, which will continue to represent you as an individual and as the person who maintains (controls) the new community. The username you choose for the new account will become the username of the community, and must not already be in use by any other user or community.

Once you've created the new account, you can proceed to the Create Community page:

where you can convert the new account into a community. Enter the username and password for your personal account (as the Maintainer) and for the account you want to convert (the Community). Designating your personal account as the community's Maintainer Account will allow you to change nearly any of the community's settings while you're still logged in as yourself.

While you're turning your new account into a community, you can also set options which will affect how other users are admitted into your community.

Last Updated:
miaow, 2002-10-04


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