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Where are my notification emails?

If you would like to have your comments e-mailed to you, you can go to, and scroll down. Check "get message board replies", and you will get email anytime someone comments on your journal entry.

Be sure that the e-mail address used for your account is correct and validated by going to

For question regarding account validation, please see:

If the e-mail address you've entered is correct, check your desired notification settings, located further down on the edit information page. Save your settings and see if this corrects the problem. If you've chosen to receive HTML emails, and are still not getting any notifications, try turning this option off.

If the above solution doesn't work, and you haven't exceeded your e-mail account size allocation, then it is very likely the problem is on your receiving mail server's end. Check the spam and junk mail filters on your e-mail account. If everything is in working order with your account, check with your ISP/mail provider and tell them that you're not getting email.

Many providers are not aware of their mail filters. The most popular mail transport package, "sendmail", comes with mail filters enabled by default that appear to block some Blurty email. You should let your provider know that you are not receiving email, and ask that they adjust their sendmail filters

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greentea, 2002-12-20


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