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Why does my journal (or friends view) suddenly require me to scroll?

Generally this happens when someone posts a large image. If the page in question has no images in any of the posts on it then there is most likely either a string of text with no breaks that is too long. Another possibility is that someone has posted malformed HTML, likely in the form of an online quiz result in the view you're looking at

Example: If you (or a friend) posted a large string of "hahaha" but did not enter any spaces or line breaks then browsers will attempt to keep the entire string of text all on one line. When this happens it will throw off the formatting of any page where the post appears.

To avoid this:
- Occasionally enter a space in any long strings of text
- Shorten the text
- Limit the size of any picture posted in an entry
- Use an lj-cut tag so that the image is hidden behind a link, but still viewable to anyone that clicks on it. Instructions can be found here:

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greentea, 2002-10-27


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