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What is remote loading?

Remote loading is when a website allows 3rd party sources to access their images, music and other stored files. Many free web space providers do not support remote loading anymore because of the extreme amounts of bandwidth it requires. Blurty does not currently offer storage space beyond the basic journal service, so all files, such as music, pictures or background files, used for entries or as part of your style must be uploaded to your own webspace, and that site must allow remote loading for it to work correctly.

Depending on who you get your internet access from, your ISP may offer web space along with an internet connection. If your ISP does not offer webspace, or doesn't allow remote loading from their webspace, you will need to search for free or paid webspace. Be wary to search the policies of these sites before signing up with them though, to make sure they allow remote loading. As with any site, Blurty is unable to endorse any sites as their policies are uncertain, and often change without notice.

When using images and music from other sites that allow remote hosting, make sure that you receive permission from the owners of the web space before using their products. Often times music and pictures are copyrighted and thus unusable without permission, or the webmasters do not want to share their bandwidth.

If you are able to use an account with remote loading, you can use the following FAQs to find out how to add the files to your journal:

To add an image to an entry or comment:

To add a background image to your journal:

To add music to your journal:

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bertho, 2003-05-10


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