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How do I add background music to my journal?

Since this requires creating a complete style, you must have an Early Adopter, Paid or Permanent account. If you have a free account, you will be unable to add music to the background of your journal.

To begin, the music you wish to embed must be in the form of an MP3, WAV or MIDI file. Since the file must be transferred over the internet, a lower size (thus lower quality) file is suggested.

After uploading the music file to a server that allows remote loading (, you will need to create a custom style ( In the LASTN_PAGE section , you will find a <body> tag (which may have other information before the closing >), and you will add the code for your sound file like so:

<bgsound src="" loop=1></bgsound>

You would replace the URL in the quotations with the URL of your sound file. The loop factor decides how many times the sound will repeat. You can add a number to have it repeat a certain number of times, or add the word infinite (loop=infinite) to have the sound repeat indefinitely.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-10-28


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