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Can anyone help me create or edit my user picture?

There are several volunteers that will help you create or edit a userpic, and they have a community located at:

There are a few rules:

- You must include your username with all contact.

- While the volunteers are willing to work on artsy/nude/erotic type images, don't send pornography, please.

- Be specific when requesting assistance. If you don't tell the volunteers what you want, they can't give you what you want. Please don't ask them to do "whatever looks good" and then change your mind and list specific things you want. Give that list of specifics first.

- Please don't email multiple volunteers with the same request.

- Please use email as your primary means of contact. Some volunteers are willing to work with userpics over instant messaging services but not all. Email and ask first, please.

- You may ask for up to 3 userpics per request. If you wish to have a lot of custom userpics made, please discuss this with the volunteer of your choice. Some volunteers are willing to do large batches of userpics, others are not, so email and ask first.

Please also keep in mind, this is run by volunteers and people can be very busy -- it may take time to get to your request, so please be patient.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-08-09


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