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How do I set up message boards and get comments on my journal entries?

To set up your journal so that your entries can recieve comments, go to:, and scroll down. Check the option "enable message boards".

From here, you can also decide who can reply to your entries, whether or not you'd like to log IP addresses and if so, whose. If you then check "get message board replies", you will get email anytime someone comments on your journal entry.

If you'd like to change the "comment on this" and "comments" links to use different words or phrases, complete instructions are here:

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

Can I edit/delete/screen a comment I posted or that was posted in my journal?

Although journal entries can be edited or deleted (, comments on journal entries can only be deleted or screened, not edited.

You can delete a comment if one of the following is true:

1.) You posted the comment yourself.
2.) Someone else posted the comment in an entry you made.
3.) Someone else posted the comment in a community journal which you maintain.

Respectively, you must be logged in ( as the poster of the comment, the owner of the entry, or the maintainer of the community to delete a comment.

To delete a comment, click the button with the red "X" on it, and confirm your intention to delete the comment. The next page you see should report that the deletion was successful.

You can screen a comment if one of the following is true:

1.) You posted the comment yourself.
2.) Someone else posted the comment in your journal.
3.) Someone else posted the comment in a community journal which you maintain.

Again, you must be logged in.

To screen a comment, click the eye icon with the red line through it, and confirm your intention to screen the comment. The next page you see should report that the screening was successful. Full details on the comment screening option can be viewed at:

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

What is comment screening? How do I set my screening options?

Comment screening is a method of preventing abuse, in that users can now choose which comments are made publically available to the journal's audience. Screened comments appear only to the user who posted the entry, the person who posted the comment, and, if the entry was made in a community, the maintainer of that community. If you are not logged in ( you will not to be able to see screened comments.

If you want to setup your account's screening options, you can do so at the personal info edit page (, where there is an option labeled: "Which replies do you want screened by default?". In this drop down box, you can select the type of accounts you wish to screen. If instead you want to ban someone from commenting in your journal entirely, please read the FAQ "Can I ban an individual from posting comments in my journal?" (

Provided it is set correctly, your comment pages will display a link labeled "screened post", if someone's comment has been screened. By clicking the link, you can view the comment, and then, based on whether you find it appropriate or not, you may click the eye icon to unscreen it or click the red X to delete it. If you choose not to screen any comments by default, you may still screen individual comments by clicking the eye with the red line through it, next to the delete button.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-04-16

What is "comment IP logging"? What do you mean, "this user is logging my IP address"?

You can select the option you want ( under Blurty Options.

An IP address is the numerical equivalent of a domain name: the unique address of a computer connected to the internet. Most providers assign IP numbers on a random basis from their set of addresses upon connection; most likely, if you have a static IP address (which is always the same), you already know and have probably paid a premium for that service. Domain name servers convert a domain name, such as, to an IP address, such as

The IP address is not harmful, and does not point directly to the poster's home or telephone number. It will, however, allow the recipient of a comment to identify the poster's Internet Service Provider (ISP). By comparing logs and timestamps, the ISP may be able to determine from where the comment was posted.

There are official "WHOIS" sites which allow you to query the IP address:

- American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
- European IP Networks (RIPE)
- Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

The only people who can see the logged IP numbers are the owners of the journals in which the comments appear, or the owners of entries in Community Journals to which comments have been made. The owner must be logged in ( to see the IP numbers, which appear to the right of the timestamp on the comment in question.

IP addresses are recorded only while logging is enabled. You cannot retroactively view IP addresses of users who left comments while logging was turned off

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

Can I prevent anonymous people from commenting in my journal?

Yes, you can do this by visiting

There is an option called "Who can reply to your entries?" which is found near the bottom.
By selecting "friends only" or "registered users only", you prevent anonymous people from commenting in your journal.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

Can I prevent all people from commenting in my journal?

Yes. You can do this by visiting and unchecking the "enable message boards" option which is found near the bottom. This will remove comment links from your journal, and prevent anyone from posting comments.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

Can I ban an individual from posting comments in my journal?

If you're having problems with a certain user, but you'd still like to allow comments by other people who aren't on your friends list, you can ban the specific user from posting comments in your journal. To be effective, you should also prevent anonymous commenting, as described in a separate FAQ at

There are two ways to ban a user:

1.) After you delete a comment from any Blurty user, a checkbox shows up that lets you ban them. If that is selected, that user will be unable to leave further comments in your journal.

2.) If you want to ban a specific Blurty user without having to delete one of their comments, you can ban them using the Admin Console at

First, make sure you are already logged in to the Blurty website, then go to the console and enter this command:

ban_set username

The word "username" in the above command must be replaced with the actual username of the user you want to ban.

To unban a user, go to (where you can also control lots of other options). Look for the "unban users" section near the bottom of the page.

You can also use the Admin Console to unban a user. The command for that is:

ban_unset username

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-08-17

Why can't I reply to comments in email?

The ability to reply from HTML e-mails is highly dependent on small details regarding what browser, e-mail client, operating system, and internet provider you are using. Because everyone's system configuration is different, Blurty does not guarantee this ability, and a number of users have reported problems with it no longer working for them lately. Small changes to any one of a number of system configuration details, some of which users have no control over (such as settings at your internet provider) can cause this ability to stop working.

Here are two things that you can do that may possibly get it working again.

1.) Make sure that your web browser is defined as your default browser, both by your system and by your e-mail client. Make sure that the browser is running, and that you are logged into Blurty when you are attempting to reply. You do not need to be at the Blurty site when you type your reply in e-mail.

2.) When replying to the comment email, don't type your reply in the "preview" pane of your e-mail client. Click on the e-mail to open it in a new window, and type your reply there.

Also, please note that many popular e-mail providers such as AOL and Hotmail "mangle" portions of HTML e-mail, which can cause HTML mail to display improperly and the ability to comment from HTML e-mail to stop working. Some symptoms of this include improper links, buttons that fail to lead to pages on the Blurty site, error messages such as "invalid password" or "could not determine journal from arguments", etc. Blurty has no control over this, as it is a function of the HTML cleaner used by these e-mail providers.

If neither of these none of this information helps to resolve the problem, you will need to reply to the comment via the Blurty web interface. Each comment e-mail you receive includes a link back to the original thread, and clicking on that link will bring you to the comment for you to answer.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-04

Where are my notification emails?

If you would like to have your comments e-mailed to you, you can go to, and scroll down. Check "get message board replies", and you will get email anytime someone comments on your journal entry.

Be sure that the e-mail address used for your account is correct and validated by going to

For question regarding account validation, please see:

If the e-mail address you've entered is correct, check your desired notification settings, located further down on the edit information page. Save your settings and see if this corrects the problem. If you've chosen to receive HTML emails, and are still not getting any notifications, try turning this option off.

If the above solution doesn't work, and you haven't exceeded your e-mail account size allocation, then it is very likely the problem is on your receiving mail server's end. Check the spam and junk mail filters on your e-mail account. If everything is in working order with your account, check with your ISP/mail provider and tell them that you're not getting email.

Many providers are not aware of their mail filters. The most popular mail transport package, "sendmail", comes with mail filters enabled by default that appear to block some Blurty email. You should let your provider know that you are not receiving email, and ask that they adjust their sendmail filters

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-12-20


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