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How are interests limited?

To keep the load on our database server light, the following limits are currently imposed on the interests list of each user:

- There is an overall limit of 150 interests per journal.

- Although an interest can consist of more than one word, the limit is four words with single spaces between them.

- Whether an interest is one word or multiple words, there is a 50-character limit per interest. If you submit an interest using more than 50 characters, it will not show up on your User Info page

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

Are there limits on the size of my entries and comments?

Yes, you are limited to specific numbers regarding different features:

Memory titles: 80 characters
Account / journal names: 50 characters
Keywords: 40 bytes
Custom Friends Group names: 30 characters
Usernames: 15 characters
Comments: 9000 bytes or 4300 characters
Entries 65535 bytes or characters
Entry subjects: 255 bytes or 100 characters
Properties (music/mood): 255 bytes, 100 characters

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

What is the auto add friends link on the bio pages?

If you are logged in to your account, ( you will see this option on a user's bio page - a small icon with a "+" next to the username of the person whose bio you are reading. When you click on that icon that user will be added to your friends list.

If the user is already a listed friend, you can modify the settings or remove them from your friends list.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

What does the "don't auto-format" option do?

By default auto-format is enabled.

Auto-format does the following:

- Automatically inserts breaks between lines for you. If you hit enter to move down to the next line that is how the post will appear on your journal.

- When linking to a site, the HTML will be created for you - (ex. type in a post and it automatically becomes a link).

If you prefer to format posts yourself (ex. <br /> to create a line break) then you should select the "don't auto-format" option. If you don't know what you want, you probably want to keep it unchecked.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

How many friends can I have?

At this time, Early Adopter and Permanent Accounts can add up to 750 friends, while Free Accounts are currently limited to 10. This is intended to allow members to have most of the functionality of Blurty, while encouraging users to upgrade to a paid account in order to help cover the expenses of running the site. These numbers are subject to change in the future.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-04-19

How does my calendar work?

The Blurty calendar view is not like other online calendars, in that it is not intended for marking important dates. As you create entries and place them into your journal, your calendar page will archive each entry according to date as it is entered.

The highlighted number in the date box indicates how many entries you have made on that day. Clicking on that number allows you to see all of the entries for that day, and makes navigating in your journal from day to day that much easier.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

Why does my journal (or friends view) suddenly require me to scroll?

Generally this happens when someone posts a large image. If the page in question has no images in any of the posts on it then there is most likely either a string of text with no breaks that is too long. Another possibility is that someone has posted malformed HTML, likely in the form of an online quiz result in the view you're looking at

Example: If you (or a friend) posted a large string of "hahaha" but did not enter any spaces or line breaks then browsers will attempt to keep the entire string of text all on one line. When this happens it will throw off the formatting of any page where the post appears.

To avoid this:
- Occasionally enter a space in any long strings of text
- Shorten the text
- Limit the size of any picture posted in an entry
- Use an lj-cut tag so that the image is hidden behind a link, but still viewable to anyone that clicks on it. Instructions can be found here:

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

I wish to be listed on the directory/indexed on the front page. Why am I not showing up?


The directory is not automatically updated. If you are a new user or have changed your settings, it can take a few hours for updates to take effect.

Front Page Index:

The front page index is automatic and randomized, which means that your journal entries may or may not show up on the various lists there. This does not affect your ability to use any of the features of the site. Please do not take it personally if your journal doesn't show up. The formula is always being modified & tweaked, and it's likely everyone will have their journal linked from the front page at one time or another.

You can also elect not to have your entries show on the front page by visiting your edit info page (, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Uncheck the "allow front page display" button and save your changes.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-11-06

How do I embed my journal into my webpage?

Complete instructions for embedding are at:

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

Why can't I stay logged in even though I chose the option to never log out?

This problem will occur if cookies are not enabled in your browser. In order to save sign-in information, you will have to enable cookies in your browser, or adjust settings in any third party cookie managing software you may have.

Please take note! Some people consider cookies a security risk, as they allow information from remote websites to be stored and retrieved from your computer. That being said, cookies are generally only used by the site that saved them to your system, so as long as you are careful about what you provide to any particular site, you can guarantee the security of your personal information.

However, if you are on a shared computer, ask or inform other users of the computer before making any changes to cookies settings. They may wish to keep the settings as they are or adjust their usage accordingly. If you're not sure if you want cookies enabled, ask someone knowledgable for advice, or call your Internet Service Provider for a more thorough explanation. It is your responsibility to ensure that any changes you make do not adversely affect yourself or anyone else using your computer.

To enable cookies, read the instructions below for your particular web browser. If you're not sure which web browser you're using, you can usually find it by going to the browser's Help menu, and then choosing the About option. Some browsers will also display this information on a "splash screen" while the program starts. If you're still not sure, or if your browser is not listed, contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance in enabling cookies. If you are using an add-on cookie managing product, you will need to consult its documentation or contact the manufacturer directly.

If you find that enabling cookies in the methods described does not allow you to accept Blurty cookies and stay logged in, your browser or version may not handle cookies properly. Many users have been able to resolve cookie handling problems by upgrading to the latest version of their browser. It may even be necessary to try another browser if yours does not offer proper cookie support.

Settings for
Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x:

Click the Tools menu, then Internet Options. Select the Security tab. If your security level is set above Medium (ie High), or if it is set to Custom, you may either click the Default Level button to return settings to the default, or click Custom Level to edit the options manually. In the Cookies section, ensure both options are enabled, or at least set to "prompt", so you can decide on a case by case basis which cookies to accept (you will need to accept cookies from Blurty to save your login information).

Internet Explorer 6:

Click the Tools menu, then Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab, then do one of the following:

Option 1: Click Advanced. Ensure that First party cookies are set to Accept.

Option 2: Click Edit. Enter for the site, and then click Allow. This will allow Blurty cookies, but not those from other sites unless they are defined in the list on this screen.

Netscape 4.x, 6.x, 7.x:

Click Edit, then Preferences. Expand the Privacy and Security tab, and click Cookies. On this page, ensure that cookies are not disabled (any of the other options are acceptable), and if you wish, you may place a check in the box allowing you to be warned before accepting any cookies.

If you are using Netscape 7.x, and are using the "Enable cookies based on privacy settings" option in conjunction with its "Custom" option, please be sure that the "Site has no privacy policy" option under "First Party Cookies" is not set to Reject. Note as well that choosing Session will force you to log on again each time you open your browser, so if you want to log in permanently, choose either Accept or Flag.

Opera 6.x, 7.x:

Click File, then Preferences. Click Privacy. Ensure that Enable Cookies is checked. Then, in the first drop-down box, select any option except "Do not accept cookies". Any option can be selected in the second drop-down box, as they should all be compatable with Blurty cookies.

However, if you choose "Allow only cookies from selected servers" in the first box, you will have to add to your server filters. To do so, click the Edit Server Filters button, and select "Accept From Domain" from the drop-down box. Then, enter in the bottom text field, and click Add.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-04-15

Can I download/back up my entire journal?

Yes. If you want to make a backup of your journal on your own computer you can visit this URL:

Right now you must export it month-by month.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-24

Can I delete all my entries but keep my username?

Yes you can, but Blurty currently does not provide any means to delete all of the entries from your journal with one command. To achieve this, you must delete each post individually.

As explained in, you can use either the web interface or a client to delete entries. Using a downloaded client may help you to speed up the task if you have many entries to delete.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-27

Do you delete old journal entries?

No. Your journal entries are kept forever. By default, only your last 20 journal entries or so are displayed, but you can change that, and you can always see all your old journal entries from the calendar page.

Only the last 75 entries can be displayed on your recent events page, to lighten the load on Blurty's servers. If you wish to read older entries, you can read them from the calendar page.

Last Updated:
greentea, 2002-10-31

How do I delete/undelete my entire journal?

To delete your journal, log in and go to:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, then change your journal activation status to "deleted" and click on "save changes."

Note that this removes the ability to view your journal or user info, but does not actually delete them from the system, so you may undelete your journal and restore it to its original state should you change your mind. You will have a minimum of 30 days in which to do so before the account is purged of all information.

To undelete your journal before it has been purged, go back to the same page as above and change your journal activation status to "activated" and click on "save changes."

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-05-23

Can I change my username?

At present, Blurty does not allow username changes. You cannot change your username and keep your journal entries at the same time. You will need to create a new account on Blurty in order to use a journal with a different username. If the username you would like to use is unavailable, try adding variants such as numbers and letters or underscores to the username.

Usernames are also not recyclable. If a user has deleted their journal, it is not possible for you to create a new account using that username. For more information, please visit:

In order to move your old journal entries, you would need to copy and paste them one by one into the new journal. You may wish to use the backdate option while doing this so as not to flood your friend's friends pages. Information on using the backdate option can be found here: - note that there is no way to transfer comments on the entries.

In addition, switching to a new account will cause you to lose whatever account type you may have. Your new account will be a Free User account regardless of whether you previously had an Early Adopter or Permanent account.

Last Updated:
bertho, 2003-11-30


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