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Making Your Blurty Journal Look Pretty

You don't want your journal to be plain, right? If you do that's fine, but most people want something exciting, unique, and reflective of their personality. You can have all of that and more. There is almost nothing you can't do with the design of your Blurty journal. Some of the changes are simple to make, and some of them require a little more work. Read on to find out what customization you can do and how to do it!

Choosing an Existing Style for Your Journal

When you first start your Blurty journal, you are probably more interested in writing than in designing a snappy look for your journal pages. You still want your journal to look good, though. What to do? Well, a solution is at hand!

Click right on over to the Modify Journal page.

On the Modify Journal page, you can pick from a list of existing journal styles. For each page of your journal (Recent Events, Friends, Calendar, & Day View) you can choose which style you want for your journal. Once you choose a style, and push the "Save Changes" button, then anyone viewing your journal will see it with the new style. You can further customize your journal on this page by picking an existing color scheme or by setting custom colors for your journal. Your color choices will override the pre-set color scheme of whatever style you have picked. So even though several users may be using the same preset style, everyone may be using different colors.

The Modify Journal page also has an option where you can set your default mood icon set. There you determine which set of smilies is used when you pick a mood for your journal entries. You can preview each mood theme before choosing one that fits you. If you get crazy, you can even make your own custom mood theme, but that's another discussion for another page. Further down on the Modify Journal page, there are some options for Style Overrides. You can use these overrides to tweak your existing style a little bit. If, or more likely when, you decide you want to go all the way and create your own journal style, read the next section for more info.

Creating Your Own Unique Journal Style

The Blurty custom style system is a powerful tool you can use to totally customize the look of your journal. Some people use customization to make their journal look like their existing website and some people just want to be different. Whatever the reason, if you want to make your Blurty journal look like a one of a kind artistic creation, you can do it!

The Create Style page is where the magic happens.

You can create a different style for each section of your journal. Once you select the section that you want to work on, you will see a page with the code that is used to create the look of your journal. You can modify that code to your heart's content. If you make a mistake, you can always go back and make changes or even delete your new style and start over. While you are working on your new style, you will also want to be aware of the Modify Journal page, as that is where you adjust the color scheme for your style.

You can also create embedded styles which, rather than creating a full page, include only the Journal entries and leave you to embed your journal in another site.

You can read more about the style system in the style documentation in the developer area.

Other Customization Links and Info

Please note that only journals created by Paid Accounts, Early Adopters, or Permanent Accounts may create their own custom styles. Standard free accounts have a selection of predefined Blurty styles which they can select from the Modify Journal page.

  • Choose an Existing Style - The fast easy way to customize your journal. Pick from one of the existing Blurty styles and then modify the colors to suite your tastes.

  • Create a New Style - Users willing to put in a little more work can create a brand new style from scratch or create a new style based on one of the existing Blurty style. There is little you can't do with this option.

  • Edit/Delete an Existing Style - You may only edit styles "owned" by your account. In order to customize a style provided by Blurty, you must first create a new style based on that style using the above link.

  • Customization F.A.Q. - The most frequently asked questions about customizing options and looks for your Blurty journal. From the F.A.Q. you will find even more links that should help you better understand the Blurty system.

  • Style Browser - Currently down for a revamp, the Style Browser will let you browse through public styles created by other users.
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