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Blurty Paid Accounts

This page will eventually be where we try to convince you that signing up for a paid Blurty account is a good idea. For now, it's just an overview of what the paid accounts will be about.

October 2002 Blurty Notice

If you are signing up for this site in October of 2002, then you are what we affectionately call an "Early Adopter". That means that you were willing to try out Blurty while it was still being tested. That also means that you won't have to pay for the extra bells and whistles that Blurty offers. Your account should have access to just about every feature that Blurty offers. You are being given a Blurty "elder" account for the rest of your life, enjoy!

If you want to know for sure what type of account you have, you can go to your user info page and look at the "Account Type" column. Your user info page is here:

I Thought Blurty Was Free?

Blurty is totally free for anyone to use. However, this site takes servers and time to run, so we plan to offer special paid accounts in the future. These accounts will have extra features and neat stuff that we will be adding just for the people who choose to sign up for a paid account. The vast majority of Blurty features will always be free, but we want to give a fun bonus to those people who are kind enough to support the site financially.

How Much Will The Paid Accounts Cost?

We're not sure yet. Probably not more than $25 a year, or a few bucks a month. This is all in the planning stages, so keep checking back here for more information.

Why Would I Pay When I Can Use Blurty For Free?

You may not want to - that's just fine too. If you do decide to pay for an account, something that is totally optional, you will get neat little bonuses like: extra storage space for images, your own subdomain at, your own email address, more customization options, and other stuff we haven't though of yet.

Can I Convert My Existing Account To A Paid Account?

Yes. You will be able to convert from a free account to a paid account with the click of a button. You can even try a paid account for a few months and then go back to a free account, without losing any of your account info, if you want. It's your life, after all.

How Can I Pay You?

We will be accepting Pay Pal and maybe some other methods as well. We haven't got that all sorted out yet. Give us a little time and we'll let you know.

Can I Pay Right Now?

Thanks for asking. We don't have the pay accounts section going quite yet. For now, please sign up for a free account and have fun with your journal. When we are ready to start accepting paid account, we'll let everyone know.

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