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Our promise to you...

All the information we collect from you will be for statistical and demographic purposes only. We will not give out your information or sell it to others. Further, we will not send you junk mail either. The only things we email you will be things you explicitly ask for (like a password reminder), mailing lists that you sign up for, or notifications about your account status.

All the information we gather...

The following is a table that summarizes all the information we collect from users and how we use it:

InformationHow we use it...
Email Address Your email address is collected to have an address to send you lost password notifications. Also, collecting email addresses serves as a way to limit abuse of the system, in that we only allows accounts to remain active when the email address has been verified.

Your email address is only displayed publicly on your user info page if you have selected the "Show my contact information" checkbox in your user profile.

We only send you mail once when you create your account, to verify your address, and then only when you request lost user account information be sent to you. Also, we may send you "Blurty news" if you select that option in your user profile.

Your email address is never given away or sold to third-parties. One exception is that if you explicitly check the "Send me special promotions" check box in your user profile, we can then authorize a third-party to email you. However, we've never done this, nor do we plan to. It was mainly included as an option to ascertain how many users would be interested in it.

Name/Handle When creating a journal, we ask that you provide your name or handle to be listed at the top of your journal. This does not have to be your real name if you'd prefer.
Birthday We optionally ask for your birthday, for our own statistical purposes. You may leave this blank.
Gender We optionally ask for your gender (male or female), for our own statistical purposes. The default is (Unspecified) and you may leave it like that if you'd like. This is not displayed publicly, although be aware people can often guess your sex from your username, name, and/or journal entries.
Webpage You can optionally enter your website's URL. If you list it, it will show up your public user information page so others may visit your website.
AOL IM, ICQ If you check the "Show my contact information" checkbox and you also provide your AOL Instant Messanger screenname and/or your ICQ UIN, they will be displayed publicly on your user information page so that others will be able to more easily contact you.
City, State, Zip, Country All this information is optional. If you provide it, and also choose to be listed in the user directory, then this information is used to determine what region to show your link under.
Your picture You do not have to upload a picture. However, you can choose to upload a picture of yourself, your cat, a drawing, whatever. Whatever you do upload will be used to represent yourself in various parts of the site, along with your name and username.

Anything else?

Are we forgetting anything? Do you have any other questions we can answer for you and place on this page so others don't have the same questions? Contact us here.

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