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Blurty Legal Overview and Important Links

This page will give you a brief overview of some important legal and privacy info related to Blurty. Please click on the relevant links for the official disclaimers and disclosures.


Blurty is an online community for adults. We strongly support free speech and we believe that adults should be able to say what adults want to say, as long as it's legal. Do not break the law, do not threaten or harass other users. Do not post personal information about anyone on this site. Do not post underage adult content. Do not spam other users or use Blurty for spamming. Use common sense and obey U.S. laws and we'll all get along just fine. Your account can be suspended or removed if you violate any laws, ignore the Terms of Service, or cause problems repeatedly.

This is just a quick overview, please read the Terms of Service for a bunch of specific rules and conditions. If you are cool, we'll be cool, and everyone will be happy. Being happy is not a requirement for using Blurty.

Terms Of Service

You can read the Blurty Terms of Service (T.O.S) by clicking here. The terms of service may be updated periodically. Please check them every so often. You must agree to, and abide by, the terms of service to use Blurty.

Privacy Policy

You can read the Blurty privacy policy by clicking here. The privacy policy may be changed in the future, but you should be notified of changes when/if they are made.

Copyright & DMCA

It is against the Terms of Service for any user to post copyright-protected work without the permission of the owner of the copyright. Our copyright policy includes text, pictures, video, and any other media. Blurty is a blogging service where all content is posted by users, so we do not have any control over user-created content. However, if you believe that a Blurty user has posted your work without permission, we will be happy to remove the infringing work and/or block the account who posted it. To make a complaint, you can either file a support request on the Blurty support system linking to the infringing work and requesting that the user be suspended, or send an email to the Blurty copyright agent.

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