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WOW [02 Feb 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | amused ]
[ music | (8)heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaaaaa ]


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[12 May 2003|04:29pm]

alright.. as soon as i join blurty.. everyone is dead already.. GOD DAMN IT ><

everyone wake up and write something
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[04 Apr 2003|04:13am]

I love the new look! :)
thats pretty cool!
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[04 Apr 2003|02:06am]

[ mood | bored ]

This community IS dead. It's sad. Let's bring it to life, somehow, there's a lot more people with blurty's now jesus people join. I think Scotty needs to send out that little letter again, or maybe I should. *ponders*

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[04 Apr 2003|03:01am]

[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Christina Aguilera~I'm Okay ]

So yeah this "community" is dead I take it.

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AHAHAHAHAHA [03 Mar 2003|08:29pm]

[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | I'm alright I'm alright. It only hurts when I'm real..cursin ]

LusciousLady997 : thanks gotta go find some pussy
иά¥♀йąŷ : you have one
иά¥♀йąŷ : use that!
LusciousLady997 : well of course I have ONE but it takes Two is what I'm told to be gay

yeah i was in the rainbow room and that was so fucken funny!

I'm alright I'm alright. It only hurts when I'm real..cursing the miles in between..home is a feeling i burried in you

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[20 Feb 2003|06:03am]

[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Christina Aguilera~Beautiful ]

My bum hurts. There was an alien in my room this morning. It woke me up at three in the morning. I'm outraged. And tired again. =(

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past few days [02 Feb 2003|10:17pm]

[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Rodney Adkins *my old man* ]

heh well the past few days have felt like boo was here again when we talk i would forget about the distance it was just her and me not anything else then we were both on cam and she poked me :) and i started to cry kuz i rememberd how far away she is :( and ive missed her so much today and shes not here shes out i told her to have fun. I love when shes happy kuz its so rare she sais im the only thing that makes her happy but i know its not true kuz she has this longing look on her face when we talk and then yeah o well i still love her and ima try my best to keep a smile on her face :) shes so beautiful perfect i love her so much. i cant wait for spring break :) ima be in her arms again. the first time we met wasnt about the sex but this time it is!!!! LFMAO :D

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dont talk to me [01 Feb 2003|06:00pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | the voices inside me :@ ]

ofmg im so pissed off she came to take me we get there and they dont take checks WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK?!?!?!?! im so mad and im SICK of being let down wheres boo right now? o well she should be here soon :( ok ima go now :@

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...man... [01 Feb 2003|02:14pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | Our Lady Peace *somewhere out there* ]

k so like if she doesnt do it today itl be the 3rd time ive been let down by my aunt nill be pissed off again i hate this shes sposa take me to get my eyebrow pierced n keeps forgetting. n like me n boo always have good conversations :) like last nihgt n lastnight joy was having problems and we went to take this guys shit to his house n throw it in the yard but like my car died n we pushed it to the cas station n we got free gas *happy* lmao and like we just came home kuz we both snuck out so yeah and also like lastnight i had the most interesting convo with alisha but she put it in her journal shes such a charater lol its cute tho :) A LEEESH UH ROO and NAY NAY :S lmao *smack* lmao ok well ima go sulk until the bitch gets here hopefully boo will get on n encourage me.


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