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Ok new community names. [24 Oct 2003|01:50pm]

x_school is the main community
xschool_ooc is the ooc community

<< someone else took our old ones. -_- *clears throat*

Rping rules have changed a little. Veiw the info at the new community. I'll have dorm info and stuff up later.

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Logan attn kitty [19 Oct 2003|02:22am]

Logan looked at the girl. health wasn't his field... the only health he did was taking it from his opponents, but it never hurt to let the students talk...saves a lot of trouble.

"Not feeling well? what do you mean squirt?" he asked her. (nick name from evolution, couldn't help it, oh and sory for the wait kitty..school was hell)
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Moving... [17 Oct 2003|06:52pm]

Hey guys.

Over the next week we're going to be moving to Greatest Journal. So I'll need you all to email me the new account names ^_^

Don't worry I will post the new community names here asap. ^^

Cya later

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Tiana and Ekaterina *closed* then Tiana *open* [16 Oct 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Every Heart - BoA ]

"Kat." Tiana whispered to the girl sleeping on her bed. Kat opened her eyes and looked around and didn't see anyone.

"Ekaterine Milova" Tiana appeared out of nowhere. Kat looked around yet again and then saw Tiana floating the in air, she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. The Kat said "Who are you and how did you get in here?!"

"Oh please! I'AM your dead sister. I remember when you were a baby and mom and dad used to watch over you so much, then when you got hurt i got introuble, because you couldn't stay out of shit!" Tiana yelled

Ekaterina was in aw she couldn't believe she had a sister. "I didn't even know i had a sister, how....how..did you die?" Kat was curious about her older sister but she didn't seem to like her much.

"I was hit by a car, and i was only 10 though i don't look it right now i grew up while i was dead. I watched over you when mom and dad abandoned you at the orpahnage and i laughed, i'm happy you had that happen to you. I was even happier when no one adopted you." Tiana said vicously to her little sister, Kat tried so hard to fight the tears but she couldn't keep them back.

"How can you be this mean to your younger sister?" Kat asked while sniffling.

"It was your fault everything happened, the day i got hit by a car i was coming home because i didn't want to get yelled at for your mistakes. Now i'm leaving and i can garentee i will be back, and Katerina, i'm watching you!" Tiana dissapeared into the darkness and sat there. She sensed other evil ones as well, but she did not want to adventure out.

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Jamae ATTN Cora [16 Oct 2003|10:41pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I started to relax a little, but I still held onto the locket.. The vines kept twirling around and getting out of the way of my fingers.. "It isn't a mutation," I said so confidently I wondered why I was saying it in the first place.. "You'd know it's a mutation if my hair turns silver and smoke-like stuff starts to surround me.. This is just my locket.. the black stuff is just a protective covering.. and I'm not this childish.. just got a little shocked.." okay.. why did I just say that? She was at least trying to be nice to me.. and now I'm doing this.. what's wrong with me?! I chided myself in my head..

Suddenly, I began to sob for no reason.. now what's happening?!.. A high-pitched noise filled the air or at least my ears.. and light started to surround me and I wondered if the light came from within me or around me.. but that didn't matter now.. because the scene I was in before was fading out.. and a new one was blending in..

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Cora ATT Jamae [15 Oct 2003|10:07pm]

Cora just stared at her while she spoke, pretty sure she'd probably make the girl cry if she laughed, so she didn't. But it was kinda hard. She really wanted to. She knew she creeped people out, but she'd never seen anyone stutter like that before. And Cora really didn't want to risk making the poor girl cry or anything.

So instead of being rude she just stood there for a moment, biting the inside of her cheek until she lost the urge to laugh. "Your fine, don't worry." She paused a moment, considering. Normally she'd just tell the girl to grow a backbone and walk off, but she decided to be nice. No harm in being nice...right? "My name is Cora, and I'm not going to rip your head off....relax a bit." Then she noticed the black moving around the girl and raised a curious eyebrow. Granted this was a place for mutants, but seeing mutations always suprised her a little bit.
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Kitty ATTN Logan [15 Oct 2003|09:18pm]

[ music | Breathe - Michelle Branch ]

Kitty shrugged and looked at the crushed can. "Yeh they think it will go away, i don't think it will though. They dumped me here about a month ago, everything seems good but i duno lately i haven't been feeling well but i've been doing my homework" Kitty started to feel really tired but didn't want to leave the kitchen.

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Kristen, Ray ATTN Figure and -his crew- [15 Oct 2003|07:25pm]

[ mood | asleep ]
[ music | Angel of Love by Puffy AmiYumi ]

Air... It seemed silly thinking about that one word, but Kristen was just thankful that Vanessa was there to help her. Before Ray got out of her range, she took one lightning bolt and struck his neck with it, destroying the red chip that controlled him. She felt dizzy for losing another large amount of blood...it had really taken a toll on her. Voices could be heard in the distance...voices she realized. Heh...the whole crew's here... With that, she fell asleep, exhausted and drained.

"Jeez!" Ray had felt a pain on the side of his body. While still on the floor, he clutched his head in pain. To make matters worse, he heard voices.

"We're not done with you yet, Ray..."

((W00t! Today's my deathday! -falls over and dies-))

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Logan attn Kitty [14 Oct 2003|08:34pm]

Logan took a few bites out of the stake directly from his claw. He never had much use for table manners....or tables, but that's another story.

"Well you'll fit right in here kitty...There are a lot of other people who have gifts in this school...not sure what I can do to help you though...your not going to be able to get rid of your powers...just learn to control them." Logan said...scott and jean and charles were the "big minds" of the school. He finished his bear in a final swig. He crushed the can in his hand....flat. And then through it into the recycling bin.

"So when did they ship you off? I wish sometimes people would think a little more before they do something like this." he said the last part more as a comment, then anything else.
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Lydia [open] going for a walk. [14 Oct 2003|04:19pm]

Rest... How could he tell her to rest. Lydia watched as Logan walked away. When she felt he was gone she got up.

"I'm not staying here." She muttered to herself. It took the girl a few moments to get walking again. Lydia felt rusted and old. What had Sophos done to her while she had been out.

Her eyes flashed.

What ever it was she wanted to do it again. Perhaps if Lydia allowed herself to slip half way between the switch over she could attain the powers.


Slowly Lydia began down the hall. She'd just go sit out side... yea.. outside.
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Figure ATTN Kristen/Ray [14 Oct 2003|03:59pm]

Behind the pitch black sun glasses he now was wearing, Figures eyes flooded over. His eyes grew wide as the blood started to pour from Kirsten's neck.


There it was again.


The blades on his wrists turned out with a press of a small button. An obvious charge was lit on them. A black leather boot flew through the air. It struck Ray in the side of his stomach and away from Kristen.

However it wasn't Figure's boot.

"Whoa there Figure hunny you can't risk this girl's life." Vanessa said running up to Kristen with some bandages.

"Calm your self dude you don't know any of the background on this." Donovan placed a hand on Figure's shoulder only to pull it back moments later when it was attacked by static shocks.

Silence. Silence from Figure was one of two things. He was thinking. Or he was deciding the best way to dispose of a body after he finished with it's soul. Quietly he stepped forward towards Ray. His blades were still out.

When he made it to Ray's side he kicked the body lightly with his boot. Fully expecting to be jumped.

"Fucker..." Figure said sneering.

Vanessa sat Kristen up in sitting position and started to wrap her neck. Her fiery red eyes gave Donovan a worried look. 'Donny what's wrong with Figure?'
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Kitty ATTN Logan [14 Oct 2003|03:43pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Always - Saliva ]

Kitty blinked a few times tehn opened her mouth and said "But sir you didn't make a mistake, my name is Kitty." walking over to the sink she grabbed 2 coffee mugs and turned the sink on so that she could make hot coco. She seen him grab the steak with these claw like things coming from his hands, Kitty stood still, slightly nervous, but remand calm. Kitty also seen he had grabbed a beer and she put the coffee mug away and opened the chocolate mix and dumped it into her mug and added the hot water.

Kitty walked over to the table and pulled out a chair and sat down. Her eyes focused on the floor and then back onto him "Well you see the thing is," she stammered "before I came here, I was sleeping in my bed. Then just out of nowhere I woke up in the basement in my fathers arms. My mother suggested I slept walked down here. I looked to the ceiling of the basement and my pillow and blankets were stuck to it. Like they were glued there, then I started to go through things at school, such as these girls they pushed me in my locker and the bell rang so i was late for that class, but thats not the point! The point is i went through my locker, the door didn't even open i mean i just went through like sunlight goes through glass."

She took a sip of her hot chocolate and calmed herself, and sighed saying "Since then everything has been different. My parents heard about this place and sent me here so i can learn how to 'control my problems and get rid of them for good so we can go back to the everyday thing' Thats basically what they told me. I rolled my eyes to that and just left them. They are probably happy i left them and yeh." Kittys eyes watered but she managed to keep the tears from falling. She thought to herself "I really miss the good old days." Kitty took another sip and focused her eyes on the floor yet again.

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Jamae ATTN Cora [14 Oct 2003|10:56pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

A blush started to rise onto my already peachy cheeks after realizing how I embarrassed myself by interrupting her.. But I didn't want to leave her question hanging for long.. so I replied.. "I'm.. um.. I-I-um.. I'm, uh, Jamae.. I-I'm really sorry that I interrupted you and you're, um, chant.. I'm really sorry.. I don't know what came over me.." ugh.. too many stammers and stutters!! I chided myself in my head.. but I continued, "I'm sorry.. really I am.. I was just, uh, curious.. and, uh, by the way.. what's, um, your name?" I couldn't believe how many times I stammered.. but I patiently waited as I watched the glow from the girl disappear slowly.. She seemed a little uptight and her voice just magnified that.. I became a little apprehensive.. so I started to play with my black locket in my hands.. the vines of black started to slither off and on when I played with it, all of them reacting to my touch.. And that's how it stayed while I waited for the girl's answer..

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Logan ATTN kitty [13 Oct 2003|10:24pm]

Upon hearing her responce, and her turning around, Logan realised he made a mistake. He wasn't really focused resently. He could smell that she wasn't who he thought she was.

"Sorry miss, my mistake. I thought you were someone else." Logan said. He then walked right by her and opened the fridge. He extended a claw and jabbed it though a steak he saw sitting on a plate. he closed the door stake still on claw, went over to his "hiding spot" and grabbed a beer for himself.

"So miss what brings you to mutant high?" Logan asked the girl as he sat down at the table.
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Cora ATT Jamae [13 Oct 2003|08:14pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Cora had been very deep into her meditations, or whatever others would call what she was doing and although a part of her knew the other person was there, the sudden 'hey' startled her and caused her voice to falter, which in turn caused the glow around her to flare and then die, which was a little bit uncomfortable and caused her to fall flat on her butt with an 'oof'.

After a moment of just sitting on the ground staring up at Jamae and rubbing her sore bottom she stood, glad the darkness of night hid the blush that had spread from her neck to her face and ears. "Hi." Her voice was a little bit more rude than she'd intended but she didn't like being inturupted in the middle of a chant, and then embarrassing herself by falling on her butt. "Who're you?"

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Kitty ATTN Logan [12 Oct 2003|08:46pm]

[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Stuck - Stacie Orrico ]

Kitty heard her name called out by an old male voice, it deffinatly didn't sound like anyone she knew. She turned around and looked at him he was quite taller than her. Kitty tilted her head a little bit and raised her eyebrow "Not to be rude," she started out "but how exactly do you know me, i mean i don't think we have ever met before. Oh my god can you read my mind or something."

Kitty started to spaz out a little bit but then snapped back "Oh i'm really sorry sometimes i get crazy like i have ADHD or something but i don't trust me. We should have food i haven't checked or anything." Kitty walked up to the pantry and looked it was well loaded with food that could be prepared but nothing that didn't take a stove or oven. She sighed and grabbed some hot choco to make for them.

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Jamae ATTN Cora [11 Oct 2003|10:09pm]

[ mood | curious ]
[ music | gusts of wind.. ]

A sudden glowing awakened me.. I then realized that everything I saw that was "my life" was just a dream.. none of it was true.. and all those freakish things.. It doesn't matter now, anyway. It must have been some careless telepathic message that left some static behind.. Oh well, it always happens.. but that glowing.. and come to think of it, what's with the gust of wind?
I looked at the area around me and found that I was lying along the side of the mansion.. After quickly getting up, I spotted two little, black, round-shaped figures moving along the ground.. my bracelet and locket.. I swiftly picked them up and returned them to their righteous places.. then I turned to find a pale girl floating above the ground and chanting.. I started to wonder how I could stand up against such forceful wind, but I didn't wonder for long.. I slowly walked towards the strange girl.. and surpisingly, I don't remember seeing her around before.. And before I knew what I was doing, I blurted out in a cool voice, "Hey.."

[[sorry for the really dumb post.. but it's better something than nothing, right?]]

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Logan attn lydia, then Kitty [10 Oct 2003|11:43pm]

Logan saw Lydia wince and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey take it easy lydia...you've been through quite an ordeal. Just lay down for a few minutes and try to relax...I'll be right back, I need to get something to eat." he said to her, before leaving to the kitchen.

when he got there he saw kitty. "hey kitty...do we have anything left to eat in this house?" he asked, while going over to the fridge.
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Kristen ATTN Figure and Ray [10 Oct 2003|07:39pm]

[ mood | scared ]

"I'm glad you decided to come along. It'd be a shame any other way." Kristen waited for Figure and closed the door behind them and walked down the hall."I have the feeling Ray's still hiding something from me." That was an understatement. She knew that Ray had a lot to hide. He just suddenly came into the picture, and her life instantly became a mess. Was he telling her the truth? And why did he want to help her in the first place?

They walked to the media room and found that all the lights were off, and no one was there. However, one computer screen remained lit, with a folder filled with papers next to the monitor and a disc inserted into the hard drive. A window opened up on the screen and blinked at her. She examined it and soon found out everything. Everything was revealed before her eyes. Being sure to control her temper, which was almost impossible, she ejected the disc, took the folder, and stormed out of the room. They both walked down the hall once more.

And soon enough, he was just a few steps away from them. Kristen's eyes turned a dark blue as she rushed up to Ray and put her hand on his shoulder. "Going somewhere?"

"Oh, hi Kristen." He noticed who was with her. "And a hello to you, too." He turned Kristen and himself away from Figure and whispered to her. 'What's he doing here?'

"That's not important." She grabbed the collar of his shirt while her eyes turned a dark blue. "I don't care if we have similar powers. I can destroy 10,000 galaxies with the temper I have right now. Now, you either explain, or you suffer. Or would you rather die?" Sparks of electricity flew around in a frenzy. She wasn't playing anymore. She wanted answers and she wanted them now.

The only thing Ray did was smirk. His fists started to glow. "So you found out about 'everything'. You're angry and you want to kill me. How cute." He clenched her neck as she bore the pain of having herself suffer once again. This isn't like him. This isn't like him at all. But wait... A red chip was implanted on his neck. As much as she wanted to take it right off, she was unable to move. The bleeding started again and flowed out faster than before. She cried in pain and feared the worst. What would happen now...?

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Figure ATTN Kristen (Kami-sama! I live!) [09 Oct 2003|09:39pm]

Figure thought about it for a moment and suppressed a sigh.

"Of course I'm coming with you." He said giving her half of a smile, "I don't fully understand what's going on but I don't want anyone to hurt you."


Why did he say that? Figure's face was unreadable as always yet his mind was working over time. Emotions and words and everything pushing against what he thought was right. Was it possible? It was.... and it was true. Figure loved this girl.

Lime eyes watched Kristen carefully as he walked towards her. Self consciously he did a mental check of which weapons were still on him. Switch blade, dagger, wrist blades.... powers. Yea... he was covered. A cocky smirk played on his lips as Figure exited into the hall.

"Com'on, I'm going to make sure you stay alive."

((OOC: and thus ends the really crummy post that I should have posted days ago. -_-; ish... please forgive Kura-chan. She's dumb and forgets to check boards.))
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Kristen ATTN Figure, Ray -closed- [06 Oct 2003|06:01pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Kristen went to the bathroom to wash her hands, which were still covered with blood. Something is definitely not right here. She made sure the hankerchief around her neck was intact. She took a quick look at the mirror then closed the door behind her. Figure looked concerned, but she knew what she had to do. "I know you're worried, but I'm fine, sort of.

I need to go see someone. You can come, if you want." She stood by the door, awaiting his response. What the hell are you hiding, Ray...?


Faint buzzes from a computer could be heard in the media room, as Ray was doing some research. He was soon interrupted by an unexpected guest.

"Hello, Ray." That voice... "Time to go now." He turned around and saw a shadowy figure, but already knew who it was. "Leave me alone"

"Tsk tsk. That's no way to greet me, now is it?" The girl put one hand around him. This only annoyed him. He stood up and took her hand off him. "I don't want to be a part of your plan anymore."

He could hear her whining. "But I was only trying to help you win her."
"No, I never agreed to anything! You forced me into--" He stopped mid-sentence as he felt her getting closer. The girl's eyes turned red and she put her hand on his shoulder, transferring her hatred to him. "You're a part of this whether you like it or not! Ray couldn't breathe, but only tried to rid of the pain running through his veins. Her hatred was like no other's, he couldn't stop it. Unfortunately, this was a fight he couldn't win as he fell under her control. "That's the Ray I know. Now come, her birthday is coming up and I want to give her one she'll never forget." She smiled evilly and walked into the shadows, with Ray following close behind.

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Cora -Open- [04 Oct 2003|06:20pm]

Cora had been chanting for some time, still floating above the ground, her body had begun to glow softly. What she was doing wasn't so much a spell, but a way to focus her energies and collect her thoughts. She would probably be here for a while, and just continued to chant with her eyes closed.
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Kitty [Open] [04 Oct 2003|05:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Someday - Nickleback ]

Kity had her homework done in an hour and was really feeling better and hungry again. "Oh jeez," she said "i'm such a pig tonight." opening the door to get to the kitchen. She put her hand on the door knob and then made a puzzling face "Why do i bother when i can.." she phased through her door "do this!" Kitty giggled and continued to the kitchen downstairs. Though it was utterly retarded she danced down the hallway to the steps where she sat on the railing and slide down. Kitty got off the railing and continud her dancing skills to the kitchen.

"Whats wrong with me today?" She asked herself, she stopped dancing and felt a cold breeze. Kitty arched one brow and was like "Okay,,,, yeh its like 75 out and a cold breeze of like something called winter, IN THE MIDDLE OF SPRING?!" she noticed she said that a little loud but no one was around, it seemed dead around here now.

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Kristen ATTN Figure [04 Oct 2003|06:11pm]

[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Hit the Floor by Linkin Park ]

Surprised to see Figure rushing to her, Kristen hadn't realized how bad the bleeding around her neck got. "Thank you. And no, things aren't better," she tried to say while bearing the pain around her neck. Her hand was still covered in blood, but that didn't matter to her. Her mind was set on figuring out who that person was. The girl in her dream was somehow connected to all the flashbacks. There must be someone behind all this. She played the horrible dream in her head over and over, trying to figure things out. No luck, though. "I just wish I could figure all of this out."

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Figure ATTN Kristen [03 Oct 2003|07:58pm]

((*hums rob zombie* ... *cough*))

Figure heard Kristen's gasps from outside her room. He had sat outside the door while she slept and played absent mindedly with a few static shocks. Quietly he got to his feet and knocked on the door softly before opening it.

"Kristen?" He said in a voice less cold than normal. Almost immediately Figure took notice to the blood on the girl's neck. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and passed it to her. "Things aren't getting better.... are they?"
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Kristen -open-//ATTN Figure (whichever you prefer) [03 Oct 2003|06:33pm]

[ mood | horrified ]
[ music | a creepy SE Lain song.... ]

((Bwahaha I'm evil today. According to supposed 'unwanted plot'...))

Darkness. It was all she could see. Suddenly she felt an unwanted presence. Her fears grew dark and deep as she was mysteriously led to a dark yet bright light. "No, this isn't right...why am I doing this?" Closer and closer she went. The light was growing, and her fears grew deeper. And all of a sudden, her "telepathy" took control. Images and memories started to pass by in her head too fast for her to handle. ... ... ... "How do you like me now, Kristen?" She soon felt a hand tighten its grip around her neck. A girl with long, blonde hair and evil eyes came out of the shadows. "...you're MINE."

Kristen woke up from her nightmare and gasped for air. ...it was only a dream. She felt around her neck.


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Kristen ATTN Figure then -closed- [02 Oct 2003|06:14pm]

[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Kyosuke Himuro - CLOUDY HEART ]

Kristen sighed. Just hearing Figure's voice eased her at heart. "You're right. I'll try to get some rest." She was sure to hide her thoughts. For you, I will. Taking his hands into hers, she gave a sincere smile, and went off to bed.

((Didn't want to force any unwanted plot, so that's why it's short. ^^;;))

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Jordan ATTN Kristen [01 Oct 2003|04:36pm]

Figure was a little taken a back by the girl's sudden hug at first. However before she let him go he made the smallest effort to return it.... this was all kind of new to him.

The boy could sense Kristen's confusion and smell her fears. His glowing eyes faded out and he watched her for a moment before choosing his words very carefully.

"If you've had a rough day you should get some rest." A thought of taking Kristen to Zender ran through Figure's mind before he quickly brushed it away. That was no place for her..... it was no place for anyone.

(must sleep now.... watashi o nemasu.... Z_z )
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Kristen ATTN Figure [01 Oct 2003|06:30pm]

[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Mystic Eyes by Hiroki Wada ]

Ray walked out of the room and left Kristen behind.

"Heh, first you're all caring and sympathetic and then you get all cold and distant. What's your problem?" He only glared at her, burning over her sudden 'attitude'. "Strictly classified, sorry." He continued, not looking back at her.

Ooh, part of some secret organization now, are we? Jeez.

"Kristen?" The sound of Figure's voice started her. She turned around and seeing him in the doorway instantly relieved her. "Figure." She ran up to him and hugged him. Why am I acting like some Japanese schoolgirl? Her face turned red and she let go. "Haven't seen you around." A smile came upon her face while she looked into his amazing green eyes. How she loved seeing them again. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Just then, his green eyes faded away and false memories of Jhey-Li flashed in her head and soon faded away. The smile on her face disappeared and she became confused. Ignore it, Kristen. They're trying to mess with your head, like they always did. She saw a look of concern in Figure's eyes. "I'm sorry...rough day." She tried to smile, but she found that she couldn't hide her thoughts from anyone, much less Figure anymore. "Ugh...why me? Why now? Get out of my head...just leave me alone!"

[[Ayee~!!! I have poor reading skills. >

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Figure ATTN Ray/Kristen [30 Sep 2003|04:49pm]

"Why do I care?" Figure repeated to himself as he watched Ray walk off, "Because I... I..." 'I love her? What am I trying to say?' Figure just kicked the wall and cursed out loud. Everything seemed out of proportion to him. He knew that sooner or later Dr.Zender would call for him.. and he'd need to go.

He needed to find away to split him and Jordan... Maybe then he cold split Sophos and Lydia. But how?

Figure cursed again as he felt an enormous amount of energy coming from the second floor of the school. His eyes flooded over into green and he tightened his fist. In one swift motion Figure was up and headed into the school.

The long leather of his jacket billowed a bit in a nonexistent wind, as he made his way up the steps. What was left of the energy level could tell Figure exactly where Kristen and Ray were.

'Kristen if that fucker has done anything to you... I swear to Ra I'll remove ever limb I find on him...'

Figure never did know why he was so defensive. In his reality he should have been fighting Sophos, not watching out for a girl.... but he felt that he had to. He wanted to.

"Kristen?" Figure said coldly as he knocked and then opened the door to her room. The electrical currents were still phasing through the air, just enough that it made Figure's mind buzz.

(( whooo for slacking *falls asleep* ))
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Cora -open- [30 Sep 2003|03:54pm]

[ mood | focused ]
[ music | the wind ]

After she'd found someone to explain what had happened, it was some older student or something, they just patted her head gently and told her to go to bed. Which made her bristle something terrible. How dare they! If she'd had just a little more energy she would have put a curse on them or something nasty like that, but right now she wasn't in the mood to spend the effort on something like that so she just turned and stomped outside, totally ignoring anyone who got in her way.

She went around to the side of the mansion and found a nice spot in the shadows where she could be left in peace, and sat. She crossed her legs, closed her eyes, and lightly rested her hands on her knees. After a few minutes the wind began to change direction. It should have been going southwest, but it had changed so that the air was being brought toward her. She wasn't really aware this was happening until she felt a little bit of pressure on all sides, like someone was putting her in a skintight bodysuit, but she didn't freak out or lose her concentration. If she did that she may get crushed. Instead she just took a deep breath and foced the air down and under her, causing her to be lifted and float, a few feet off the ground. Her hair, which was short, was blowing all over the place as were her clothes, but she ignored that too as she took another deep breath, this time forcing the air to twist and bend back where it should be.

Manipulation of the air currents was extremely tricky and could, if she screwed up, have very lasting effects on a lot of the continent. But now she shifted her attention and instead of trying to bring the air to her, which was still keeping her off the ground, she began to chant. This spell, while a bit long, wasn't very complicated and wouldn't take too much energy to exicute...

[[someone, ANYONE please post...Cora needs more character interaction =/]]

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Kat [Open] [29 Sep 2003|06:57am]

[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | The Other Side - Hyde =) ]

Kat woke up again and didn't see Cora around so everything must of been okay. So she got up and walked back to her room she kinda felt a little woozy and tired. "God why do i want to fall asleep again!" Kat said trying to stay awake in her room. She took her temperature and noticed it was over 100 degrees. Kat walked over to the bathroom and put cold water on her face then went to go back to bed

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[29 Sep 2003|06:57am]

[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Hyde - The Other Side ]

Kitty could tell this convo was going nowhere so she said her goodbyes and walked on to the kitchen, and got her food and walked back to her room for a little catchin up on homework for school....

[[Short again!! Sorry]]

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Ray ATTN Figure [29 Sep 2003|08:23pm]

[ mood | determined ]
[ music | An RK battle theme ]

"God, she can't take a joke, can she?" Just then, Figure came up to him. His stern voice raised some concern between them. "Look, I'm just trying to help her. You can't even begin to think of the danger she's in. And why do you care anyway?" It's been a while since I've seen someone so cold as him. Though he knew it was rude, he walked away and went after Kristen to apologize.

The doors opened, and Ray saw her eyes alternating from yellow to navy. "Kristen, I'm sor--"

"You were saying...?" A devilish grin was showing, and he soon knew that she wasn't herself. Again. When would they quit?

The room started to shake, and items began to fall down. Her experimental powers were out of control. She tilted her head, and a surge of lightning struck Ray, blowing him down on his side. "They don't stop, do they?" A red chip was planted in Kristen's neck, which was obviously controlling her.

He knew he had to act quick before anyone got hurt. He held his hand out, and a long bolt of electricty covered his entire arm. His eyes quickly turned blue, and he tried to break the chip off. "Sorry, try again." Kristen's voice started to sound demonic as she blocked him and threw him down again. But that didn't stop him from trying again. "Kristen...SNAP OUT OF IT!" Bolts of electricity flew all over the place, several hitting Kristen like Yusuke Urameshi's Spirit Shotgun.

...Must regain...CONTROL! A thunderstorm formed by her natural powers blew the chip away and destroyed it entirely. She soon fell to her knees and attempted to regain strength. "Take me to them." Ray caught up to her and helped her up. "Slow down, you've had way too much to deal with today. Let me handle it while you rest."

"You're not going anywhere without me. I want revenge. I won't be tortured and experimented on. I refuse to be anyone's pet, you understand me? It stops here." The determination in her eyes caught Ray's attention and he only nodded in return.

((-lowers head in disappointment- I could've made such a better post...-_-))

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Lydia ATTN Logan [28 Sep 2003|08:28pm]

Green eyes blinked a bit and Lydia sat up very slowly. A pale hand came to her head and she groaned a bit.

"I think I'm fine... my head is pounding." Her eyes flashed pure green and then died out. It was almost as if Sophos was just letting Logan know she was still there. Lydia small body shook a little and she winced.
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Logan ATTN Lydia [28 Sep 2003|11:13pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

If logan hadn't been such a tough guy and almost forgot how to cry, he would have right there. "Yeah, it's me Lydia...i'm here...are you okay?" he asked her..it wasn't everyday minor mericles happen...then again considering what he was maybe it is.

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Figure ATTN Ray [28 Sep 2003|01:42pm]

The sparks ceased as Figure watched Kristen walk by with .... some guy. Glowing green eyes watched the two walk by and when Kristen slapped the boy and went inside Figure chuckled. It had been days since he had last seen the girl... she had left after he fell to Jordan. Jordan... The very name made him sneer.

A few sparks escaped Figure's grasp every now and then as he approached the boy still standing on the steps to the school.

"What are you doing with Kristen?" He questioned. Figure's voice was solid and cold, his eyes began to revert to normal and the surges stopped.
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Kristen and Ray ATTN figure then -open- [28 Sep 2003|08:24pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]
[ music | the Yu Yu Hakusho opening theme song ]

"Um, Ray...you can put me down now." Ray sighed. "Like I said before I--" He took a quick look at Kristen and smiled brightly. "Well, why didn't you say so?" He faked an attempt to drop her like a bag of rice and laughed. "Just joking."

They reached the school gates, which automatically opened for the two. Kristen's stomach started to growl and covered it in embarrasment. "Heh heh..." Ray grinned and said, "You know, if I heard that earlier, we could've gotten something to eat."

"My stomach always has bad timing." Just then, a familiar face came up as they reached the doors. As a quick reaction, her eyes turned yellow and surges of lightning shocked Ray. "Hey! What's your problem?" His question was soon answered as this familiar face resembled that of Figure's. Kristen had quickly remembered their last emcounter.

"There's nothing 'sweet' about living in a body torn between two minds. It's survival of the fittest and I'd go as far as ending my own life to get rid of Jordan."

She sighed as his glowing green eyes and rage got the best of her. Stupid, stupid, stupid! If only he knew that I was talking about the tranquilizers... She lowered her head in humiliation and walked right past him. It doesn't take a genius to see that he's not in the best of moods. I should just keep on walking.

"Hell-o?! Anyone home?!" Ray noticed that she was looking straight at Figure. "Ooh, is he your boyfriend--"

"SHUT UP!" She quickly slapped him and went inside the school, slamming the doors shut behind her. That's the last thing I need right now...

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Cora ATT Kat then open [27 Sep 2003|11:11am]

Cora scowled and looked at the limp body she was holding. Well CPR hadn't worked...she could always just shake her until she woke up but something told her that wasn't really the best idea. At least she wasn't dead, but Cora couldn't possibly pick her up and take her inside...she could use her powers, but right now, she would rather do anything else...but she didn't want to leave her here alone to get help. She hated being new.

A few minutes later she was back inside the building, out of breath and looking for anyone that could help, when she finally found someone she quickly explained what had happened.
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Kristen and Ray -open- [27 Sep 2003|10:19pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | the '95 Spiderman theme song ]

Ray came out of the so-called "safe hiding place" with a sigh and Kristen in his arms. I can't believe I let this happen. It's all my fault. Bolts of electricity started to flare off the both of them as his emotions were tense, while hers were so, unpredictable.

My life, a lie. I believed all of it. Every single bit of it. How could I have been so stupid? Am I worth less than some experiment? Am I worth anything at all? Kristen's thoughts raged back and forth as the navy streaks in her hair started to glow. All of her raging energy had been left behind from the last "takeover", so she could no longer feel hatred or anger. One thing she recently learned was to never use too much of anything, in this case her crimson energy. It had grown weak and numb, with nothing to feed upon.

All of those thoughts were just while closing her eyes. She finally opened them, only to see what she usually calls a "lost soul", meaning Ray. He felt so guilty, and his thoughts drifted off to another place that he didn't notice she was awake.

"Ray, you could put me down now," Kristen said, holding her head. "Yeah right, you still haven't regained full balance now. Ease up a little bit, okay?" He finally snapped out of his thoughts and smiled back at her.

There's something so different about him. Some peculiar feeling, like I know him. Like I've seen him somewhere before. But that's not possible. He's just a really nice guy who happens to pop out of nowhere and tries to tell me about my past as a guinea pig. Ugh...

Great. Now I don't understand what I'm saying. I can't make sense out of a few things. He's right. I haven't only lost my balance. I may have lost my mind back there, but I haven't regained it yet. Whoo. Now I'm a mindless zombie. What the hell will I come up with next?

"Tell me Ray, where are we going?"

"Back to the school."

"Thank God."

"My thoughts exactly."

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Figure [open] [26 Sep 2003|08:29pm]

The anger teenager stormed through the institute.

"I've had enough of this..." He muttered to himself as sparks flew from his body. To say this in a short sentence, Figure was pissed beyond all logical thinking.

As the red haired boy burst out of the school's main doors he let off a deadly charge.

"DAMN IT ALL!" He screamed out at the top of his lungs.
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Lydia ATTN Logan [26 Sep 2003|08:23pm]

She felt that strange feeling again. She was falling.... Where to this time? Hadn't she just seen the Professor? She had hadn't she. What did he say again?

'It's time to wake up Lydia' His words rang through the girls mid scape and shattered the purple skies around her.

"It's time to wake up..." She whispered to herself. Lydia needed to find a way to pull her soul back to the real world.

"Come on... come back to me..." It was Logan. He was in the real world. She could hear him.

Slowly Lydia's eyes opened. The neon green orbs looked up at Logan and she blinked a bit.

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Alana *open* [26 Sep 2003|03:02pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

The sound of Alana's boots were hitting the floor just enough to make a larch 'clunk' noise with each step. Her black hair was done neatly into a messy bun and her beautiful blue eyes searched the school with boredom. Her white tank top was altered so her beautiful light blue, almost white, wings could be used and shown.

She looked around the vast place not really seeing anybody around. "You would think with this huge school you could find somebody to take you around." she muttered to herself shifting her black duffle bag to her other sholder. Alana picked up her guitar bag; She sighed heavily and countinued a little ways down the hall.

Alana came to what looked like the study or library. Tables, books and computers cluttered the medium sized room. She put her bag on a chair and sat down on the table. She opened her guitar bag and brought out a beautiful accoustic guitar. She sat softly playing chords and humming to herself.

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Kristen and Ray -open- [26 Sep 2003|02:46pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

"Come on, Ray. What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to attack me?" The now possessed Berserker held her arms in the air and gave a sadistic smile. "I don't bite... I kill." Streaks of lightning continued to flare off of her body, while Ray was left with a choice. And you can bet he went with it.

A faint blue glow started to surround him as he prepared to take charge. Berserker was still smiling, awaiting the moment he would attack. "I'm waiting..." Her voice became demonic and without emotion. If there was any sign of the true Berserker, it was long gone. Or was it?

Ray...? RAY!! Help me!

Memories were being played in her head. Memories she didn't know she had. Memories of Ray.

Why do I have these memories? I don't remember any of this!


That isn't possible, sir.
ARGH! Can't anything get done around here?!

On the outside, Kristen's smile turned into a cry for help as the streaks of lightning ceased to exist. She grabbed her head and tried to control her thoughts without any success. She could no longer stand on her own.

Ray caught her just in time before she fell. "Are you okay?" Tears started to form in her eyes, and she shook her head. "No--no, I'm not okay...I don't know who I am anymore!" She began to cry while still in Ray's arms, and all he could do was watch. Right now he felt terrible.

They should've dealt with me...of all people, why did they involve her in their experiments? I don't understand...

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Jamae [open] [26 Sep 2003|12:36pm]

[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Craig David - Fill Me In ]

As I look up at the Univesity's tall stature, thoughts begin to spin in my head..
I'm not supposed to be here.. I'm not supposed to have these powers.. I'm not supposed to be Jamae.. I'm not supposed to be fearless.. I'm not supposed to have had a home.. I'm not supposed to have had a father.. He's not even my father.. I'm not supposed to be alone.. I'm not supposed to be alive.. and I'm not supposed to know any of these things..
Interesting that I know any of this, right? Well, no, it wasn't interesting and it wasn't hard either. I'm Professor Lukiea's "precious" guinea pig. I was an empty "carcass" from some other place called Atiklaham. Then I was taken from there to Professor Lukiea's laboratory, and he experimented on me.
First, he placed a new brain and heart into "my" body and watched to see if I would come to life.. and I did. He then "raised" me as his "child", trying to tell others that I was his long lost daughter from Puerto Rico, although I looked more like an Italian. The dumb thing is that I believed him, too.
Professor Lukiea started to slather this weirdly fervent lotion at night onto my skin, and he let my skin burn with the lotion throughout the whole night. After thirty days of this burning lotion being placed on my skin, I never sensed fear. When I was angered, all these weird things would start happening. At my touch, an object would burst into flames. With my every scream, water would start bursting around the area knocking down everything they touched, except they never touched me. All these weird things just started to happen, all at my will. Professor Lukiea placed this bracelet on my left hand that would change colours whenever I was using my powers. It was a simple but authentic thing, but I really don't care.
*sigh* All of this wouldn't have mattered, if only I didn't find that one simple black binder. It was on Friday morning, and I was running late for school. I was looking for my binder because it had all my notes and stuff that would keep me from dying in school. What I didn't know was that it was already in my backpack so I ended up picking up the black binder that I saw on the kitchen table. Once I was at school and sat on my desk, I opened the binder and noticed that the first page was typed and printed out of a computer. Certainly not mine. I started reading from there and I didn't pay attention at all in school. I found out that all my "life" (as far as Professor Lukiea told me of) was a lie. I don't know what "life" I had before, but I wish I weren't alive because now I know that I will never have a destiny..............

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Kat ATTN Cora then open-ish [23 Sep 2003|08:50pm]

[ mood | sleeping or something ]
[ music | Anata - L'Arc~en~ceil ]

Kat opened her eyes and seen Cora though it didn't really look like her, Kat could keep her eyes open and she just passed out.

[Sorry so short! Lost my mind today]

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Cora ATT Kat [then open] [21 Sep 2003|10:29pm]

[ mood | intimidated ]

[[the longest eaten bowl of cereal on teh face of the planet...and sorry, school was nuts, but I'm back ^^;]]

Cora, who had been deep in thought, and totally unaware that not only was her cereal all gone, but that the kitchen had become 'the new hang out' blinked in startled horror as she saw, and heard all the people. Honestly, it made her very nervous and she quickly washed and dried her bowl and spoon, put both away and started making her way out.

Her control still wasn't the best, and getting scared or nervous tended to make things worse so everything started to get very wet, and humid, as if it was misting inside the room. Noticing this only made things worse for her as she tried to get out, murmoring an 'excuse me' here or there and skirting around people. She saw a few people she actually knew but didn't even want to talk to any of them, she just wanted out!

After she got out, taking the back door out to the pool she looked around and took a deep breath of relief then frowned. Something was pulling at her and so she followed the nagging feeling, which she'd learned to trust to the pool. At first she didn't see anything but after a moment she saw someone at the bottom. Normally she wouldn't care but the way they were down there was all wrong. Cursing silently to herself she ran to the edge and dove in, going to the bottom she grabbed Kat under the arms and pushed off the bottom, using her power to help her get up faster, the water practially deposited them both on the ground next to the pool.

Cora had never been good at health or anything like that at school (she hadn't really cared) but she did remember what to do when someone had taken in water, at least she thought she did, so she gave her CPR, which was something she wouldn't normally do, but since she was the only one there....

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Kat [Open] [21 Sep 2003|12:44pm]

[ mood | passed out ]
[ music | Hot Hot Hot!!! - The Cure ]

After Kat got over her little naughty stage she noticed that everyone was hanging out in the kitchen and she wanted to just go do something so she went back to her room and changed into her swim suit, grabbed a towle and headed for the pool.

It seem so quite no one was there it was just her, alone, no noise! It was creepy. She was just floating around on her back then Kat started to feel weird, it wasn't her that was doing this, she felt like she was sucked in, like something had grabbed her. She paniced and tried to keep her head above the water. Before she knew it she was being dragged down to the bottom of the pool and she couldn't breathe water (duh!) then she passed out.

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Kristen and Ray -open- (FINALLY!!) [21 Sep 2003|03:14pm]

[ mood | possessed ]
[ music | a creepy song from the Lain OST 1 ]

A quick 3 hours passed by when Ray finally reveals the truth to Kristen about her real past.

“So, you’re telling me that I’ve been a guinea pig for some intern anti-mutant group at a nearby college? How the hell am I supposed to believe this crap?” Ray had sensed that this would be the case with Kristen. “So, all the time at Xavier’s place was nothing? It was all in some tiny little room? What is this, some story telling session?” Kristen was about to leave, until Ray, now stressed, suddenly took her hand and said, “Please, you have to believe me!”

Kristen’s reaction was something Ray saw coming to him. Bolts of lightning flew from her eyes, down her arms, and shocked him. She then took her hand back. “I can’t believe you take me for some idiotic fool. I may act dumb, but I’m certainly not this stupid.”

Ray’s eyes were the next to light up. He couldn’t take this anymore; he didn’t even know why he was helping her regain her past anymore. “Fine! You don’t believe me? go ahead, leave. I see you aren’t interested in what I have to say anymore. But before you go, you should know that you’re still under their control. That telepathy and telekinesis of yours isn’t natural. They messed with your head. That’s why you don’t believe anything I say!”

“You were someone who impersonated my now DEAD brother Hakaru, who then flees on his motorcycle, and suddenly you want me to believe a whole different story? So what, I was hanging around in darkness for the last hundred-some years thinking I was a sorceress who had to avenge her DEAD friends by killing her worst enemy? Does Jhey-Li even exist? I can’t even tell fantasy from reality anymore because of you! I wanted the truth, and you just give me a bunch of lies! Surely, you could’ve done better in making up a better story, Ray… But you just think that I’m to be toyed with.”

Ray soon interrupted her. He took out a videotape and put it in her hands. “Watch this. I know you don’t believe me, but I am telling the truth.


That look…I’ve seen that look before… Kristen tried so hard to remember where she had seen that face before. Suddenly, her head started hurting. It felt as if someone were taking over her mind.

”Ah, good. Her mind is still under our control, sir.”
Good, we need to take care of that boy…

“What are these voices…inside my head?!” A cry of distress left Kristen as she tried to regain control over her mind. Her thoughts and memories were fading away in seconds. “Ray…?”

Ray stared in shock as he watched –them- take over.

“Kristen, listen to me. You have to stay with me.” He rushed to her side, seeing as it was too late.

“Hello Ray. How do you like me now?” He backed away from her, charging bolts of electricity within his hands.

“That won’t work, either. Remember? I’m Crimson Thunder…”

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Logan ATTN charles, lydia [19 Sep 2003|11:40pm]

[ mood | patient ]

Logan nodded and watched as the professor left. Logan then took his place next to Lydia and grabbed onto her hand. "Come on...come back to me..." he whispered to her.

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