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[26 Jun 2003|12:06am]

WHAT UP, BITCHEZ! you knows what my new flava is now? imma totally diggin scratchin my bizalls and thne smellin em right after. not just on the balls but rite under dem mufuckas where its real sweaty and cheezy den i sniffs dem mufucks. i wish dey made a car freshner or likes some scratck n sniffs stickers an shit of my balls cuz dat would be lovely an i'd be happy cuz i'd be smellin my bizalls all da time.
HOLLA! one mo day an then imma off to LA to see ifs imma gonna be famous an shit. imma hopin dey gots like a buffet of naked beotches i can gits my fuck on wit but i'll take a couple of fowtys at first if da shit starts off slow. or a jalapino burger.
i gots so hiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhh today. me an booga found a roach under da seat of my caddy an we smoked dat shit and slapped around my missy eliot bobblehed and laffed some stoopid mufuckas. he tolds me if i gits a record deal den i gots to give him a shout out on my first Lp and i said WORD! but imma really not going to cuz i'll be too buzy gettin my smoke an my fucks on! mayble i'll holla at yall beotches befo i leave buut i can't promise nuttin because imma goin to da swap meets tomorrow to stock up on some boiled p-nuts fo da ride and maybe gits a new crush velvet adidas sweatsuits. LAYTA, DOOKIE FUCKAS!

[23 Jun 2003|08:44pm]

YO! i leaves for LA in three days an shit an i'm ready to gits my FUCK ON--HOLLA! imma hopin to meet ups wit a punkrocker chick an imma gonna take pictures while i'm nut deep in dat shit! imma gonna post dat shit too! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, MUFUCKAS! hopefully dis trip pans out an i get famous an rich sos i can buy some fowtys of da good shit cuz i been drinkin dis bavaria lite an dat shit be doin me wrong, playa.
i tried to sit through dat findin' nemo movie but i gots caught waxin my ding dong during da previews and dey said dey might be pressin charges an shit but by then i'll be rich an famous and buy my way out. SPLIFFS AND FOWTYS, SHOWTYS AND BOZIES@! cant find da goddam mousie...yh98ot

[23 Jun 2003|12:39am]

GRRRRRRRRRR, MUTHAFUCKAS, GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. i just seen dat incredible hulk shit and dat shit was ill, kid! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
i figured sinxce everybody on diffrent sites wuz leavin dey's favorite bands an albums i'd give yalls a peek into some of da stubb's flava.

Dr. Octagon-the instrumental shit cuz it beats real nice when i'm gettin my fuck on.
N.W.A.-Straight Outta Compton always good to smoke a spliff or smoke a smartlip mufucka.
Slick Rick-dat nigga just funna-yo!
oh yeah an shit, dat music dey play during pornos, dat elevator/gameroom/italian music. shit to get your swerve on to. i joined dis lesbian site (hi ladies) and it's got a pick of two chicks kissin with like tongue and feelin each other up an i was like damn dat shit's dope. so i joined. maybe if dey all gits naked and lay around a big bed an have some discussion group or somethin they let me crawl up in the middle and wax poetic. imma pretty sincere guy specially when it comes to naked beotches!


[18 Jun 2003|11:38am]

YO! check dis shit out! i knows alots of yall think im just a heartless, chowvinistic mufucka but i's really dos help mufuckas when i can. i got some diffrent testimonys from some of my blurty friends an heres what dey has to say about da stubbs.

emokid: I used to listen to alot of Weezer and most of these songs taught me to respect women and to listen to their feelings, but as of late all they did was walk all over me. That's until I met Mr. Stubbygrubbs. Now when my woman starts giving me some lip, I knuckle up and slap that bitch Ike Turner style. Problem solved! You da man, Stubbs!

naw, yous da man, kid! now git rid of those stoopid fuckin glasses.

bulimicgirl: I struggled with bulimia for two years and about wittled myself down to a bag of bones. Then I met Mr. Stubbygrubbs, and instead of using a finger he about choked me to death with his enormous cock! I was so traumatized by that moment that I won't put anything in my mouth now except for food and a well-hung man! I think I'm going to try a steak today! I love you, Stubby!

i loves you too, beotch! maybe tomorrow night you can suck on my ding dong!

worthlessbitch: I constantly felt worthless and had no self-esteem. I would take anything sharp that I could get my hands on and cut myself up just so the pain would make me feel better. Then Stubbygrubbs informed me that no one in their right mind would sleep with a chick that looked like a pin cushion and unless I had cancer or something really terrible I should be out getting my fuck on! So we smoked a spliff and he put the fuck on me really good and hard! Now all I want to do is fuck! Thanks, Stubby!

and lasts but not leasts

wannabepunkstar: I used to be an angry kid, but realized it was because of my pitifully small penis. I tried every penis pump on the market but nothing worked. Then Stubbs came along and he performed this voodoo ritual that left me with a 13 inch cock! No shit! Now I'm getting all the play I can handle and then some! He also convinced me that Sid Vicious was a talentless piece of shit and now I can see why Johnny Rotten is glad he's dead! Now I'm listening to the Dead Milkmen and Black Flag! I can feel a change already!

dat's right, ho's! i'm here for all yall. whatever you needs. just give the Stubbs a holla. Fo sho!

[14 Jun 2003|08:39pm]

IM GETTIN' A NEW GOLD TOOF! No shizit kid kock! i been puttin da fuck on over at dis white beotch dat lives in dis trailer park an she showed me dis dope ass ring collection she had hidden under bikkini wax box in her baffroom. after i stuck her in da ass a few times i waited for her to gos to sleeep den i snatched dem mufuckas and im gonna melt dem shits down for a new toof! I GOTS GOLD, BEOTCH!
still waitin' to hear back about dem demos. i'm tellin yous imma in da hizouse wit dese swass-ass rymes. no hatin. and i's been gettin some mail from some hatin mufuckas, one who sez she runs dis shit but da bitch spell worse then i do. but i preciates da loves i's been gettin' too! an my ding dong be lovin dat shit on a fo real tip. fo sho!

[13 Jun 2003|12:21am]

YO! check dis shit out on a fo real tip! Booga sez his cuzins roomate at YDC know a dude that produces records and he's gonna slip him my fly ass dope beats. i gots so excited i choked my moms wit my ding-a-ling and slapped da bitch in da mouf!
HOLLA! wents to da swap meets and dat same blind beotch wuz der stitchin some shit and i was smokin a spliff right an i says "damn, dats a fly stitch. ya think you can makes me a weed pouch?" ya know cuz she made booga a wool sweater for his hemroid so i wuz guessin' she could hooks me up. an she says sho if i spiked her coffee wit some tequila sos i peed in her cup an told her she couldn't have a sip til i gots my weed pouch. then i smacked her in da head wit my ding-a-ling and ran like a mufucka.
goldhead wit loot runnin' 502, kid! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHA! dat's right, son.
1 need to sort out priorities xWicked!

[11 Jun 2003|09:23am]

i hads incredible hulk dookies this mornin. dey wuz green and angry and went grrrrr an shit.
HOLLA! me an booga recordeds some dope ass rymes on a boombox an i'm tellin' yas imma on my way to hollywoods, biotch! wheres i can get my pimp an fucks on wit some fly honeys who wills buy me all da fowtys i can slop down--yo!

[09 Jun 2003|11:01am]

WORD, BIOTCHES! Booga's comin home today an he tried to gits a date wit one a da nurses but she said "i ain't feelin' you son. i saws dat ill ass hemroid you wuz sportin'". dat shit's funny. not az funny az my friend Rawls gittin shot in da bizalls, but pretty damn funny, yo.
16-switch releasa, 40-ounce twista, imma sweet-ass loco pimpstyle wit da 3000 dolla smile. WORD, kid! dat shit was def!

making a new user name. [26 Apr 2003|09:25pm]

[ mood | content ]

you still have your Hermione I Am making another user name for this i"ll update with it later we need more people in this rp to keep it alive..^_^


is this Place even active anymore?. [13 Apr 2003|02:00am]

[ mood | awake ]

I Was wondering if this place is still active?.

2 need to sort out prioritiess xWicked!

Sorry, But... [31 Mar 2003|04:20pm]

I'm leaving the community! I have too many other things I post too and dont have time for all of them! Hope you find another Hermione!

Ginny Weasley [23 Mar 2003|01:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey this is Ginny. I finally figured out how to post here! Thank you Hermione for showing me. :)


Hello! [17 Mar 2003|11:35pm]

Hello everyone. Hermione Granger here. I noticed a few of my Hogwarts friends getting this Blurtys so I decided to go ahead and try it out. I'll be making myself an icon and posting an intro in my Blurty real soon.

Love Ya-

hey ya'll.. [17 Mar 2003|05:05pm]
hey, i'm going to be parvati.. *waves* i still need an icon and all that.. but i'm getting there.. so.. that's all i think! *g*

1 need to sort out priorities xWicked!

welcome [17 Mar 2003|01:38am]

welcome everybody to this community. I saw that alot of communities had no free characters so i created this one. please join if you would like. remeber to read the rules. As you can see, im in need of an icon, somebody that would make me one would be appriciated.
1 need to sort out priorities xWicked!

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