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Long time, no post [16 Oct 2003|09:43am]

[ mood | mellow ]

I've been avoidy, as always. Everyone has been .. at least with these journals. Noone really updates these things a lot, huh? Well, if you haven't heard all these news here you go: Dawn and I are fine now. There are still times that aren't as comfortable as it used to be but, we're fine. Buffy and I the other day managed to take a whole hour our of each others lives and go for a mocha. Willow, was gone somewhere so we couldn't grab her in on the mocha action too. Anyone seen Will, lately? .:shifts eyes around and continues typing:.

Noone else has really been around other than Faith and .. the bot. Ew, the bot had to be re-programed or something cause it isn't talking about Spike's rock hard abs anymore. It's talking about Faith's big .:coughs and shivers for a minute:. I'm so glad I only have one eye right now, because if I were to have invisioned all of that I would have had to stab my other eye too. .:laughs and scratches back of neck looking around the room:.

It's too quite. Where is everyone? I want to go the Bronze .. or see a movie or do something. Anyone want to go?

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Gone [02 Oct 2003|03:33pm]


So, i've been a little distant from everyone lately. I don't a hell of alot of time at the house anymore. I think i've been out 40 hours in the past two days patrolling. But, hey, look on the bright side, there are alot less vamps out there now! Or.. something. Whatever. Robin keeps nagging me to let him come along. If he doesn't shut up soon I might have to do everyone a bunch of good by fucking beating the shit out of him. That guy gets on my nerves quickly.

I don't think i've seen anyone in the house for a couple of weeks anyways. I guess everyone's been busy doing their own thing. It's getting too quiet around here too. I guess thats how you know something big is about to come right? I've been out of the game for a while, but, yeah; that's normally how it goes.

Fuck i'm ready to go over to B's room and start tearing shit up just to get a rise out of her. I need some entertainment. I need excitement. I need something.


I wonder where the bot is.

slay me.

[18 Sep 2003|07:38pm]

[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | Lucy Woodward - While You Can ]

*Runs her hands through her hair, which wasn't as blonde as it once was it had begun to lose it's lusture and she had decided to just let it go on an be a dirty blonde-almost-light brown color. Her hues of hazel danced about the room for a moment as she let out an audiable sigh, clearly feeling distraught, lonely, and unbelievably still guilty over the incident that happened over a couple of weeks ago. She tugged lightly on the bottom of her powder blue tank top smoothing it out as she ran one of her hands down the leg of the black leather pants that clung to her body much like the dark slayer's do. After a moment or two of more silence in the confines of her room upstairs, she finally gave up decided to retreat to her good ol' trusty journal for a little comfort and a chance to finally get some kind of closure on the things that were troubling her mind a great deal as of late*

I've been avoiding this for a while, I know. And to be honest I'd avoid it a whole lot longer too but I guess I should do this now.

Things have been all awkward lately. Dawn and Xander have been having ... problems. I don't know what happened, but from what I saw recently in these things it involved Andrew. This kind of reminds me of what happened between the four of us not but a couple of weeks ago.

If you don't know what happened, oh well. I don't want to bring it up in my journal right now. Want to really know? Ask me. I'll tell you. Otherwise it's none of your business, or whatever. *oh so hostile right now*

I think I sound hostile. If I do, I think it's because I am. I can't seem to shake the feeling that even if he said he forgave me that he really can't. I don't know, maybe he really did forgive me but I can't accept it. But it's doubtful. I hurt him with what I did. And I know it. That's why I didn't want to tell anyone. And why the Bot is on it's last chance because I swear I'm scrapping it.

Enough of me feeling sorry for myself. I told myself I would stop doing that now. And ... here I am, all guilty. Slaying doesn't help either. I can't be in a cemetary without ... *trails off ... thinking about what happened in the cemetary while they were in their past!selves, vividly. COUGHS!! O_O* ... feeling really guilty. And that doesn't help me get any vamps and demons slayed, at all.

My `normal girl` job doesn't help me either. I was lucky that my past!self didn't get me fired from my job. I know she tried to start something with Angel, which luckily he knew it wasn't really me and nothing happened and there was no reappearance of Angelus. Because that would have been bad. A lovelorn!me and a psycho!faith running around with Angelus on the loose? That would have ended up with someone dying. *pauses a moment `;/` facing as she started feeling bad with how she and her came back to the future, no pun intended - with her stabbing her in the stomach, déja vu..* Which us coming back with me stabbing her in the stomach wasn't fun either ... but at least this time Faith wasn't stuck in a coma for months.

Anyway, I'm done. Wills, wanna hang? ;/

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[17 Sep 2003|10:03pm]

[ mood | calm ]


Don't worry about this. Xander, and you, you're both really upset about what to do. I just kind of brought myself here without being asked, and I apologize for leaving everyone for so long, especially after what happened. I'm sorry Dawn. I am sorry Xander. You guys do what you need to do. I will follow you.

slay me.

And today's word is: `ASS` [15 Sep 2003|12:34pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | Love - Delta Goodrem ]

I so don't know what's going on, not in life in general, or the world... the universe even, because hello! Who does? I just don't know what's going on with me, right now... the me of the now. Who is she and what in the world is she doing? Well, lets start with the part where my girlfriend is wanting some ass that isn't mine, maybe it's principal Wood ass, which kind of sucks if you are me. It's not like I want anybody elses ass while I'm with Kennedy... I just want Kennedy ass... and wow could I say `ass` any more in one paragraph?

Okay, so I guess that's not completely true, there might be... some ass I'd kinda... sorta... like to have but HEY at least I'm not stalking that ass! In fact, I'm not even blinking at that ass because again with the HEY that ass is taken and so is mine.

Oh boy, I'm beginning to think, if there was a babble contest I would come first every time.

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[14 Sep 2003|02:54pm]

it's been a very long time since I've updated -- my fault I know, turned myself into miss avoidy. Everything's so -- messed up now a days, Buff and Spike -
- I hate to admit it but them together? makes me oddly -- happy. There is no reason that people who care about one another shouldn't be
together. My sister goes through enough heartache with her 'job' as is. Faith and Angel Jr.? unlikely and odd couple-ing, but I know faith and she gets this
look in her eye when Connor comes around ... sheds some of her hard assness, she'd never own up to it but she does.

*sighs, cracking her neck* Then we come to the Andrew situation. I screwed up, I was mad and scared and just a -- mixed up ball of emotion, I needed
someone and the person I needed wasn't there so ... I whored myself on the only guy who was. It's not fair to Andrew or to Xandie. I guess I'm not as
'grown up' and adult decision makey as I thought.

Xander I'm sorry ... I just.. I hope you know I love you with everything I have and everything I am....

...I'm sorry to --- everyone. I dont get why I cant just get my act together. I put on this front like I'm tough like I can handle my shit, when inside? I'm just
a scared.... needy girl.

[[OOC:: I'm really sorry I 'died' on Dawn and this rpg, it will never happen again but please understand the past 4 to 5 months have been hell, my mom
was diagnosed with cancer .. and i was the only one there to take care of her, feed her, inject medication -- she died the 15th of august and.. just -- I'm
sorry. It wont.. happen again. I love this char, always have/. ]]
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[13 Sep 2003|11:49pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

I've heard things. Not good things. I've been hearing things about one night when some of the gang went out slaying, something bad happened. Apparently there was some little 'groups' .. Buffy and Spike *gag*, Faith and Connor no comment, and (from what I have heard) Andrew and Dawn. What am I supposed to say? She hasn't said anything to me about it, although I don't see why should we just say ''hey I made-out with Andrew!". I dunno even know if this is true so mabye this post is for nothing.

Slaying .. gets intense, I'll say that, but you can't go slaying without someone and MAKE-OUT! NOT COOL! .:stops typing for a moment and relieves some stress on the wall. he slowly walks back to the computer, and begans to type:. I love her. My love is being tested everyday with Anya being around and if I can't prove to her that I truley love her .. I don't know what else to do.

Now, anyone else seeing a problem. I choose Dawn. I chose you, Dawn .. and you fucking know it. Am I gonna have to wait for you to choose, too?

Let me know these things.

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[12 Sep 2003|07:24pm]

[ mood | refreshed ]

I'm back.

I'm sorry for practically dying, but I've really had a lot on my mind. I needed time alone to just grow up. Believe me, I wasn't trying to avoid anyone... I needed time.

::sighs a lonely sigh:: But I'm here now. I'll stick around, I promise.

[And my computer is gay and does not work often. Plus my AIM has died. Died. And it doesn't help that my dad has practically outlawed it. We supposedly have a virus on the computer - be lucky that it worked now - that we're still trying to figure out. I'll try to keep in contact as well as I can with what resources I have.]

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The Dawn Protest [ ooc ] [04 Jun 2003|08:04pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Alright. I had no problem with a 'new' Dawn because well, Niki was gone and (naturally) everyone wanted to get a new Dawnie BUT .. Niki is back now. I really want her to be our Dawn again. It's just kinda like our Faith-mun [[ (Em, I think) doesn't know the history between me and niki as Dander and stuff. It's our little ''conversations'' and ''secrets'' that we have that make our Dander special. I love Niki, I love her Dawn .. because it rocks. My Xander and her Dawn fit perfect together.

I'm not saying that Em's Dawn would be worse or even that our characters won't go together but it's just like .. I want Niki. I don't know what to do and I don't want to make this a big deal but I really, really, really want Niki back. I'm not the only one right?

I think it'd be a lot different if mabye Em wasn't anyone else and that was her only character but she does have Faith to fall back on. So I really think it won't hurt much if we get our Niki-y back. ]]

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Lookie here.. [04 Sep 2003|03:30pm]

[ mood | drained ]

.: Clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth a she brings up this journaly gadget thing. Obviously knowing how to work it, what with being the popculture icon she is and all. She quickly goes to update, since it's been god knows how long since her last one. Trying to piece together all thats happened. :.

So.. so much has happened. I don't even know where to start.

Xander and I -- he.. chose me over Anya. But, now she's back. Yeah, ok, i'm being scaredy girl and thinking he might change his mind. I figured I wouldn't have to worry about this.. what with the her dying and all. DON'T GET ME WRONG! I mean, it's not like I hated her persay, but I wasn't about to bake her cookies and give her lots of hugs or anything. She's my "competition" you know? Whatever, i'm just being immature about this. ( No age jokes >:o )

I could go on and on about that but i'd just bore you maybe I should post "dreams" like my sister does? >;D. I think i'll just go short since this is my welcome-backy thing. I just want a comment party in my journal ok ;D.

I've been spending time with Andrew. I knew I wasn't the only MTV lover in this house >;o. Buffy's been spending all her time with Spike; which is good for her.. she deserves it. After all that's happened -- everything.. it's great seeing her like this. I couldn't be more happy for her. And him. It's just.. well great. I'm glad everyone's doing better. After another apocalypse-averted situation. I've been talking to Faith more too. She's still not my favorite person in the world, but she's different then she was before. More sand maybe; less homicidal? Just different.

Angel is around too. With.. .: Rolls eyes slightly :. Cordy. I still think of her how she was before, when Buffy was in highschool. Everyone is telling me how much she changed, what with the higher thing a ma bobs and places. But I don't see it. Or maybe I don't want to.


.: Sighs slightly, glancing over her entry :. I guess this is the best I have for now. Expect more soon. Or atleast more then i've done in the past while. I plan on being around more, just you watch :)

[ New writer. ]

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[04 Sep 2003|03:05pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I got some extra time on my hands, figured posting was the best option, since I promised one a while back and never got around to it. I was.. busy?

Things finally got sorted out. Not in the way i'd planned, or hoped for.. but you can't really depend on people to keep their word now can you? -;- Stiffens, blinking -;- Not that.. i'm bitter or anything. Me? Never.

Willow's girlfriend has been following me around lately. She reminds me of someone. Big with the talk, but not with the followthrough. I think maybe she's trying to be like her.. which is half amusing and half scary. Or one more than the other, i'm just not sure which at the moment.

The kid keeps sending me glares. I really don't like how he looks at me.. especially since I should be the one glaring at him.

-;- Cracks his neck -;- This was pointless, really. I just wanted to let you know after the switch that I am still alive. Since I wasn't around much I didn't even meet the other Faith so I can't say anything about that. Right.

slay me.

Another day in the neighborhood [03 Sep 2003|03:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

It's been a while since I updated. Atleast properly. And.. it's not like i'm going to now, so, that was kind of pointless.

Cordy and I have been trying to put things together for the new AI branch. She's amazing, she's been doing all of the real work and i'm proud. We drop by the house every now and then.. just to see how things are doing. It's been good, but the other day there was a fight. Over.. something that needless to say shocked just about all of us. Ofcourse I was speechless, I left apparently before the "fighting" began, which is have been good, because I know what I would have done.

But there isn't really much I can say about that.. except well, still shocked.

Another shocking thing happened though. I guess it was.. past!Buffy? Well, I didn't know that at the time; and she kind of.. hit on me. Obviously something had to be wrong, but I wasindenialofthat didn't know until later. But nothing happened. I'm still here, Angel, with a soul. Because frankly.. that just made me see how much I value Cordelia. She's different then when we met, she's just.. wow.

As I am left breatheless (bad pun.. since.. dead and all) i'll leave it here. I told you this wasn't a proper update.

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[26 Aug 2003|10:16am]

[ mood | confused ]

So Kennedy, Willow and I brought Anya back. She seemed kind of disappointed, and I was amazed that we actually did it. I had no idea what I was doing. Lately I've been feeling like I don't belong. Everyone's milling around with something to do, and here I am with nothing. Even Dawn's kind of distant, and I thought we were good friends. Am I just being dumb? I hope not. I want to be included. I want to be a part of this.

But I feel like I'm not.

slay me.

Back. In black. [26 Aug 2003|08:03am]

[ mood | weird ]

So, I'm back. Back to the one thing I didn't want to be back for. I saw how hard it was when we brought back Buffy, she started boinking Spike. (Apparently they're still all about that...*shiver*) So I knew, when I died, I didn't want to come back like that. Or come back at all, really. I guess I made up for all the things I did (torturing men by granting wishes of scorned women...) because I went to a sort of heaven. Like Buffy said, I think it was heaven, even though, yes, technically I'm a demon. Okay, well maybe it was like a demon heaven, eh? I don't know.

But then I find myself standing in a strange kitchen, with Amanda, Kennedy and Willow, and they look up at me from a freakin' spell book! And Willow looks strangely happy, and then I realize that she was the one that brought me back! I almost lunged across the table to strangle her, and I would have, but her orgasm friend stopped me.

I'm back here, where Xander wants nothing to do with me, Buffy's still having sex with Spike, Willow's still a lesbo, Andrew's as annoying as ever, and all the SiTs are more annoying than ever.

Oh, and apparently we're in OHIO?!?!

I need an orgasm friend :(

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[25 Aug 2003|07:17pm]

[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Common Rotation - Post Modern (hey.. it could happen ;x) ]

:blinks. . . shrugging, he figured Blurty is a place he hasn't been in awhile . . so yeah, here we go:

I don't get how these bloody humans can wear a turtle neck shirt. It's like being strangled by some of those really, really weak demon buggers all day long. :grumbles, pulling at the turtle neck . . since it was the only thing in the wash he could find: The hell with it- :rips it off, tossing it aside, going back to the keyboard:

So. . . Buffy and I went. . . "out" . . last night . . . I guess we're er. . calling it a . . "date" . . ? Or. . . something . .

Right. Well. . . we went to see this movie . . "Wrong Turn" or something . . . which the main character had an uncanny resemblance to Faith, or maybe I'm making up things but that's what I bloody saw. . . right well. . . we somehow spent that whole however many hours complaining about the fight sceenes and fake gore . . and uh doing other . . things. . . :shifty eyes..:

A few kids stopped to oogle and try and touch my hair as we were walking back to the house. . . I don't get it. Why the bloody hell . . . right.

Overall, I thought it went well . . . someone may disagree.

As well as I tried to hide it I have been. . . 'up'? . . with a lot of the sodding pop cult references. And something has been bugging the bloody hell outta me . . in Britian now, I've heard, they don't have Smokey the sodding bear as our 'forest fire prevention' mascot.

Brit's is Smacky. The bloody frog.

'Course I'm a Brit, but who gives a sod now since I'm apparently living in Ohio so I don't give a bug about making fun of their 'forest fire prevention' sodding mascot.

So here I go with my thoughts on this. . .why am I even bothering? Because I sodding want to, and apparently being alive gives me 'rights' of some sort.

For one, a FROG? A sodding frog? Now I haven't had many encounters with the sort, but when I have I DON'T believe I've said "Oh look, there's a frog, I should play dead". They're not scary little buggers, nor are they bears. Bears are more scary. Although nothing really scares me - least of all a bear - but to most of the li'l wimpy humans they scare them.

I remember back when I was a li'l tyke. . . yeah, I can actually remember back then . . :rolls his eyes: My mom . . . :pauses.. remembering all that happened with her.. shaking his head, he found his 'strength' and kept typing: . . she used to take me to this li'l creek place down by where we lived . . anyway. There'd always be frogs there. . . and anytime I'd see one, I wouldn't bloody shriek in horror and go "OH, there's a FROG!" it'd always be optimistic, as in "Ooh, there's a frog. Maybe it will hop on over and sit beside me. I will pet it." Frogs were always sodding cool, not scary.

. . . so I don't get it, is all I'm saying. Why a frog for Britain's 'forest fire prevention mascot'?

:shrugs, deciding he got confusing enough so he just clicked 'update' and logged off

slay me.

Don't waste my time [25 Jan 2003|08:14pm]

[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Linkin Park ]

So, i've been post poning this update long enough. B and I got switched.. obviously, with our.. well, past-selves or some bullshit. In other words, psycho!me was running around apparently reeking havoc. Which is almost as nice to hear as it is to wake up with a knife in your side. And, really, I would know. B decided to leave it out in her update.. thought i'd be touchy at the situation. I mean she did do it before. Eh, that's not what I mean. Neither of us know what happened, or remember anything; but I get a nice big gash for my troubles. It's doing better though. Connor has been trying not to let me out and go patrolling. Hah, yeah, right, it's not that bad. Well yeah last time it happened I was in a coma for a couple years and almost died.. but still, it's cool.

:; Scratches the back of her head, rolling her shoulders slightly, trying to continue at the pace she was at. ;: Yeah, speaking of which, apparently things were said to him. I don't know what she ---.. :; Stops, correcting herself;: what I said, but he was really out of it the first while I was here. I guess it was something important? Or some shit, but he isn't telling me and fuck if anyone else knows. Oh, and while on the topic of everyone else, where the fuck did you all go? The house is so friggin' empty it's driving me insane. Although, big house, just me and Connor, does have it's perks. Right B? ;)

Oh, and other shit, Anya is back. I guess Red finally found a spell that'd work. I haven't said shit to her. Figure it's been a long time and she has more important people to deal with. And that I didn't talk to her before the whole almost end of the world again thing, so there's no point in doing it now. I guess you could said i've been avoiding everyone. I don't go down stairs too much when people are actually there. It's basically in ... in... in ``our``.. room, or outside patrolling. Which really fucking caught up with me lastnight. I was going on a run of the mill baddy hunt and all of a sudden Robin is there. Which, hi, is the best thing ever right? Only not really. We got into another fight, it got pretty wicked. It was just about to get physical. Well.. not that way.. and we got attacked by a bunch of vamps, and a couple of those things that Dawn and me say a couple weeks back. Whatever, so Robin fought off his and I got off mine, except the last one decided to be a bastard and kick me right in my wound. Can.. we say ow? I had to limp back to the house, i'm still fucking feeling it whenever I move. Mother fucker, dusted it though so what else can ya do right?

B has been spendin' all her time with him. Never says what they talk about and ya can't even wonder. I could care less though, they've got their shit i've got mine; we're all in our own little worlds. But I think Angel and Cordy are the most off. I haven't seen either of them in.. well, since a week before ``the switch``. I thought there was gonna be something about an AI here or some shit, but since Cordy is off doing got knows what with broody boy i'm left clue less. Let me tell you though, this house, not the place I wanna be right now.

I was thinking of moving into an apartment or some shit. But I can't even think about that until Cordy and Angel get the AI shit together. She was right, no way i'm gonna be getting a nine to five, so that's the best chance i've got.

I don't even wanna think about anything else right now. I need to go fucking take a nap, later.

slay me.

Evil mod OOC postage [25 Aug 2003|05:07pm]

[ Right okay I think I should take this up here and now. It's been all summer since we started to try and bring this back and we were supposed to bring Anya back a long while ago. And since it seems that most of you have either died or just are in a holding pattern with your characters, I just want to know if anyone is actually still well . . . interested in playing this anymore ;[

I know that Em and I are going to continue this and yeah. Oh and Anya is back. Bippity boppity boo. I say she is back. The power that is being Buffy, eh? We'll just say she was either brought back by the powers that be, or Willow brought her back, something. Okay? Okay.

Other then that, sorry for posting this twice but I want everyone to see it ;o ]
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[22 Aug 2003|04:53pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | the best of me - the starting line ]

*cracks her knuckles slightly as she dug the laptop from it's carrying bag and set it on the bed, flopping down onto it as she ran her index finger along the outside of it for a moment before quickly opening it and logging into blurty. she lets out a soft sigh, thankful to be back, to be in her well . . . to be back where she belonged and not be . . . in that . . . horrible nightmare that was the past*

So, Faith and I are back, to the uh . . . present. Will was able to find a spell somewhere that brought us back, back to the present since we were all . . . 1999 again. *she gnawed on her bottom lip for a moment, tapping her fingers on the computer lightly and scanned her eyes around the room* Heh' . . I don't remember anything that happened when I went in my little trip to the past, I only get little flashes here and there. I don't know about Faith. I think her old self said a lot of things to Connor, seems to be a little . . . weird between them right now.

Speaking of weird, I don't know what the hell the old me did, but I get the feeling she may have said a few things to some people, I don't know but I swear if I'm doing damage control for uh . . . myself now, I'm going to end up ripping my hair out. *snorts quietly, hoping that her past!self hadn't messed anything she had going for her up, she didn't want that when her life was finally getting just a little normal for it to go topsy-turvy and be ruined for a good long while*

Also, while I was . . ``gone``? Did everything go to bizarro land or something? I swear. I come `back` to find everyone acting weirder than usual. Will someone please clue me in on what in the hell happened while Faith and I had our little encounter *clears her throat, quietly, shifting a bit* ... with our past.

Changing the subject now. Xaaaand, Wiiiiills - I miss you guys. Lets uh . . hang or something, I'm sick and fucking tired of the distance between myself and my best friends. *cracks her neck lightly, stifling a small yawn and stretches a bit on the bed a wave of . . . boredom passing through her* Well I'm all ... updated-out right now, figured I'd do some updateage about how I'm ``back to normal`` now and try to see if this thing will help me find out what in the hell has gone on around here. It's going to get dark soon, might see if Faith, Dawnie, Spike or . . . hell, even Angel and Cordy feels like . . patrolling, anything.

Oh, did you guys kill Robin or the Bot while we were gone? . . . I want to know if we had a decrease in numbers or not.

slay me.

I lived! [26 Aug 2003|04:52am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

* She sighs and pops her knuckles as she starts to type in her journal* I am so excited that I lived. I thought that I would die , get eaten , or stabbed. I like this lab top. And I like Blurty. Willow told me about it after I had become kinda pent-up with my feelings. * She sighed once again and ran a finger through her hair * I went to the mall today with Ronna. We bought some clothes and candy. Ronna is so sweet. I am waiting to meet Angel.

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[14 Aug 2003|08:29pm]

[ mood | sad ]

-sighs... scratching his head lightly, he grumbled, eyeing 'blurty' before he began to type..-

Not sure what to say...this is all too weird. old her..and she's beginning to make a lot more sense than I'd hoped she would...

-shakes his head, pausing..-

I don't know...what if she never..gets switched back..or anything...

-takes a dreep breath, letting it out slowly- Something her?.. yeah. Something she said though.. "You think I'D fall IN LOVE with YOU?".. she has a point.

..a really good point...

Screw it.

-sighs, rolling his eyes slightly... clicking out-

slay me.