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Stars Among Us is a role playing community, None of us are the real celebirties, We do not claim to be. This is meant for fun. Do not Comment, IM, or E-mail us asking if we're real.

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Sunday September 7th 2003 At 11:12pm

mood amused

Hey everyone! Katies' the name! ! I don't know what all to say about myself... but ill try my hardest!

I'm Currently single and looking=) Im 17 yrs old, and I live in the great state called Cali!:D
Whats up everyone? Yeah where are all the guys at?

Had Everything To Do With It.

Sunday September 7th 2003 At 12:49am

mood excited

Hey everyone!=) Welcome to stars_among_us. I have re-opened this community..because lets face it..its awesome and noone wants to see it shut down. Hehe. Just playing. But if you are interested in joining..just make a simple post in our mods journal and I will add you A.S.A.P! Lets have fun and let the games begin!!=]

Had Everything To Do With It.

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