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[30 Nov 2003|09:09pm]


Si-Gawa High School has now moved to GreatestJournal~!!
I did not get an answer from Reed, the past maintainer, so I took it into my own power to move it myself as the new maintainer.

Join Si-Gawa High
and Si-Gawa High OOC !!!

My username on GreatestJournal is Persocom, so add me to your friends list once you are on GJ.

The layouts there are going to be a little messy for now, but I promise it will be great !!!

I am dropping Minako and Haruko as my characters, and sticking to Chii so... ^-^;;

Thank you, and I hope to see you all there !!
~ Bri AKA Chii <3

PLEASE LEAVE sigawa_high AND sigawa_high_ooc AND DELETE YOUR USERNAMES FROM HERE IF YOU WISH. And do not post any entries above this one. I want all new members/members to see this !!!
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Dark [OPEN] [29 Nov 2003|03:07pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Dark took his cigarette out of his mouth and flicked the butt onto the pavement before walking onto the campus.
He hoisted his large duffel bag further up onto his shoulder and shoved his hands in the pockets of his faded black jeans.
So this was his new school?
The headphones of his portable CD player were wrapped around his neck, off his ears, clearly blaring "Cats In The Cradle" by Cat Stevens.

Casually he strode into the Main Hall. Was he supposed to check in first? Eh, oh well.
His vibrant amethyst eyes glimmered under the tufts of violet hair as they shifted towards the Arcade, mainly the billiards.

"Fantastic," he whispered to himself, smirking slightly.

His head held high, he stepped lightly into the room, his large, black boots coming to a halt, and glanced about, observing his surroundings.
Satisfied, he turned and walked back down the hall.

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D ATTN Vash [28 Nov 2003|07:25pm]

Tapered fingers curled into a wave before D let his hand fall back to the bed. Such a sweet girl... Not anything like Haruko, but the fiery girl had her strong points as well. She was just... A bit overenthusiastic. Upon hearing the door open, bi-colored eyes drifted over to his spiky-haired roommate. A smile. He truly enjoyed the other's company, and hoped Vash was not angry about earlier.

"Hello Vash. How are you feeling?" A good way to start a conversation..

|Short, I know. I was in Virginia for a week. o.o Don't hurt me.|
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Sango ATTN Inuyasha [26 Nov 2003|10:56pm]

Sango sat down with a huff and looked at her hiraikotsu

" Probably the last time Miroku asked me to.." her voice slowed down " bear.... his.. child.."

She looked around, and quickly went back to her semi-angry mood

" Is that ALL you think about Inuyasha, slaying demons!?.. But.. I think I know where your coming from on that one"

Kilala hopped up on her shoulder and purred
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Vash OPEN (sorta ATTN D) [26 Nov 2003|10:50pm]

[ mood | good ]

Vash was singing to himself again, this time it did stay to himself. He smiled, Michiru was just, something. He kept thinking about her that all the other problems he had faced earilier that day vanished. After changing his clothes again and drying off his spiked head he opened the bathroom door and headed back to his shared bedroom.

Once getting out of the bathroom he looked to see that Chii was gone. She was a sweet little thing, just earilier that day D was talking with Haruko, he thought maybe they had something, now he brought over Chii, was D a lady's man? He wasn't sure but he had a feeling with them now living together he'd find out. He really did want a room mate and now that he had one that also added to his cheerful disposition.

He looked at D again and smiled, he wasn't sure if this guy was use to staying up late, or how he lived, he decided to get into his bed awhile and see what happened. More then likely he'd have to start up a conversation, he just felt the need to keep talking.

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Chii ATTN D and Vash [23 Nov 2003|09:06pm]

An echo replied in a soft voice, " Getting late ..?? Chii can go to her room by herself. " She said with a smile. Seeing Vash walked by the room, she turned and smiled. " Vash likes talking to Michiru ?? ", asking before he went into the bathroom, as if in a hurry. Standing from D's bed, she bowed in respect, vanilla threadlikes subsiding along with her head in the kind gesture. " Thank you !! " Then she headed for the door.

Once in the hallway, she quickly made her way back to her room ...

( Attention all ~ Si-Gawa may be moving to GreatestJournal, due to the problems Blurty has been creating with posting and browser failures ... Stay posted~!! )
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Vash ATTN D & Chii [23 Nov 2003|01:37pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Vash ran across the courtyard back over to his dorm threw the rain, he'd have to dry off all over again and more then likely change his clothes - again. He was in a happy mood since seeing Michiru, she just had something there he really liked. Opening the door and coming in shutting it behind him in a hurry he looked to D and Chii again.

^_^ "Hey guys...." He blinked, they both seemed really interested in the tv. "I didn't think you'd both be awake yet, it's late! Speaking of which... I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight Chii, Nite D." He first walked into the bathroom to dry off and change his clothes, then it'd be off to bed like many others were doing.

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D ATTN Chii [21 Nov 2003|08:20pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

At the persocom's question, he nodded once again, gaze drifting towards the window. Raining... He had always loved the rain as a child; he now had no time for it. "Yes, Chii, that is also a dessert.." Oh how he loved that word. One of his favorites, actually. Right after sugar.

D glanced towards the clock, then gasped softly. It was almost midnight! Didn't they have class tomorrow? Oh my... "It's getting late.. Would you like me to walk you to your dorm?" He tore his eyes away from the clock and looked back at Chii, eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

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InuYasha ATTN Sango [20 Nov 2003|08:41pm]

[ mood | blank ]

InuYasha blinked, his eyes got wide at her explosion, he eyed her and started laughing.....

His hands inside his sleeves, sitting indian-style in a chair he was laughing his ass off at her. "Sango.... when's the last time you got mad like that?!" He stopped and looked around, he got evil eyed and looked at her. "Heh, I want to kill a demon .... damnit."

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Michiru [ CLOSED ] [20 Nov 2003|10:14am]

She smiled to herself. Vash was a nice guy, and even though his visits were spontanious and un-expected she still enjoyed them. She stood up and put the two tea cups in the sink.

Drowsily, she walked into her bedroom,set her alarm, crawled into bed, and fell fast, asleep.
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Sango ATTN Inuyasha [20 Nov 2003|10:10am]

Sango stood up from where she was sitting and pointed a finger at Inuyasha

" GODS INUYASHA!, your- your such a fool!, for once in your life can you ever realize that you dont HAVE to snap at people to comprehend you!?! I was just trying to help!"

She sighed and sat back down, she was taken aback by the way she yelled, usually she was a very calm person, it wasn't her talking, she didn't wanna explode, it was... well it was her stress talking
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Chii ATTN D [17 Nov 2003|06:44pm]

" Dessert .. " She repeated the word, slender digit prodding the image of the new item of sweets that appeared upon the TV. Looking curiously at it, she asked, " Is this dessert too ?? " Not that she'd ever have a chance of actually getting a taste of this ' dessert ' stuff; the possibility was impossible, even if the Heavens fell and Hell froze over a million times ..

Standing upon her feet, she turned to face D, with her hands pulled being her back. " D, what time is it ?? " Turning toward the window, she saw that it looked dark outside, as well as wet. She concluded that the sky must have been " crying ", and that the sky leaked water ..
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InuYasha ATTN Sango [16 Nov 2003|01:57pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

His eyes got a wide mean look in them. "I don't talk to her ALL the time! NO she doesn't know!" He blinked at his sudden outburst. He was getting on edge about any talk of Kagome now, but why? Hiding his true feelings for really missing her was why, Sango didn't mean anything by it, but to him she was trying to see what those 2 had going, or not going. He always had to get defensive about everything close to him.

He just eyed her a second, he didnt know what to say, or how she'd react, sometimes her actions were just as crazy as his.

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Vash ATTN Michiru [16 Nov 2003|01:49pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

He too looked at the clock when she had, a slight eyebrow raise to her always yawning now, he looked back to her again with a smile. "Lots of new friends...." He only looked at her ^_^ You He laughed slightly to that thought, he didnt say something outloud for once that might make people want to get away from him.

"Well..." He stood up, setting his finished tea at the table near them. "...I better be going... it is getting late." He walked to the door, sure she had followed him there, he turned to her and took her hand, kissing it, the same thing he did with Chii. "It was nice getting to spend a little time with you, see you in school." He nodded, feeling a bit more crazy he laughed crazy running across the courtyard. "LOVE AND PEACE!!" Back towards his dorm.

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Sango ATTN Inuyasha [15 Nov 2003|08:48pm]

Ki-La-La jumped onto Sango's shoulder.

" Actually, to be honest I really dont know who my roomate is.. or.. if I even have one, but rooming alone is fine with me.."

She looked at Inuyasha in his Hanyou form, the way she was used to seeing him.. " Does.. Kagome know about your new....... appearance change?"
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Michiru ATTN Vash [15 Nov 2003|08:42pm]

" Of course, I'm staying here.. I think everything about it is great, the atmosphere... the people"

Again, she found her self looking at the clock... 11:15.... she yawned

" Oh.. sorry.. " she covered her mouth " Its just.. I'm a little exhausted, but.. *yawn* dont mind me" She sat up straight took another sip of her tea, and brushed her marine colored hair out of her face

" Anyway, anything new in your life?"
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Gourry ATTN Lina [14 Nov 2003|08:08pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

He scowled and walked off, he heard the yelling of people and saw it was some of the people from who they had run away from in the first place, eyes getting wide he started to run away past Lina. He was going more away from their dorms. The yelling and racing of the people pasted by Lina for the time being, but some stopped to bug her and even grab ahold of her. The chase after Gourry was on, but the doubt of him actually being caught was high.

So what if he had to register in to school tomorrow, if he even got there in one piece then it'd be a good day.

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D ATTN Chii [13 Nov 2003|08:41pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Bi-colored eyes widened considerably at Chii's question. It took him a moment to remember that Chii was a persocom, and not like the others humans. Relaxing a bit, D turned back to the television in time to see the cake replaced. "A dessert is something you eat after you have finished your meal.. It is always sweet tasting, and many look forward to it." Of course, the kami usually didn't even wait until the end of the meal; he barely ate 'healthy' food. Though, with his kind, it really didn't matter.

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Chii ATTN D [13 Nov 2003|08:21pm]

Lips parted, soft voice pronouncing the word.. " Des..sert.. dessert ! .. " Turning around toward D with a pleased look upon her face. Then another question came. " What is dessert ?? " It wasn't that she was dumb, she just .. didn't understand many, many things. She then turned back toward the cake on TV, before the image turned into this strange pastries, in which she did not know a distinct name for.
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InuYasha ATTN Sango [13 Nov 2003|07:40pm]

[ mood | content ]

He laughed about the slaughtering thing. He wanted to do that very badly to someone, but no1 around but him and the cat were that way and they weren't going to attack each other. He smiled to see the mention of her name that she showed up and joined him. He pet her, she was about the only thing he cared for without getting annoyed over.

"I'm glad you at least brought her along..." He pet her more, listening to her odd purring she made. "So you just got here huh? That's kinda crazy... you might not want to carry your boomarang around though, people seem to talk it seems..." He glanced around, Gon wasn't around and it was late out. "Who's your dorm mate anyway?"

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