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new &&unstamped [Friday

July 18,08@8♥29am]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | its too early for music ]

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new and unstamped. yep. [Monday

October 16,06@7♥19pm]
hey. im leana . i use to be a member of blurty babes and i think co-mod. im 15 soon to be 16 thank qod. and i am from philly :]

i am royalty )
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Oh Boy! [Thursday

October 12,06@5♥16pm]

Haha, this Community just started and is already dead. Joy. I remember when I started Blurty Babes everyone joined so fast. Hmm, maybe I should just restart that one.
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New & Unstamped. [Monday

October 9,06@12♥52am]

[ mood | good ]

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