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10th January 2004

user_lain12:41pm: One Piece MUCK!
I thought I'd post this for the benefit of other One Piece fans. :) For anyone who likes to roleplay on text-based games (MUCK/MUSH, etc.) or would like to learn for that matter, a game has opened up focusing solely on One Piece! A lot of featured characters are still open with the option of creating original ones as well! Anyone who's interested, feel free to check out the website http://starfire.betterbox.net/opm/enter.html
Or connect bb5.betterbox.net port 6440
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at AsukaSnoCone@aol.com. Thanks!
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14th June 2003

mokona_onna12:50am: Just thought this was interesting...

You are... Mr.2
You are Mr. 2 - You don't need no stinkin' partner!

What Baroque Works team are you? (One Piece)
brought to you by Quizilla
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6th June 2003

mokona_onna6:58pm: Behold my crappy art skills of doooooom!
This is your captain speaking. :D Yup, I'm such a total One Piece geek that 90% of my art is One Piece related. -__-;;; So what exactly is my point here? Well, I've decided to inflict my crappy art skills of dooom on all of you nice unsuspecting people here today! ^___^ Click if you daaaare.

Crap Art ahoy!!! )

Click HERE for more of my craptastic art!!! :D You know you want to. XDDDD



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7th June 2003

me_myself_i2:02pm: I subscribed to shonen jump
and I really like one peice!
so...hi! (I'm such a geek!)

23rd April 2003

mokona_onna7:29pm: The horror...
Don't click unless you have a sense of humor )

Ok, that was bad. You now have permission to make me walk the plank! XDDD

The one, the only, Yasopp fan-girl
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30th March 2003

nabeshin10:26pm: Thought it would good to let others now from here.. Friday, my One Piece boxed set came! Episodes one through twenty-six across three DVDs, and now that I've watched it through, I can firmly say that I love this series to death and back.

And the subtitles weren't bad at all, even. The names were correct, at least 90% of them. Go me.
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29th March 2003

mokona_onna1:35pm: XD The Pirate Typist!

It's a One Piece typing game. I'm way to scared to even attempt playing it but... if you guys wanna give it a go? *shrugs* XDDD

The Most Dangerous Typist in the Seven Seas
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15th March 2003

mokona_onna1:13pm: OoOoOh! Schtuffs! *insert Plug here*
[PLUG] Whee! Finally got my OP pin from Going Merry! You should all order one!!! It's only a buck plus shipping and handling (usually a quarter if you live in the US) and it's so... damn... CUTE! *shoves the community in the direction of the Going Merry site* GOOO!!!! You will NOT be sorry!!! XD It's well worth the $1.25. [/PLUG]

um... I'll be going now! Bye-Q! ^__^

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13th March 2003

ushichan_haru11:57am: hehe ^_^ Yaaay! I'll have to watch the RPG ~.^ Don't think I know any of the characters well enough to play them... hmmm... but it should be amusing to watch. Ah, but I get to home this weekend and grab all my copies of Shonen Jump and... understand what's going on in half the comics ^_^

11th March 2003

mokona_onna6:21pm: Our baby has just been born!!!
Hey! Just giving you the heads up! Britt-chan (uotani) and I have gone ahead and started up the One Piece RPG @ op_rpg and you guys get first dibs. Urr... right now there isn't really anything there but if you wanna play a character, leave a comment! Sorry but Luffy and Zoro have already been taken but everybody else is available!!! XD

Um... I guess that's it for now. Bye-ee!!!

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uotani9:31am: Ok...I couldn't post before..because my client was being nasty. Well, since I already filled in the survey, i'm going to take this time to show all the love in my heart. *ahem.* Here goes nothing.
Didn't want to make it TOO long. >_>;
mokona_onna12:51am: OP RPG?
I was kicking around the idea of a One Piece RPG community. What do you guys think? Should we go for it? If so, I've got dibs on Luffy! XD Leave me a comment you guys and tell me what you think ok?
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10th March 2003

arucard12:35am: Survey-dom )
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mokona_onna12:07am: Survey!!!
Layout survey )

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9th March 2003

nabeshin9:13pm: Woot, I get one of the first posts!

I said fear it! )
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8th March 2003

mokona_onna5:04pm: We Are...
Figured since I am the maintainer, I might as well make the first post. Well, I haven't been a fan for very long but One Piece has become one of my favorites. As you can probably see by my icon, I have an unusual obsession w/ Ace.

Um... ^___^; If you guys could be so kind as to fill out this lil survey thingy, I would be most greatful...

survey impudence )
Thanks... Here are my answers BTW.

Mokona's answers )

Ok... I guess that's it then... Ciao peeps!! XD

Your friendly neighborhood maintainer
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