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Holla back youngin... [19 Jul 2003|07:41pm]

[ mood | blank ]
[ music | "His name is" *Hiatus, Aviation, Deffinit* ]

It’s easy to see when you look at me I-C-E-M-I-X ain’t gonna back down. Bitch kids been tryina crush my dreams. If you wanna fuck with me you will get smacked down. I may not be a real OG, but provoke I-C-E and I’ll beat your ass down. I will never ever accept defeat…test me, best believe I ain’t gonna back down!

Hi guys! What’s cracken? Well, Michele is at my house right now and she is reading magazines…I just thought I would update this thing. It seems that everyone in our little group is having problems and not really talking about it. I’m going to say right now that I’m here for all of you guys…anytime, anyplace. I want you guys to know you can count on me. No matter what…ok? I know that life brings you a lot of problems but the best thing to do is say “Fuck everything” and focus on the important things in life. Like school and a future. Drama and shit is so retarded. It’s something I can’t stand anymore. I don’t get people lately…I’ll admit even you guys are hard to understand.

Sarah-I read your entries and I feel how you feel so alone and unloved. That hurts my feelings because I have devoted time to trying to help you and then it’s like it has done nothing at all. I’m not trying to take credit for anything, it just sucks to think that once again I have given my all and none of it has been taken.

Michele-UgH, this shit with Joel. It’s driving me insane so I can only imagine what it’s doing for you. I’m here for you though, even when I get in stupid depressed moods. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!!! Anyway, I would say just speak your mind…tell him how it is, how you feel.

Kyle- I’m sorry for lately. I shouldn’t take things so seriously…you’re right. That’s just how I feel and I’m sorry if you don’t accept it. I’m changing it anyway, so it’s all good. But listen, I’m here for you with this whole thing. You can talk to me man anytime.

(¯*·.¸(¯*·.¸NeWhAlL LiTtLeS¸.·*¯)¸.·*¯)<

~AnnA J. Sanchez =P

Stoopid Bish

fa sho fa sho fa sho FA SHO [13 Jul 2003|03:37am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | asdfahsryh ]

ayeeeeeeeeeeee you stupid beeeeshes... what upppppppppppppp...

well ya know, I thought I'd update since its 3:15 in the morning and I'm bored... everyone left me, and you did too MISS cuz you were tired so I'm left to myself with my own abnormal and weird/gay thoughts. anywho, lately lifes got the best of you, and that SUCKS my big big buttocks cuz... well.. I heart you much, and it sucks how you feel so angrily (is that a word?) towards the whole entire world. It will pass, I've been where you are right now. Just know I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I'm always going to be here for you. and Ya know, the whole moving thing seems alright... JUST alright. I mean, I don't want you to move!!!!!!!! (not at all)... but if you are going to I have to prepare myself and start now, saying that everything's going to be alright, because if I don't then I'm literally going to die. I'll see you a bunch..and I'll fly out there...and you'll fly out here... and we'll write TONS of emails..and take digital pics, or scan pics of silly things... and talk online, right? and still be there for eachother, and its just going to be for a couple of months...RIGHT!?!?!!?!!? so it shouldnt be....that bad. :-/ I hope. I love you Missssssssssss-taaaaaaaaa
I just wanted to conclude... Marlon is gay.

to all of my other fellow newhallians... I LUST YOU... lets make babies, more babies for the papi's to pay child support... aye? YEA!? .....kkkkk YEA!... fa sho!

I LOVE MY NHL'S.... fer life!

Kyle, you are my 143 233 637... I will NEVER ever use Kyle and the phrase "187" in the same sentence EVER... lets get it on... me and you, babies ATTACK! you're a very special lovely tender man... you big buff man you.

Sarah, you dont know how much I want THAT BODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY... fa sho, we need to go running around naked (ok with clothes on)... with ALOT of honey on our bodies screaming "LUST ME, I'M FROM NEWHALL.. the more the merrier!!!!" heck yea.. we are SO doing that.


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[12 Jul 2003|11:10pm]

[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Big Tymers- Still Fly ]

Newhall Littles whaa. We need to take gangsta pictures of all of us and post them on our Newhall journal fo sho. Chillen like a muh f*ckin villian. Holla back youngin!!

Stoopid Bish

IM AROUSED KYLE [12 Jul 2003|10:54am]

[ mood | content ]
[ music | "(And she said) Take me now" *Justin Timberlake* ]

Yeah I’m going to take this time to welcome Saraheezy to the NHL community. All we need is BiG NiC and we got it goin on.

YoO SaRaH!

No one ever updates this ish. CRY ME A RIVER! Party next week…oh fa sho. I love Kyle Boehme

:-* PaYcE

Stoopid Bish

Wo0P Wo0P [05 Jul 2003|09:11pm]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | pull ova that ass too phat ]

Sup NHL....Miss and Shell told me to update this...i do whatever they say...especially in the sex area...u know u like it :-P...NHL for life bioootch..!!

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That's affirmative...10-4 [02 Jul 2003|05:27pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | "Big papa" *Notorious B.I.G* ]


Umm fools? Yeah…no one loves NHL enough to update the freakin community. But I…I love it so I will. Anyway…what’s cracken g’s? If we are such a chill gang…how come we never chill? mMm maybe because Kdogg is always at COCk and Michele has Joel and I’m a loser. I feel really confused lately you guys. My head is filled with like shit and I don’t know what I’m doing. Got to get some help. YEAH KYLE…freakin you never took me to the clinic. I’m really bored with my life! I want to get out and just do stuff…keep my mind off of reality.

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last cigarette: few weeks ago?…EWW Never!
last car ride: To this small town they call HtV!
last kiss: 2 days ago
last good cry: Last week
last library book checked out: Newhall don’t play that
last movie seen: Your momma
last book read: The day *-* died.
last cuss word said: SHIT
last beverage drank: Diet Pepsi
last food consumed: Chicken…aww what? CUWAZY
last crush: Josh russo…
last phone call: My lover
last tv show watched: FRIENDS
last time showered: earlier
last shoes worn: well I was really happy with the shoes I tried on at target. Yeah Michele you were diggin the wood/blue ones. ROFL jk!!!!!!!!!!
last cd played: Britney Spears “Oops I did it again” OLD SCHOOL!
last item bought: Clothes nig
last downloaded: PORN!!!!!!!!!!
last annoyance: Shirman
last disappointment: Josh Russo…that SITUATION! ehm
last soda drank: Diet Pepsi
last thing written: Journal entry FO SHO
last key used: my house
last word spoken: “lets get down”
last sleep: 4:00am-2:00pm TODAY!
last im: Shirman
last ice cream eaten: who knows it was like 8 months ago
last time amused: Whenever I’m with Michele fool
last time wanting to die: hmmmm
last time hugged: never
last time scolded: My mother cuz YEAH when is she NOT bitching
last time resentful: Just…you know.
last shirt worn: I don’t wear shirts
last webpage visited: YES

*Ok you know you wanna fill that out and SUCK IT!

Later dicks!

Stoopid Bish

Yeah baby...take off them pants [27 Jun 2003|09:31pm]

[ mood | awake ]
[ music | "Sandstorm" *DaRude* ]


Black HaWkS~Anna*Fatima*Cristina*Guatalupe*Alehandra~


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