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Request please =) [31 Oct 2004|04:48pm]

Text box left, centre or right- Center
Entries Per Page- 15
Colors of Scrollbar- Black and White
Music (only early adopters)-
Page Title- *my heart is yours*
Colours- Black and White
Comment links- # loves me/Love me (in between, can you put a little blinking star)
Text colours- Black
Background (url link) or color- White Background w/ this picture:
Backround color of entries- White
Border,Double,Single- Double
Email Address-
Screen name-
Font- Verdana or Tahoma
Font size- 10
Early adopter or free user- Free user

Thank you very much, any questions feel free to comment or email me!
want a layout

Can I Get A Layout? [09 Sep 2004|04:08am]

hullo, I'm new here, and i would simply loove to get one of those funky ass layoutz!
Text box left, centre or right- center
Entries Per Page- 15?
Colors of Scrollbar- redish/orange
Page Title- The Skies Can Bleed Too
Colours- orange/redish and black, any colours that would match my icon
Text colours- white
Background (url link) or color-
Backround color of entries- black
Border,Double,Single- double
Email Address-
Screen name- crimsonskies_
Font- verdana
Font size- 8 or 9
Early adopter or free user- free user
Thanks in advance, and credit will be given :D
want a layout

help ?? [04 Sep 2004|04:53pm]

i have a question. i mean i know how to do most of this stuff to make my own blurty layout. but i was wondering if you could tell me how to make my font transparent and all that.
if you could, that would be great.
thank you
want a layout

Form [04 Sep 2004|12:23am]
1. Title: ... And The Rest Was History

2. Background Color: n/a

3. Background Image (Don’t give me a website, I want the URL):

4. Do you want the image fixed or scroll: fixed

5. Image Alignment (Left, right, center, tiled): center

6. Entry Alignment (Left, right, center): center

7. Do you want the entires semi-transparent, transparent, or just normal: normal, I suppose

8. Font Name: Arial, or whatever you think looks best.

9. Font Size: 12, ditto.

10. Font Color: black

11. Scrollbar Colors: black and red

12. What You Want The Comment Link To Say: # Forever Held Their Peace | Speak Now

13. Page Transition: I'm not sure what the choices for this are, but is there one like a television being turned off perhaps? If not, whatever is standard.

14. Link Decoration: none

15. Text Box Background: Is it possible to have this be clear? If not, white.

16. Anything Else: If you are going to spend your time on this, I would hope it would turn out nicely, so if there is something you'd like to change or add, feel free to do it.

17. Contact Info: aim: im0pro0war email:

Thanks! I know that was sort of odd, but I have never requested a layout before. Anyways, once again, thank you.

1 want a layout

[30 Aug 2004|08:49pm]

I have a requessstt

Text box left, centre or right- Center
Entries Per Page- whatever i have right now..
Colors of Scrollbar- same as now
Background (url link) or color- two pics behind the cut Read more... )
Text: On the first pic can the top left say "And when it's 5:00 am,"
then lower right of that pic "And you're too tired to ever sleep"
Then on the 2nd pic top left "Well there's no rest for the lonely"
Lower right " I hope i die in my sleep."
Colors: can the text color on the pics be white and italics.
All stuff in my entries, colors and everything can stay the same.
Backround: black.
Screen name-spats1323

Thank youuuu!
1 want a layout

Layout request [12 Aug 2004|07:54pm]

Text box left, centre or right- left
Entries Per Page- 10
Colors of Scrollbar-
Music (only early adopters)-
Page Title-You've Been Punk'd!
Colours-white, navy blue, light blue
Comment links-I'm the Mrs/Ashton Kutcher
Text colours-white over navy blue
Background (url link) or color-
Backround color of entries-navy blue
Border,Double,Single- Border
Screen name-melissizaflirt
Font size-4
Early adopter or free user-free user
2 want a layout

[08 Aug 2004|11:53pm]

hey i was wondering if anyone knows how to make the " 's blurty entries" gone from th title part. i had it before but i messed it up .. thanks
want a layout

[23 Jul 2004|12:58pm]

Layout Request Form
Text box left, centre or right- right
Entries Per Page- 10
Colors of Scrollbar- pink (FF99FF) with a black background
Music (only early adopters)- none
Page Title- .:I.cut.these.loveless.wrists.with.the.biggest.knife.I.can.stand:.
Colours- pink and black
Comment links- to post a comment - *make my troubles go away*
number of comments - *(# of comments) pills*
Text colours- pink (FF99FF)
Background (url link) or color- black
Backround color of entries- black
Border,Double,Single- double(one dashed and one solid line both lines two different shades of pink)
Email Address-
Screen name- gloryfades18
Font- century gothic
Font size- 10
Early adopter or free user- free user
want a layout

[20 Jul 2004|11:29pm]

Heeey guys, i just kind of have a simple request... I have this pic i realllly want to put as my journal backround, but its too small... And i dont know how to enlarge it without it getting all blurry... Do any of you have any idea how to do this??? Id just want it big enough to fit on like one side of my journal...
Heres the pics Read more... )

pleasse help me!! thanks guys!
want a layout

[20 Jul 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I went to my college orientation today... and i felt so scared. It was the longest 3 hrs event ever!! There was a lot of talking ... This and that ... but overalll it was okay... I also got my shedule and my books today... hehe i even got a FREE BACK PACK lolz...

Ugh tomorrow i START school... woot woot i can't wait!! hehe shoot ya rite, eh i feel like i'm not ready at all. And today i felt sick, my stomach hurted and i felt like i wanted to vomit... (is it due to nervousness? or not?) well today, at around 3 something i went shopping for my school supplies with my brothers and dang i spent $50 dang everything is getting so expensive... ughhh!!

want a layout

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