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layout request [28 Jan 2006|08:20am]
[ mood | sick ]

→ URL of the Background or Color: GreatestJournal Free Photo Hosting
→ Font Type: News gothic MT size 8
→ Page Title: I bare myself to you
→ Entry Border: #000000
→ Entry Alignment: center
→ Substitute Name for Comment Link: deep blue, need you
→ Substitute Name for # of Comments: eyes
→ Screen Name: sweetcrmbie
→ Email Add:
→ Anything else: I want the background picture kind of like generator centered on top of my entrys..with all the friends/userinfo/options right on the picture..I want a baby pinkish around my background picture..and inside the entry boxes..white.

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pleaseee [19 Feb 2005|12:02am]

hey everybody im new... i was wondering, does anybody know how to make the blurty entry boxes have a transparent background so that you can see the background of the page itself?
i have a layout and i love it but i switched the background but the entry boxes block it .. if anybody has any tips or suggestions to make my layout better .. i would really apperciate it
* aim = yababiidawl415
thank you! ♥
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HELP [04 Aug 2004|04:30am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

My journal is in desparate need of a new look, but I dont know where to even begin... HELP?????

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[02 Aug 2004|04:19pm]

Credit will be givin

→ URL of the Background or Color:
→ Font Type:arial, and a default size
→ Page Title:Don't Leave me broken hearted...
→ Entry Border: dashed
→ Entry Alignment: center , sort of wide - i have long entries
→ Substitute Name for Comment Link:Break my Heart
→ Substitute Name for # of Comments: Heartbreaks
→ Screen Name:Jessicamix1990
→ Email Add:
→ Anything else:transparent entry box, umm whhite dashed lines, and i think thats it

thx soo much
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Request [28 Jul 2004|04:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

→ URL of the Background:
→ Font Type: WHITE FONT comic sans ms [10]
→ Page Title: none
→ Entry Border: [small WHITE dotted]
→ Entry Alignment: [right]
→ Substitute Name for Comment Link: blow a kiss
→ Substitute Name for # of Comments: safe in my pocket
→ Screen Name: swtninnocentv
→ Email Add:
→ Anything else: almost transparent scroll bars, only color white, a blinking heart inbetween the two comment links

thanx ahead of time for who ever does this for me. - V

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[14 Jul 2004|03:28pm]


→ URL of the Background or Color: ....and just leave the picture with the white bacground and could you have it centered to the left so the text box can go on hte right
→ Font Type:comic sans [size2]
→ Page Title:On The Rooftops ( could you do it in some readable cursive font?)
→ Entry Border: [dotted]
→ Entry Alignment: [right]
→ Substitute Name for Comment Link:I'm Okay
→ Substitute Name for # of Comments:Not Okay
→ Screen Name:leeleebee31 - AIM
→ Email
→ Anything else:nope
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Please [25 Mar 2004|07:29pm]
Text Box = left
Background Pic(s) = (on the right please)
Comment Links = Posting Comment "Do you understand the problem?" reply link "If only you knew the start of the problem"
Color Scheme = black, gray, and white
Layout Mood = kinda upset, pretty depressing, lonely
Extras = can you get thoughs seperate text boxes with its own scroll bar, and change my scroll bar to black, white, and gray, and could you please change my cursor to like a the plus sign one and when it goes over a link it will have a border, and when it leaves the journal it has like squares on to the next page. Please :)
Email Adress =

Thank you thank you, so much you have no idea how much this would mean to me.
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*layout request [23 Mar 2004|07:55am]

*Background image:
the window color where i post entries just black
*Text color/style/size: centry gothic 8 purple
*Comment words: comment-ive been alone all along posted comment-tho im still with you
*Places for text box/picture:center
*Scrollbar colors:black and purple
*E-mail/IM: email* IM*xmindlessfearsx

*ill give lots of credit
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[14 Feb 2004|12:58pm]

Request form:

~Text Box:
on the left with a black box around it.
~Comment links?:
i want it to say: got rich or died tryin ( and then when someone comments me just make it say the number infront)
~Text colours?:
font color silver scroll bar black with white outline

~Mood of layout?:
50 cent lol i dunno..

if u need to know ne thing else u can email me.
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pleaaaassseee help by friday??? im really sorry for the rush [11 Feb 2004|03:39pm]

hi im new.. this request is URGENT!!! this is for my friend for when she gets back together with her bf on v-tines day... sooo pllleeeeeaaaassseee help :-/
all the text centered in the box..
-color pink- FF1493
-size 10
-font- monoline script ~or~ victorian swash

double line in color pink FF1493

white F8F8FF

font shelley point 10
for the posts made- #
then a blinkie heart thats outlined in FF1493 and inside goes black then white etc
post- love me
so it looks like.... # <3 love me

for friends info and calandar make it a paragraph of this:
stars are out tonight
and you're the brightest one shining in my sky.
it's like every wish I ever made came true.
the day I woke up lying next to you.
will you be my best friend
if I offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
we could hang out every night
and watch the sun go down.
as long as we could watch it rise again.
gave me a valentine.
it's these little things that stand the test of time.
I've saved the tickets from the shows that we've been to.
and a thousand other memories of you.
gave you this i.o.u. today.
it said good for one galaxy.
once I build my rocket to the stars.
we'll fly away just you and me.

friends be-the brightest one shining in my sky
info be- the first i.o.u. one galaxy
calandar be-we could hang out every night

thank you thank you thank you!!
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hey? [04 Feb 2004|04:24pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

hey i need a layout badly because im new you think you can make me one? i want blink 182 pictures and on the top i want it to say "My life just lost all meaning....." then in the middle "Do one thing for me tonight...." then at the bottom "I'm dying in this silence.." i want the colors to be blue and black....the pictures can be in color or black and white....i want the font to be arial narrow size 8 in light can do anything you want with the scroll bar...just make it pretty...thanks


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[03 Jan 2004|07:35pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I'm new here and I need a new layout badly! I was reading the info on this site and it seems really cool how all we need to say is the mood and stuff =)..Well I just want some black and white pics of male abercrombie and fitch models. Not too picky at all so you can be creative with it and make it however looks good, as far as the font I would like it to be a light pink color in arial size 8. The scroll bar and all that is up to you just make it pretty haha maybe liek a light pink tho to match the font? but anythin it good. ummm yep I think thats about it thanks in advace!! If you need to contact me email me @ orrr IM me on Amykate28 thanks!

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[30 Dec 2003|11:38am]

hi, i want a new layout ^^! Uh, something in black and white. no swirliez. I want the border dashed. on the background to say "Im lost with out you" and , you can use what ever pictures you want from that can make it like a black n white collage ? and id like to mood to be like angry ? like a grunge layout ! thank you so much I owe yall. my email is but its best to AIM/AOL me at nuhTUSHuh. ! Thankx !
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help? [23 Dec 2003|01:56am]

hey..i just got my new blurty and i really needa layout and im not sure how to make it.

background- like black with baby blue stars and pink stars on it if u can
font- trebucet ms- 8pt for like entries and make the titles bold and bigger
the border- double line of pink and whit around entries
20 entries per page
the scroll bar- pink
the cursor- maybe a cross or something

do whatever u can to make it cute.. and please hurry! lol..
my aol name is - OxSweetLadySCxO
or my email is
thanks! HURRY!
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[01 Dec 2003|06:30pm]

[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | Come Undone -- Duran Duran ]

Layout requests are CLOSED. I've got about five I need to do, and there's no way I can handle anymore requests at the moment. I'll still be posting random ones on my test journal - journal_testing, so either keep checking there for a new one, or check back for a post that says requests are open again.

If you've requested a layout from within the past two weeks, and I haven't replied, please email me again. I may have lost the email, or something else to that effect. It's been a crazy few weeks for me. Thanks for the patience!

-- Chimerical.

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hey =D [01 Dec 2003|04:36pm]

hey this is my first time posting in this community and i was wondering if you could please make a layout for me.. .. thats the picture i would like.. idc what you do w- it just have fun! thanx a lot if you have time to get to it. if you need to contact me.......

email -
AIM - OHmymof0

thanx a lot!! xox:: sarah*
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[25 Nov 2003|07:51pm]
I was wondering if someone could make a layout for me, if you can im me or email me s/n xobellaox01
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[23 Nov 2003|10:15pm]

hey! im new! id like a layout. i want it to be on the movie Dirty Dancing. id like the colors to be light pink and gray, like on the ultimate collectors edition cover. i just want it to be pretty, like with a header with the quote where shes in his room and says "Me! i'm afraid of everything..." with swirlies and then a matchin icon if it isnt too much, im not too picky, i just want it to look nice cuz right now my blurty looks horrible!

thanx soo much to anyone who wants to help me!, ill credit!
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[22 Nov 2003|05:13pm]

[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | *weezer - island in the sun* ]


alrite i REALLY want to different layouts but i can wait for the one....

i would love to have a snowfalling...sumthing classic yanno what i mean?

the text boxs on the rite....

the comment thing to say "found you // where are you christmas?"

i need an icon but ill try to find one...if n e one could please help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it and give you total credit!!!

thank you so0o0o0o much --- kati*

ps - my email is (its also my SN) so if n e one could help either jus reply or deel free to IM me or email me....thank you!!!

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[11 Oct 2003|12:21am]

I made a layout if anyone wants it just leave me a comment or w/e with ur messenger and s/n for it. I have yahoo msn and aim anywho heres the layout xrestxinpiecesx
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