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i had to find you, tell you i need you, tell you i set you apart [23 Jul 2003|04:41pm]

[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | thursday - cross out the eyes ]

i use kazaa
and i think you guys should download;

bright eyes - kathy with a k's song
dashboard confessional - the swiss army romance
coldplay - the scientist
finch - ender
the suicide machines - i never promised you a rose garden
reel big fish - sell out
the juliana theory - the closest thing
yellowcard - cigarette
yellowcard - rough draft

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bathed in your radiance, i melt. [23 Jul 2003|04:36pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | bright eyes - kathy with a k's song ]

what songs out there remind you of a person you really like?
or maybe a few lyrics of a song...

a lot of the time i just find songs about old relationships.
i hate my old ones, i love the one i'm in right now.


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Hi! [20 Jul 2003|09:11pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | Silence. ]

Saw this on a couple other communities..the dorks_r_us one and ixamxemo so i decided to join! Wow thats obvious but anywho i also use winmx! i hate just makes my crappy computer even slower and annoys the hell out of me. i like to download random music so i can try and find new groups and such. my new favorite is silverstein :) and death cab for cutie. they both rawk. Okay i'll post again later sometime..byesss

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[20 Jul 2003|06:30pm]

random question::
what is you guys's favorite type of music to download,
and what would you recommend to download?

and what downloading source do you use?

i love covers
i suggest:
back that ass up by anfg (although I've heard it's not really them, but hey:/)
time after time -nfg
and gin and juice also by nfg.
I use WINMX.

♥ becca
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yesyes. [20 Jul 2003|02:16am]

[ mood | australian. ]
[ music | weezer - i want a girl ]

hey there!
i'm new as well as everyone else
because isn't this new?
just wanted to say hello.

the names kim mates.

[i've been in this really big australian accent thing tonight,
i made a movie with my friend and she was this big drugie
and i was just a crocodile hunter]

nice mix.

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[19 Jul 2003|10:47pm]

heyy im new to this community..i me and becki and some one else where talkin bout makin a free love community..we soo need to do that..but i joined this cuz i love vintage..two days ago i got a kick ass recliner for 2 BUCKS!!!! at a rummage sale ;-D hell yahh
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[19 Jul 2003|11:32pm]

so last nite, we were at jj's house-
me, him, and austin.
we went to jj's parents room to see his lizard...
well there was a little mouse in there about an inch long.
i thought it was soo cute and couldn't bear to let the lizard ate it.
so i made jj promise not to feed it to him.
so he didn't.
i went home,
and he didn't feed it to him.

tonite, we saw each ohter again,
and i went over to his house again.
at the end of the nite,
i took him home (the mouse).
its a baby, the kind they use to feed animals.
so small and cute!
i named him margot.
so ... jj looked up all this stuff about how to take care of it and stuff.
so i'm goign to try and i really hope he survives.
if anyone knows anything to tell me about it, please do!
lol but i doubt anyone does.
and i'm sure the music in the car and cody's wreckless driving didn't do margot too much good :(
but we're home now,
and he's beside me,
cleaning himself.. i hope.
it looks like he is getting off. mmm
well this is all.
yay for margot!
i'm so excited.

OH YEAH- where do you buy kitten formula??
♥ -bec g.

it will if you dont even try... [19 Jul 2003|05:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | footloose -kenny loggins ]

I, the maintainer, guess I'll start off this community by posting what I got today at goodwill.

__striped collared shirt
__blue tank
__polka dot eighties prom dress
__black, red, and white dress
__red, yellow, and white striped dress
__orange, white, pink, and black patterned silk skirt
__new york by night black and white picture
__hershey's kisses tin box
__partridge family record
__2 eagles tapes
__1 journey tape
=$39.90 can we say WORD!!!...?

i also downloaded a bunch of cover songs, because I'm in love with cover songs.
If you are too, I'd suggest NFG or MEST cos they do the best at covers.

later days.
♥ bec

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