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NEW MODERATOR NEEDED [15 Feb 2005|01:06pm]

This community is going free to a good home. Does someone else want to moderate? I'm about to delete my journal because I haven't used Blurty in the 2 years I've had a username here. I'm an LJ person, what can I say. So how about it...anyone? It's first come, first served unless you want to vote or something.
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heroine films - we lost our funding due to "sexuality themed" material - new grassroots approach [06 Feb 2005|12:48am]

[ mood | excited ]

heroine films - grassroots approach
In the vein of Ms. DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, the Indigo Girls, Christine Vachon, Guinevere Turner, etc.  The women at heroine films are taking an unconventional approach to getting their lil' indie lesbian film, The Gladdest Thing made (despite what the conservative businessmen in their ivory towers in NC have to say about it!)
About a year ago, the money fell through.
So,  we did what any group of young filmmakers trying to make their dream project would do...We drowned our sorrows in amaretto sours and sheer panic. Then we tried again, and again and again. And to our dismay no investors with pockets full of cash came running to our aid.  It seems down here in North Carolina they don't much like lesbians or the films they want to make (the NYIIF doesn't seem to have a problem with us!).  We were armed with a fabulous (award-winning) script, an award winning team, fresh young talent, everything but the finances.
That’s when we decided to become our own heroines.
Basically, we believe in our art and are willing to do any and everything in order to be able to create it. So, while we continue to pitch to investors, we are making t-shirts and websites, flyers and anything else we can think of to make our films, this one (the Gladdest Thing) and the many more to come.
We've got $500,000 to raise and we're doing it one dollar at a time.  Here's our plan --- we get as many people (via phone, e-mail, walking the streets, concerts, GLBTQ events, film festivals, you name it...) to check our website and donate a dollar a piece and we'll be able to get our  film in the can and get throught the first few months with our production company. 

thanks for the support all!

xox the women at heroine films

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[01 Jun 2004|08:54pm]
Hi everyone! I just joined. For those interested, My riot grrrl site is up & running, check it out here.
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signatures? [30 May 2004|11:15pm]


Sign this if it appeals to you at all.
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Ladyfest Texas Starts Next Week! [17 May 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ladyfest Texas is May 27-30

Details! )

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[15 Apr 2004|02:24pm]

You are cordially invited to become a pompous asshat at Pompous Asshats International.
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My Womanifesto. [28 Mar 2004|10:20am]

[ music | ramones. ]

The writing of this manifesto was inspired by my three bibles: Cunt by Inga Muscio, Quirkyalone: a manifesto for the uncompromising romantics by Sasha Cagen and Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. I encourage you to attempt writing your own womanifesto sometime if you are reading this, you certainly owe it to yourself. Plus you can have your womanifesto posted on Inga Muscio's website if you are so enticed. Check it out. Love it.

Jennifer Renee Hetrick’s Womanifesto Rockin’ Out
(on March 27, 2004 in an inspirational café in her college town.)

I crave and shall earn (& learn & see) (all because I want to…):

-independence from brainwash city (non) ideals societally set forth for us to adhere to.

-the extinguishing of non-thought.

-everyday to be a holiday, a celebration of the often bittersweet gift of life-and we show our gratitude by loving and romancing it, not by praying to any deity of a mainstream persuasion.

-the embracing of all that we are, working toward what we are not (that we want to be) through intentions that make our dispositions delight, embracing the quirkyalone.

-utilization of our poetic licenses to air sweet and honey-esque satisfaction, to learn, to educate, to be artists in our own euphoric respects.

-recognition that modern cynicism in recent generations is in actuality modern reality, and also the history of it. Although mayhaps for prolonged periods of time a person may seem to be (at least by others’ viewpoints) confined to a bitter demeanor, enlightenment and epiphany have an opportunity to flourish…they just need the proper spark to fire fingertips.

-the promotion of cuntlove. We promote (the) subjective thought process.

-the offering of the Nobel Peace Prize to thriving secular humanists.

-not to be afraid of our cunts. We own and deserve our individual woman regions more than any other person ever will. We are our own temples and we should be free to explore them. We should not be frightened of what anatomically defines us. We should be in absolute power of our very beings and we should not tolerate the disrespect of our goddess given gifts.

-although it is necessary to have sperm to create life, the female harbors life before it is known to us in its most common form. Therefore we have the power to control life at its very nexus. I believe this to be extremely empowering and it boggles my mind that we as women should ever truly doubt ourselves. We need to recognize how credible women have the ability to be as humans. We need to acknowledge that patriarchy in all its basic-ness has a profound influence and hold on us-and we need to slap the wrists of patriarchy with inhospitable bricks. We need to forget mercy in this case. We need to learn to strip away the sullied bandages of thinking patterns society, media, and unwholesome government let grow into our skin from childhood-allowing our consciences and souls to breathe untainted and loving air we may define ourselves.

-we will appreciate life more thoroughly and genuinely if we teach ourselves not to abhor and be irritated by our modest ambrosias. Our modest ambrosias are just inklings as to what control we possess in this world. It is our beauty.

-we should not have to be colorblind in order to lose our unfounded prejudices.

-narcissism does not necessarily have to be a negative attribute. True self-love is kind, not to mention a greater release than can be described merely with words. It enables you to see myriad things you might have otherwise been secluded from. It enables you to see not as much as you think is out of your reach. It enables great things.

-humanism to be more prominent in society than artifices of faith that come with no guarantees. Humanism is the universal key to a better everything around us and within us. How can it not be?

-to understand anything or anyone in life we must first want to understand. Wanting is the essential drive that makes things happen in life.

-we often neglect to realize we are not thinking and observing by our own merit. This is just how brainwashing works. We need to trust nature before we ever trust anything commercial or federal.

-it’s peculiar wondering if we ever think any thoughts for ourselves that were not already thought by at least one other person, somewhere throughout the history of the world. Of course we may have our own unique approaches or interpretations to our thoughts, and this may differentiate us from others who have shared our same thoughts. All in all this concept may be named peculiar, if nothing more, because further attempts at analyzation would complicate the process. Also, this paragraph might never end!

-we need to hold the constant desire to learn. We need to once in a while give a try at defining ourselves for solely ourselves, noting our loves, dissatisfactions, (and ideas how to fairly diminish them), fierce passions, mantras and purposes, simply for future reference and upkeep, if nothing more. We should write ourselves reminders like this on our beat up old sneakers, the ones with affectionate shoelaces falling apart little by little. We must avoid atrophy in all possible respects. We should treat ourselves kindly, once in a while giving ourselves loving endearment and appreciation through artsy bracelets or an obnoxious belt we could very well marry if it were possible (or legal?).

-true deep understanding and self-love is the primary stepping stone to all great things, including world peace, or any community-wide doctrine of peace.

*stars encompass us*

* (we are, for the time being) universally inept*

-conventions will have to fall away sometime(s).

-Theme Song List thus far: Bouncing Souls-hopeless romantic, Bouncing Souls-true believers, Twisted Sister-we’re not gonna take it, & anything Ani DiFranco or Fiona Apple.

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[20 Mar 2004|02:24pm]

hi, my names steph. i found this just by clickin on one of the random communite things, n i liked what i read, lol. idk, i was reading through some things you guys wrote n i felt so moved by it so i said hey id join, ummm, thats about it for now, ciao
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my email or 'letter' to Inga Muscio, author of Cunt [24 Feb 2004|11:18am]

[ music | ani difranco. napoleon. ]

To Inga, one of my many idols,

I think that blandly colored green and white paper we call ‘money’ is well spent, in my situation, a freshman college student who can claim two dollars in her wallet as her own, when I have a copy of your book ‘Cunt’ to call my own.

I bought your book offline probably in late November. I forget where I first heard about it. I just remember the day it came in the mail, walking back from the parcel pick up building on campus, ripping open the brown packaging and getting giddy as hell. I ordered the second edition of your book. I love the bright colors on the outside of it. Yeah, I’m one of those foolish people who are enticed by the cover of a book, not so much judging it, but wishfully thinking hey, this’ll be gooooooood.

I actually haven’t finished the book yet. I’m a little more than half way through it. I’m having a very busy semester, and last semester being my first semester in college ever, I was very freakish about where I put my priorities. The week of finals I recall lying in my bed, finally remembering what it was like to relax, and I had your book in my grips. I felt so enlightened. I’ll be frank, I didn’t and still do not exactly agree with every little thing you’ve said in your book, but I greatly respect the way you elaborate on certain issues.

I’d be playing a big fat joke on you if I said your book hasn’t deeply impacted my life. I’ll just let you in on one little insight of me-ness. For about a year, give or take, I was on birth control. The sole purpose, for me using it, was to regulate my period. After a while of being on the pill I started to get lazy about taking it, therefore making myself sick when I’d lose track of my schedule. I had been on Ortho Tri Cyclen, back when it was still on the market. Then my gynecologist told me about Nuva Ring. Wow, did I ever love that ring. I’m sure you know about it, so I won’t go into detail on how it works. My insurance company wouldn’t pay for the new form of birth control since it was just that, so very ‘new’ and all. So I had to start taking these hormone pills that weren’t a contraceptive. I was thrilled about it. My insurance paid for them. So I started taking them. It takes a few months until the drugs adapt well to your system, or vice versa. My period wasn’t regular for quite some time. Then I read the part of your book about how you dealt with your period, how you changed your outlook on all that it was. That night I decided to stop taking the hassle of my medication. I felt sickened that I was allowing myself to be controlled by these little white pills. Why would I want little white pills controlling my body instead of me controlling my body? Mind over matter, hmm? And I haven’t taken pills since. I am hesitant to use any sort of medication when I might be feeling ill nowadays. I try to convince myself that it’s at least partially psychosomatic.

A funny thing now, and I’ll try to be brief with this, if that’s even possible. A few weeks ago Vagina Monologues was performed on my college campus. I was SO very excited to attend. Since I’d stopped taking my pills for the regulation of my period, the last time I ‘remember’ having my modest ambrosia was probably the first week of December 2003. I had previously counted how many days it had been since my last period. It was about 70 days since I’d last had it. So I’m sitting there in the audience of Hart Chapel and I’m thinking to myself, how ironic and laugh-tastic would it be if I finally got my period TONIGHT? Well, after a while I started to feel really sick during the show. I wasn’t really sure where the bathroom was, so I didn’t want to go venturing off into the darkness of the building, especially during the performance. My stomach was killing me. I had no idea what had caused my sudden sickness. But I absolutely adored Vagina Monologues. Now my friends and I go around asking people, in two words, what would their vaginas say if they could speak? My response is, “Hoo-HA!”. You know, like Al Pacino says when other characters insult him in the movie “Scent of a Woman”? Yeah, JUST like that, but a little more effeminate. Anyway, after the show is over, I walk back to my dorm. First I stop into the bathroom to relieve myself of liquids. And POOF, my modest ambrosia had returned! I couldn’t stop being giddy; it was virtually impossible at this point in time. I ran back to my room to fix myself up. When my roommate came back in, I told her my grand story. I got online and told my friends about it. I was completely ecstatic. I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t care one bit. I was just so struck by the irony of the night; it’s all I could think of. And I promised myself (since I eventually forgot, this time) that the next time my modest ambrosia graces me with its presence, I will use mind-over-matter to avoid taking Midol. I concentrated on my cramps for little spurts of time here and there that night, and I did seem to coax myself into believing the pain was lessened, if only ephemerally. I think that alone is an achievement in itself. And the night of Vagina Monologues? Maybe I’m taking this too coincidentally, but I still think the whole situation was just pristine as hell.

Since I have a very busy and tedious, pressure-bearing semester for this spring, I only read your book while I am working out at the rec center. After exercising (I call it prevention, rather) and reading bits of your book I feel like it is my goal in life to go out and grab the world by the tailfins. Your book is the little taste of honey sitting on my desk. My friends visit my room and see your book on my desk. I tell them not to be offended, but to crave knowledge. To wonder. I tell them not to be brainwashed by society, but to make it a point to see what else is out there, to find out all those little things we can discover that the media is hiding from us. I now freely use the word ‘cunt’. I love provoking the ignorant ones. I feel it is my duty to make them aware that hey, if they would get the rod of fixation out of their asses, maybe they’d gasp a little less heart-stoppingly when hearing a word like ‘cunt’ in everyday conversation.

So, fear not, someday I shall finish your book. But I’d rather not ‘zip’ through it anyway. I’d like to take it in slow like honey. At least that way I can be sure I’m not missing anything really good, ya know? Taking anything enlightening for granted in life is just a pure shame. But you probably already know that much.

I would all in all just like to thank you for having the guts, confidence, and individuality to produce this book. In the eyes of some, a book like this may seem like a mere stepping-stone. But that’s what it is, to be truthful. It’s a stepping-stone we must recognize as one of those little things in life that helps us ‘step up’ to greatness, to experience epiphanies, to find triumph and beautiful realizations, to finally know our worth.

Have a splendorific week. Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it. And keep that intellect rolling, for the love of Lordisa, keep it rolling.

Jennifer Hetrick
(an 18 year old freshman at Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

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FYR...fifty years of ridicule...FYR take another picture [10 Feb 2004|04:24pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | Le Tigre ]

Hey Everyone!

I'm new here and over the past two years and countless "Bitch" magazines, I have come to associate myself with the term "feminist" When I came across this club, I was happy I could meet people who shared the same views or perhaps different ones as me. So hello to everyone.

I have a quick question just to break some ice...pornography: degrades women or perhaps oddly feminist in the ways it structures diverse sexualities? (this debate has been continuing between a friend and myself for several months)

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Looking for a new moderator... [20 Dec 2003|10:27am]

Hey there, I've been the moderator of this community since I started it back in May. At that time, I thought I was going to switch from Livejournal to Blurty, but I never did. I'd almost forgotten about this little community, which in my absence has grown to be not-so-little anymore.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I'd like to hand moderation of the community over to someone else. It could use a little reviving. So if you're interested, please let me know. I'd prefer someone who has made a few posts/comments so I can see what you're all about...
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[06 Dec 2003|03:26pm]

[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Nothing ]

Hello my name is Michelle and I'm new in this community. I'm really interested in feminism so I think that this community would be great for me. I'm always up for a good discussion or debate so whatever discussion or debate that is going on I will surely jump in. So thats all if you would like to talk to me further you can just stop by my journal. Bye now

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[04 Oct 2003|10:38pm]

[ music | Julie Ruin ]

If you haven't heard of the book "Cunt" I suggest you go to your local book store& pick up a copy. If you're a member of this comunity I garuntee you'll love it, its worth the whole $15. I Bought a copy less than a week ago& I can't put it down. The author writes so freely about everything she knows. I bring the book to class & I get so much attention from it. Even my Latin teacher wants to read it. It tells you everything you could ever know about the Cunt& opens up your mind so much more than it already is wide. GET IT, READ IT, LOVE IT, LIVE IT.

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[29 Sep 2003|03:05pm]

god the people at my school are fucking morons.

OKAAAAY. today in psychology we were discussing gender roles and such. we had a worksheet, and one of the questions was "would you rather marry someone older or younger than you?" the majority of the girls said older, and my teacher asked one of the girls, whitney, to explain why she chose older. whitney said, "well i think older guys are more mature and have more experience. [okay, i can see where she's coming from, so far so good...]also, i want a guy that can take care of me and protect me, and be the provider for me" WHAT. THE. HELL. am i living in the fucking STONE AGE?! or some ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?? alright, now it gets even better. my teacher called on my friend allison, who says "yeah i can understand that, but i wouldn't say i want a guy to have to protect me because i can take care of myself" and i was like "yeah allison!" and then whitney says, "ugh, feminists!" then allison says, "NO I'M NOT A FEMINIST!!"......... i don't understand at all why girls are so ashamed to say that, it's obviously not a bad thing!! what's wrong with wanting fucking EQUALITY? and being independent? i don't understand at all. i asked her why she was so quick to say she wasn't a feminist and she said she thought feminists were "narrow-minded" ugh god i can't even keep writing i'm still so mad.
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[28 Sep 2003|12:46am]

first time post.

so in my history class recently, we were discussing women in slavery in the 1800s. one thing that was said was something like "women were made to obey the men, do all the housework" etc. and this guy mitchell said kind of under his breath but still audibly "yeah that's how it should be" and then my friend david said "yeah i hear that mitchell!" i was so disgusted. two perfectly nice guys, one i would go so far as to say i'm good friends with and they say something so archaic like that. why are some people so ignorant about things like this?
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A Little Bit of Venting & A Stride Forward [22 Sep 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Drunk Friend - Freakwater ]


I was watching the news a few days ago, before Hurricane Isabelle hit, and it disgusted me that one of the major "headlines" concerning the hurricane was in reference to whether or not the Miss America Pageant would go on as planned or not.

Am I the only one just a wee bit irked by this ridiculous concern? Is it really more important to the majority of society whether they'll be able to sit in front of the TV and oggle a bunch of beauty pageant contestants?

I have a problem with beauty pageants to begin with, but this was just the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I was appalled.

With all of that negativity aside, I found this very interesting article on MSNBC.com about Afghan girls taken a Martial Arts class. Martial Arts is, imaginably, highly controversial.

As always, thoughts/comments/complaints/concerns are welcome.

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Grrr [22 Sep 2003|04:09pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Smashing pumpkins ]

I get so angry sometimes. I feel like nothing I can do will change the minds of the closed-minded. I feel so powerless. But I still try. And I will until the day I die.
V-Day is coming up. I encourage people to join. Go to www.vday.org to find out more.

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[22 Sep 2003|12:28pm]
There was a take back the night rally in Lexington on Sunday. was a big success!
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[21 Sep 2003|10:48pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | King of Carrot Flowers-Neutral Milk Hotel ]

Hey everyone. I'm new. Over the past year, I have become interested in women's studies and am going to take it next semester if the class isn't full. I'm going to Regis College in MA, and all women's college. It really is easier to concentrate without guys in the classroom. There are guys that live on campus but go to an art school in Boston, so it's not like there aren't any guys around. Anyway, my friend found this website that made me really mad. Here is the little bit about women:

2nd Place: "Women Were Designed For Homemaking"
Jonathan Goode (grade 7) applied findings from many fields of science to support his conclusion that God designed women for homemaking: physics shows that women have a lower center of gravity than men, making them more suited to carrying groceries and laundry baskets; biology shows that women were designed to carry un-born babies in their wombs and to feed born babies milk, making them the natural choice for child rearing; social sciences show that the wages for women workers are lower than for normal workers, meaning that they are unable to work as well and thus earn equal pay; and exegetics shows that God created Eve as a companion for Adam, not as a co-worker.


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My story [18 Sep 2003|11:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This is my mini-biography I recently posted for a campus awareness website about feminists and pro-choice actions.

We all have our individual stories to tell..Some worse than others, but no doubt all traumatizing the same. I have read about sexual abuse and abortions and mutilation, and realized that I too, fit into these categories which I long felt bad for as I read them.
As a young girl, I was suject to many traumatic things. From my step-father pulling my teeth with floss even when they weren't loose to the molestation of a former babysitter's husband, these events have shaped my life.
I remember my step-father dragging me into the bedroom, taking off his belt, whipping me with it, and proceeding to get the floss or any other kind of string he could find. He would wrap it around my tooth, and begin to yank the string, until eventually it was loose, and he would rip it out of my mouth. It didn't matter whether it was loose or not, he believed that I could not do it on my own and he had to help me. If I protested, I was whipped.
As a pre-teen, I was left with a babysitter quite often. One particualr babysitter, Cheryl, had a husband and two small boys. I'm not sure how the events progressed, but it eventually led to her husband rubbing on me, and feeling me up, and all other sorts of sexual actions. I recall the worst day ever with him. I was forced to take a shower, which he came in the bathroom shortly after I got in. He tried to open the sliding glass door, and I slammed it closed on his head. He fell to the ground, yelling and screaming and bleeding. I jumped out and wrapped up in a towel. I asked him how I could call his wife, or if I should call an ambulance. He said he was ok, and made me lay down with him on one of his son's beds. I was made to lay on top of him. I beliebe the only thing that stopped him from raping me is one of my friends came over to see me, and when she knocked he got up.
Further on...I was forced into sex at fourteen. At first I wanted to, I was with my boyfriend. But I got scared, and told him I was. He got mad and yelled at me, so I complied with him. I felt like a weak person. I know better now.
At the age of 16, I became pregnant. I thought my life was going to end. I came from a broken home, and my mother said she would kill me if I ever became pregnant. So my boyfriend at the time helped me get a pro-bono lawyer, so that I was able to get a Judicial bypass to get an abortion. It is required in my state. I won my case, and proceeded with the abortion.
When I was almost 18 I became pregnant again. You would think I would have learned the first time, but this time was much worse. I was living on my own. My boyfriend was living off social security (he had a vison impairment) and was heavily on drugs. There was no way we could support a child under the circumstances. So I opted for the abortion once more.
This procedure is not a pleasant one by any means. I cried during the insertion of the laminaria, a thing to open you cervix. I cried as I awoke after the procedure that I wanted to go back to sleep.
But if it weren't for one day in hell, then my life wouldn't be as it is today. I am a college student, on full scholarship. I have a very bright future ahead of me. I want to send a thank you out to the people who helped me. My lawyer, the clinic, and everyone involved in the processes.
I am just finding out about feminism and all it stands for. And I can't help but feel the pull to be a part of it. I feel I owe it to myself and other struggling females to try to do my part in return for what has been done for me. I hope that this story finds a strugging person, and gives them hope, that you can come out to do what you want, and that emotional events may scar you, but they will also build you stronger.

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