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Sunday, April 13th, 2003

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    Awwww... many reasons I havn't been posting here. I've been extremly busy writing a paper on "Oedipus Rex," there havn't been any good grammar-isms as my professor's daughter was born with a heart problem and he's been out, and I've just been short on the motivation to go idiot bashing.

    Ah, but I did find one great grammar quote:

    "When you go forth to seek your fame and fortune, it's not who you know that counts, it's whom."

    Damn my overly-picky ways. I was pelted in the head by a gummi bear yesterday by nitpicking the english in 80s cartoons last night. But that's okay. It isn't my fault that Shredder had a lisp.

    Also, I've been redeclared a "goddess of computer stuffs" I'm really not sure how to take that at all.

    Current Music: Murder Dolls -- "Let's go to War"

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