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Aug 18th, 14 @ 11pm
He was earthly; She was aerial.
He was made of clay and iron;
She was made of fire and dreaming.
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Aug 13th, 14 @ 11am
I'm not a graceful person.
I'm not a lovely Sunday morning. A Friday night sunset.
I am Tuesday, 2am. Gunshots muffled by city blocks.
A broken window in February.
My bones crack on a nightly basis.
I fall from elegance with a dull thud
And I apologize for my awkward sadness.
I sometimes believe that I don't belong around people,
That I belong to all the leap days that didn't happen.
Light and darkness mix under my skin.
A storm.
No one sees the lightning
But they hear the echoes.
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Aug 9th, 14 @ 11pm
I reclaim the wind
That excites the leaves
to skitter over the concrete.
They trailing tiny bits of themselves behind.
Push me along the same, let me sway in the fall
And even if I break
I'll dance unwhole and not afraid,
Arms out spinning wide, joyfully unrefined.
The frost wont find me unaware
The slush can't weight me down
Keep me dancing
Death advancing
Skipping cracks
No back tracks
Til the wind's kiss catches me the last time
And in that gust I'm reduced to dust....

Am I worthy of such an end?
I guess I can pretend.
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Aug 7th, 14 @ 10pm
O blessed freedom; to have only one job!

Tomorrow is my last day at Lane Bryant.
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