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G/Unk no Privs [15 Sep 2004|04:22pm]

[ mood | supportive ]

Hello, I was looking for a critique of my answers. Also, could you tell me who the admins are for Support on Blurty?

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Updates [03 Jun 2004|07:38pm]

customization has been updated again.

A hexidecimal color code chart and a tutorial on displaying a user picture with each entry have been added.
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New Customization Tutorials [17 May 2004|09:24pm]

For those of you that like to help out in support and don't watch the customization community, there have recently been two new tutorials added to it. The following are the new additions:

Content table resize/realign
Creating a border around your entries

Remember that when linking to tutorials within the customization community, always use the talkread.bml address (such as in the two links above). This will allow users to see any questions that others may have asked in regards to the tutorials, as well as how any of those questions were answered.
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COMMENT HELP [13 Mar 2004|10:19am]

Hey i believe this is where i post for help? cuz on blurty home on the right , down, theres sUPPORT and theres open support forums and stuff but idk how to post in there. ANY HOW. i need just really quick help with the comments. I need it to be like 1 enjoys to cut me deep like that... or whatever- i have NO idea how to do it. i do no that there are differrent types of customized journals and mine starts with like Latin global or wahtever idk if that helps . PLEASE comment back on my blurty if u can help. ty so much
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Where'd the request go? [07 Mar 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I had just answered this request and wanted to have a look at it but it had gone ("You don't have the necessary privilege to view this request.").

The request simply asked how to delete their journal, which seemed pretty straightforward to me. Looking at the userinfo of the requester also didn't show up anything suspicious.

So I'm curious where this request went?

Edit: Also, where's this request go? It was about changing your email address and now also brings up "You don't have the necessary privilege".

I'm beginning to think you're all out to get me...

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Recent Errors in Answers [14 Feb 2004|01:28pm]

While on my various approving sprees lately, I have noticed a few errors that are starting to become more and more present in SAs submitted to users.

First of all, when referencing LiveJournal's hexadecimal color code chart, note that its URL has recently changed. LJ has adopted this chart into their HowTo community. Please update your answers so that they reflect the new location of the chart (

Second, do not link directly to pages such as These pages usually are set up so that the first page (in this case, will collect important user information about the user (such as login authentication information) that needs to be passed on to the second page (ie. modify_do.bml) in order for the page to function correctly. The most common error users will see when going directly to modify_do.bml will come up after they press the "submit changes" button, and will say something like "Username not found."

Also, when submitting an aswer to a support request, please ensure that you are answering ALL of the user's questions. More and more answers are coming up that are omitting minor details that the user asked about in their request.

As always, if you are unsure of any answers or simply just want to know why another volunteer's answer was approved instead of yours, feel free to ask about it here in this community. This community is here so that you can get constructive criticism or feedback on your answers. Don't worry, we won't bite.
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sometimes I like a challenge... [05 Jan 2004|01:02am]

any feedback at all regarding my attempt to answer this request would be much appreciated. thanks
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[21 Dec 2003|05:09am]

Sorry to whoever is approving this request, if you do approve my reply. Kinda screwed up on it. Just ignore the first two replies of mine.
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hola... [29 Nov 2003|10:37pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone rembers me but I'm back until I have to leave again for family reasons (about 2 months). So yea I just waned to say that and ask a few questions.

On with the questions...:

1. Does blurty go through code upgrades?
2. Has anything changed in the past 3 months or so, that I should know about?
3. Do you do reviews on tickets?

So yea those were my questions that I had.


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Did something change? [21 Nov 2003|09:12pm]

I'm wondering why these were not approved.
1 2
This one the user specifically asked for what was wrong, I found the error and posted accordingly.
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Validation Answers [13 Nov 2003|12:46pm]

To add on to validation part of the post by draconid, I want to express an issue also addressed in the post from hourglass that can be found here. To help reduce misconceptions, please explain to users what validation does, if necessary. This is commonly addressed by users when stating something like "I don't want to lose my account! How do I get validated?"

Also, to aide in the speed of approving answers, please do not post answers that you are not completely sure of. This just creates more reading and time spent by approving volunteers that could be used more productively in approving the most accurate answers.
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Just wondering [10 Nov 2003|11:57pm]

Just wondering why i didn't get approved on this question? If im doing something wrong please let me know.
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Two wording errors. [09 Nov 2003|09:05am]

[ music | Pink - Most Girls ]

I'd just like to point out two errors in wording that I've been seeing quite a lot recently.

Firstly, validation. This was already brought up by hourglass here. When saying about email filters don't put "temporarily alter or disable", instead put "temporarily disable or alter". The difference is a subtle but important one. I'd also recommend looking back at other blurty_hs posts for other suggestions on wording and how to answer various questions.

The second one is something that rat pointed out to me the other day. modify.bml does not have a little box at the bottom for people to put in their overrides. Instead it has a button saying proceed, and this leads to a page with said box at the bottom. Please be more clear in your instructions if explaining how to use overrides.

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Canned Answers [06 Nov 2003|12:20pm]

Frankly, I hate them. I sometimes use one for validation questions if I feel the urge to do one, but outside of that, they rarely completely answer the question. There's usually some subtle difference in the question that requires a small change or two. I'm not saying you can't use canned answers, but please make sure it fits the question before you submit it.
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Semagic client [06 Nov 2003|12:10pm]

The download link for the Blurty Semagic client is unavailable, and we're not sure when it will be back. I'm going to ask the admins to temporarily change the URL, but until then, if you see someone complaining that the link doesn't work, you can point them to Change has been made.

And just as a side note - if you watch this group, you should also watch support. A lot of it is friends only, but anything major like this will be posted there publicly.
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Colour Customisation. [01 Nov 2003|11:03am]

Now that leads to an LJ community, what should we do when telling people how to customise the colours of their journal?
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How to answer...? [30 Oct 2003|07:10pm]

I just ran across this support request that I wasn't completely sure how to answer, so I took my best shot at it. I'm wondering if that's an appropriate answer or if there's some other (better) way to answer it, or if anyone has any constructive criticism and whatnot.
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Editing. [30 Oct 2003|03:34pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Lately I have seen a few questions about editing/deleting journal entries using the web page. I've tried it myself to see if I would have problems doing it, and I haven't run across any. How would I go about answering a support question like this?

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Custom style support requests [29 Oct 2003|03:12am]

How do you help someone when they are using a custom style? View their journal then view source? Or is there an easier way?
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FAQ changes [28 Oct 2003|07:21pm]

For those who don't watch userdoc:
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