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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
1:07 am - Tag for New Commers

Okay Marshbrothers and Marshsisters. In the Brotherhood, everyone will start as a Wetfoot. Use this tag in the Morrowind Fourms and anywhere else that there is a USB code:

[color:"#00FF00"][url=http://pub218.ezboard.com/bswampsofargonia]Argonian Pride Brotherhood[/url] - Wetfoot (Click link for Message Board/RPing journal)[/color]

Now to create a journal, so that you may join this community, just sign up Here

After you have created yourself your own Blurty account click Here to join the community

So now our main board is at http://pub218.ezboard.com/bswampsofargonia . Update your favs for it

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12:32 am - Huzza

Welcome Marshbrothers and Marshsisters.
Behold our small little journal. Meeting place if you will, for the Argonian Pride clan.
If you havnt regestered for a blurty account. Go ahead and create one, they are free.
Join up here as well, as we are free as well.

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