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Aug 29 03 : 04 53 p

% dirty
% Frontin'; The Neptunes / Jay-z

Hey everyone, Im Hilary Duff, Im 15 and Im single so hit me up Hella x Hilary


Aug 29 03 : 01 09 p

New Members

Greg Raposo
Journal: g_raposo
AIM: g x raposo

Hilary Duff
Journal: x0hilaryduff0x
AIM: hella x hilary

Angel Faith
Journal: angel_m_faith
AIM: ah its angel

Sebastian Lefebvre
Journal: __00seb
AIM: super seb00

Aug 28 03 : 05 06 p

% creative
% N.E.R.D

sup' im jess


Aug 28 03 : 03 16 p

% accomplished
% Coldplay; Yellow

Hey *smiles* I'm Anais. I'm in Play. *nods* My AIM is you scream naisy


Aug 28 03 : 01 51 p

% hyper
% Sugarcult - Bouncing Off The Walls

Whats up?

I'm Mika Boorem, read my journal to learn about me.

mmm its mika -- All the cool kids are doing it.


Aug 28 03 : 12 47 p

true_pop was a community that was started in about January of '03. In a couple months, it ended. But a lot of people liked that community and were sad to see it go, so here I am restarting the community.

Mika Boorem
Journal: mika_b
AIM: mmm its MIKA

Anais Lameche
Journal: naisy__lameche
AIM: you scream naisy

Katie Cassidy
Journal: katie___cassidy
AIM: make katie moan

Jesse McCartney
Journal: _jesse_a_m
AIM: werd its jesse

On Hold

Hilary Duff
Sebastian from SP
Anna Sundstrand
Greg Raposo